The Eleventh Hour

Hey guys!

We’re currently in Bend, OR on our way to California!  We got here safely, but I can’t say we had the easiest time.

Due to certain circumstances we ended up in the middle of nowhere in Idaho with no gas.  Our tank had just a few drops left in it with no gas stations within about an hour’s drive.  It was cold and late.  We seemed pretty hopeless.

I’ve always heard that our God was a God that acted in the “Eleventh Hour” when it seemed to be too late and hopeless.  I knew God is faithful and I was praying that we’d be able to get gas, but the “town” that we stopped in had no gas station.  It seemed like my faith had failed me.

But legit, out of no where this yellow truck comes up to us with “Oregon Department of Transportation” written on it’s side.  The man rolled down his window and said, “Hey!  You guys need some gas?”  (Haha like I’m laughing while writing this because it sounds so ridiculous. But that’s what happened!)  He got out of his truck, whipped out two large gas tanks, and gave us a quarter tank of gas for free! (which for our fifteen passenger van is about $30’s worth)

God followed through in the eleventh hour.  When all hope was gone, God came through.  He is faithful.

Is there something in your life that you might be losing hope about?  Don’t give up praying and trusting God.  He just might be doing something that is immeasurably more than you could ever ask or think.