Singapore 2016

Singapore 2016

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Team Members:

  • Bradley Banks – Team Leader, Vocals
  • Elisa Tung – Co-Leader, Bass
  • Mickey Mai – Sound Tech
  • Chris Cleland – Guitar
  • Beren Canlas – Guitar
  • Timothy Wong – Guitar
  • Stephen Lam – Guitar
  • Kenny Ho – Keys
  • Crystal Taylor – Vocals
  • Christiana Melucci – Vocals

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R2 Final Concert & Debriefing

Team Singapore has arrived safely back in the US! Before the team members headed back to their respective homes across North America, they spent one final day in Willmar debriefing the experiences they shared together for the past several weeks.

We began our morning with corporate worship and fellowship before team members took time to write about their personal experiences and takeaways from the journey.



Training staff were given the opportunity to sit in on the team’s oral debriefing as they recounted some of their most memorable experiences in Singapore. Afterwards, staff, team Singapore, and FT 14:21 & 14:22 all got to have lunch together as a community.










At the public Q&A, the team shared about the culture of Singapore YFC (Youth for Christ), ministry experiences,  and passed the torch to our new full-time teams.


Before we said our final goodbyes, the team performed their last concert together where they gave us a glimpse of the ministry they were apart of for the past 3 weeks.





Watch team Singapore’s Final Concert:

Watch team Singapore’s Public Q&A:

View team Singapore’s photo gallery:

Final Concert Week


Watch team Singapore perform their final events on August 16th! Public Q&A at 4:00pm CST — Final Concert at 7:00pm CST — streaming live from


This was our final concert week! We had our Love Journal concert (Aug 5) and Broken Pieces (Aug 8&10). To see a lot of people end up coming to our final concerts after our team did publicity at Polytechnic schools and secondary schools was a huge encouragement. At these events, the Gospel was able to be shared clearly and explicitly. I admire just how bold the Singapore YFC are in sharing about the love of Christ.


Q: What is something new about Singapore that you’ve learned?

Crystal – One thing is that they don’t have real American ketchup which is so hard for me because people who know me know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE ketchup!! 

On a more serious note, I have found that people here are so incredibly nice. They are very welcoming, encouraging and accepting, even if I can’t always understand what they’re saying.

Another thing that’s interesting is how many people are outside despite the 100 degree weather. Everyone is always walking outside or doing something, which is really cool!




Q: What is something you’ve been learning while here in Singapore?

Kenny – One of my only expectations was that I would share the gospel a lot during this trip. Unfortunately, for the first couple of weeks, I could count the number of times I did that on one or two hands, because gospel sharing was mostly limited to vocalists. I started to wonder what my purpose truly was on this trip if I wasn’t even getting opportunities to talk about Christ as often as I had imagined. But my perspective changed.

We are here as Christ’s servants, and to serve the contacts here in Singapore – whether that means sharing the Gospel or bringing energy to the performances to direct the attention to God, or simple things like caring for your teammates and being a source of encouragement. As long as we facilitate an environment where Christ is shown and the gospel is shared, that can be sufficient. It doesn’t have to be you that’s saying it. And I had to learn to be content with that.


FullSizeRender (8)

Q: What has been the most challenging?

Stephen – When we first got to Singapore, we were warned by the YFC staff not to eat spicy food so we get could accustomed to our new environment. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen and got sick. To my surprise, the staff were completely supportive and nursed me back to health. Even long after I had recovered, the staff kept checking up on me and I can’t thank them enough for their support and care! <33333




Our time in Singapore is coming to an end soon. We may not have been able to see the full impact of our sharing and efforts in building relationships with students throughout our time here, but as long as we are faithful to what He has called us to do, we can trust that God will do the rest.


We’ll be back soon! We can’t wait to share more stories with you all.


IMG_2364 (1)

Update from Bradley & Team Singapore

Hey, Bradley checking in! It’s hard to believe our second week is done here!

We’re still touring secondary schools, putting on a very sensitive program about bullying. This allows us to talk about the even bigger issue of discrimination and how Christ is the only answer to this forever growing epidemic. It’s been such a blessing to see so many students speak up and come forward with these issues in their schools. I ask that you would pray with us as they begin to confront this issue and ultimately recognize their need for restoration only found in Christ.


At the Polytechnic school we have been promoting two events:

1. Love Journal: a Mandarin speaking event where people can explore the journey in finding the purpose of love and life

2. Broken Pieces: an interactive exhibition which highlights stories of brokenness in people’s lives and in this world

Let’s keep both of these event in prayer as the team prepares to share the story of love/forgiveness this week and introduce Christ to a large non Christian audience.




Here are a few thoughts from some team members:


Q: What is something new, exciting or interesting you’ve learned about Singapore?

Christiana – Singapore is so structured and there are barely any trash cans because they don’t even use napkins! They are just that clean. There’s even a $500 dollar fine for eating or drinking on the public transportation.. And aside from eating rice everyday, Singaporeans also are really pretty and age slower than Americans!


Q: What is something God has taught you since being here in Singapore?

Timmy – There have been days where we are working with YFC for 15 hours straight and run on 6> hours of sleep. Because of this the team and I are often very tired and prone to sickness, but God has been faithful in giving us energy and keeping us fairly healthy as a team. God has been teaching me to rely on Him when we are weak, knowing that He will provide. He has also provided the amazing YFC staff who have supported us mentally, physically and spiritually.


Mickey – God’s been teaching me to let him have control during this trip. Many times during this trip we’ve had to change plans last minute and do things that don’t always make sense and God’s been showing me that I don’t need know all the answers, just to continue to follow him wherever he leads.


Q: What has been challenging for you?

Chris -One thing that has been tough is showing the same energy in every show. Whether we’re playing small sets we call “canteen programs” or we’re playing full band on big stages, everyone is doing something, at all times, with as much charisma and enthusiasm as possible. We need to remember that even though it may be our third or fourth set, it’s always the audience’s first, and we need to be as excited and inviting for the last audience as we were for the first, despite lack of sleep, our current mood, or the response/ lack thereof from the previous crowd. We are representatives of Christ, and we need to give everyone we interact with the same opportunity to see and feel His Love in us and through us.  


Q: How can supporters be praying for you and the team this week?

Beren – Please pray for the team’s health and weariness throughout the day and God may grant us the wisdom and opportunities to share the Gospel and to be his faithful servants.


Please keep the team in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to serve with SYFC.
Continue to enjoy God’s blessings!



Update from Elisa + Shoutouts

Hey everyone! It’s Elisa here. We’ve been in Singapore for less than a week, yet it feels like we’ve been here for so long already. Days are quite packed and we’re really busy. But we’ve been having a great time working with YFC staff. They’re a great group of people who are super intentional in the way they choose to share the Gospel to the people in their country. We aren’t allowed to share the Gospel openly on the streets so YFC plans many events for us to perform and then invite our audiences to our last concert where we can share the Gospel more explicitly.


We play at schools (often using the topic of bullying to get their attention), go around to different school campuses to talk to students and play music for them and other such events. These are all smaller concerts and interactions that will lead up to our final concert.



It’s evident that building friendships are a crucial part in their ministry. That’s why a large portion of what we do is offstage: interacting with students, leading small group discussions etc. These opportunities open doors for Christians to share their faith with non Christians. Many things YFC does are very relationally focused. One of these is the use of social media. YFC likes to say, they like to keep up with current trends but stay anchored to the Word. Using things like Instagram and Snapchat, we are able to connect with students.


Please continue to pray for us as we minister to these students and build relationships with them in the midst of rehearsing for our final concerts on August 8 and 10!!


And if you’re not already, follow our team’s Instagram/Snapchat Singapore YFC made just for CTI.

Instagram: cti_sg

Snapchat: ctisg


Mickey- Hi Mom and Dad, Simba and Sharon, Singapore has been amazing! I’m learning a lot about the country and a lot about myself and I can’t wait to see you all again when I get back! Love you guys.

Timmy- Hey mom, dad, yee ma, sis and bro, Singapore has been awesome so far. Been able to explore and and learn lots about here and about life. Miss you all. Zai jian

Chris- Hey mom and dad, everything has been awesome so far, we’re all pretty tired, but it’s been amazing, can’t imagine a better team for this! Dear Hannah, I miss you dearly, been thinking of you every day, love you.


Crystal- Hey everyone, everything has been really good so far!! I’ve gotten 4 hours of sleep every night but I’m doing good! I love you  and miss you all a ton!!

Christiana- hiii guys I love and miss you all!! We are all doing great and Singapore is amazing! I have even managed to find chicken nuggets.. What a pleb. (Hi baby brayden aunty loves you SO MUCH)  

Beren- Hi Nanay and Tatay, I’m doing well; Singapore is fantastic, the food is awesome- there’s boba tea everywhere. We attended a Methodist church the other Sunday and I felt right at home. I miss and love you all.


Stephen- hi Mom Dad Jen, just wanna tell you guys I’m doing fine and I miss you guys !


Kenny- hi Mom and Dad, letting you know I’m still alive. Happy birthday dad.

kenny keys

Bradley- Ni hao! Family I love you! Singapore is so beautiful! The staff here has been so amazing. They really have a heart for people here and it’s an honor to serve with them! O yeah bubble tea! Chicken rice! 21 I miss y’all so much!
Elisa – Hey guys! Singapore has exceeded my expectations. The country is beautiful and people are so kind and friendly. Mom and Dad, I promise I’m eating well! 🙂 It’s just so hard to decide on food because there are way too many good options haha. CTI staff, 14:21 and family, I love and I miss you all so much!



Team Singapore has landed!

We just received word from Bradley that the team is now in Singapore! They arrived with all of their equipment in great condition and are currently enjoying breakfast with the YFC staff.