What is Worship?

Our team spent about a week in Toronto last week. We hung out with some CTI alums (s/o to Sam and Elisa!), ate a lot of good Asian food, and of course, played at schools and churches in the Toronto area. But while we were there, we held 3 workshops for worship teams at the schools and churches we played at. The workshops consisted of us talking about what roles each section in a band should have and how all the instruments can come together cohesively, but we also spent a portion of our time talking about what worship is.

When someone says the word “worship,” or asks you what “worship” is, what thoughts come across your mind? Maybe you might associate worship with music? Or with adoration? Praise? Loving others? Devotionals? Prayer? The list can go on and on. I’ve been thinking about what worship means to me. For a while, I associated worship with music, like playing for worship on a Sunday morning or listening to worship music in the car. And that’s not necessarily wrong, but I’ve come to realize that worship is much greater than that.

By definition, “worship” means to ascribe worth to something.  There is an act of surrender when you worship because you recognize the value and worth in something. You wouldn’t want to worship a bug, for example, because you probably wouldn’t find much value or worth in it. Worship in this case, is valuing or treasuring God above all things because you recognize that He is greater.

When you begin to see worship as more than just music, you start to see how worship can and should permeate every part of your life. You worship God by obeying His commands, by serving one another, by spending time in prayer, etc. Worship is an action. It requires a response. Worship can be summarized as

….a lifestyle.

Worship is a lifestyle. Everything you do can either be worshiping God or…not. Worship is no longer something you’re only doing on Sunday mornings, but something you’re doing every moment of your life.

So I want to challenge you. What does worship mean to you?

This was taken after Sam made us DELICIOUS pork tacos, so it was very easy for us to smile.
We are very excited about our bubble tea. This was 1/5 times we had it in Toronto. I miss it already.