There is a Cloud

Hear the word roaring with thunder

With a new future to tell

The dry season is over

There is a cloud beginning to swell

-There is a Cloud, Elevation Worship

Have you ever felt as if you were living in a fog? Like your mind was in a haze, and you couldn’t seem to find your passion? I’ve been there.

Over the past week, I felt like a dark cloud had settled over my soul, and it seemed as if everything was mundane. I knew what I should be passionate about, and I knew that there was still a fire in my heart, but I felt so forgetful. I seemed to miss the moments and opportunities that presented themselves right to my face, but I couldn’t find it within me to care. Lately, I’ve been reading a book by Erwin Mcmanus called “Chasing Daylight.” In this book, the author talks about how our lives are filled with divine moments that we can either seize or let slip through our fingers and that even the seemingly mundane, routine moments of our lives are filled with untapped potential that can be used by God through us to create the future He has planned.

This tour is the last tour that my team and I will travel. It is also the last tour that CTI Music Ministries will travel as a whole, and likely the last time that many people will see a CTI team. This reality has been a part of the essence of this dark cloud, and I have felt the weight of it.

But there is a new cloud.

The word of God is roaring with thunder, with a new future to tell. I love the imagery in this song by Elevation Worship because it puts my mind into an eternal perspective. God’s word is roaring with thunder, and it has been since the beginning of human history. His story is not limited to the Bible or the Gospel, but it is a continuous story that is shaping the future of humanity; this new future is one that will be shaped by those who are faithful to the ministry that God has placed on their hearts, those who hear the roaring battle cry of His word and answer to its call. Those who seize the divine moments that are placed in front of them.

So, a new cloud is beginning to swell. The dry season is over, and the future is ours to tell. Ministries will come and go, people will live and die, and the all the things of this world will eventually fade away… but the Gospel will remain the same, and its ability to be proclaimed won’t be diminished. What moments are passing you by? What potential remains untapped and forgotten? Is there a dark cloud that has settled over your soul that needs to be lifted?

To the skies heavy with blessing

Lift your eyes, offer your heart

Jesus Christ opened the heavens

Now we recieve the Spirit of God