The Torch is Passed

In ancient Greece, the Olympics began with a lampadedromia, meaning “torch race”. The tradition was re-instituted and adapted in 1936 during the Berlin Olympics, with the institution of the Torch Relay. The relay is a long distance run, spanning multiple countries, and even continents, that signals the beginning of the games. Many runners work together, one runner at a time, passing a torch on to the next, until it reaches its destination. The tradition has continued at every Olympic games since then.

Here at CTI, we have a similar tradition. At the end of every CTI team’s tour together, they hold a final concert that the subsequent team attends. However, instead of passing a torch onto the next team, they pass on the mission of CTI.

Last night, that happened. CTI Colombia and Honduras, surely tired from a long day of flying the day before, spent the day debriefing their tour together. They shared stories about times they failed, and times they succeeded, and how they had to rely on God daily.  This was all in preparation for transition from their CTI experience, back into every day life.

After debriefing, they sat down for a Q/A with Team Hong Kong and others, and then came back on stage later that night for an awesome concert! They were a great example for Team Hong Kong, showing how much they might grow in their short time overseas. They shared the Gospel through their own experiences in ministry together, and encouraged the new team on their upcoming mission.

And just like that, with CTI Colombia and Honduras’ final concerts complete, they cease to be the face of CTI. From this point forward, Team Hong Kong will bear that name, and with it, the mission of CTI. Though the round one teams have finished their individual mission, the overarching mission of CTI continues on. Each team is just a small part of a much greater mission. We at CTI all have a much larger goal (Furthering the kingdom of God), and each team furthers that mission a little more. Just as the torch is passed in the Olympics, so the mission of CTI is passed onto team Hong Kong.

Congratulations to the Honduras and Colombia teams! And a thank you to them for being willing to use their time and their gifts to serve the Lord. Thank you for responding to God’s call to serve him, saying “Here I am Lord, send me!”

Soon enough, Team Hong Kong will be doing what these guys are doing, passing the torch to the fulltime teams of 2017. but for now, they have an opportunity to come together in ministry, using their gifts for the shared goal of spreading the Gospel to people across the world! Keep following Team Hong Kong’s Blog for updates on their ministry as a team!