A Visit to the Old Stompin’ Grounds

Spring tour. Boy has it been a wild 3 weeks. One of our stops this tour was in good old G-Town (Gallup, NM), my home town. We got to play at my home church, and got a day off there. It was really refreshing to go home, and I got to share a little bit of my culture with my team. I don’t have much more to say, but you can thank my wonderful mother for most of the pictures.

First off, the concert.

Afterward, we had dinner with the youth group.

We had Navajo Tacos, which is a traditional meal from the Navajo Reservation, which surrounds Gallup. They are super yummy!

We hung out and socialized with members of the youth group and the church during dinner.

The next day, we had a day off, so some of us took a hike to the top of Pyramid Rock to experience God’s creativity.