Hong Kong 2016

Hong Kong 2016

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Team Members:

  • David Albers – Team Leader, bass
  • Roxy Huber – Co-leader, sound tech
  • Brett Parson – Bass
  • Joshua Johnson – Guitar
  • Chris Dark – Guitar
  • Kaitlyn Hassman – Keys
  • Cory Stevenson – Vocals
  • Katya Adamek – Vocals
  • Mallory Willett – Vocals
  • Kiera Rook – Vocals
  • Melissa Rangel – Vocals

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Final Thoughts from Team Hong Kong

After they returned from their overseas tour, the team participated in what is known as “Debriefing Day”.  This day’s purpose is to aid in the processing journey that each team member will inevitably undergo over the weeks that follow their return.  It’s a time to tell stories, share about instances of growth, and reflect on the many ways that God’s faithfulness was evidenced throughout the team’s musical outreach.

As a ‘final’ post to recap team Hong Kong’s experience, here are some of the highlights from their group debriefing, public Q&A session, and final concert.

Group Debriefing

“One thing I realized was that it’s not about us at all and it’s all about what God does. The first time we played at Lady street we were not having the best performance. I was feeling really inadequate and thinking, ‘this is going so bad.’ David Chu, the Hong Kong YFC director was talking to us, and he said this: “Forget about yourself and be bold for the sake of the Gospel.” That was convicting, because all I was thinking about was how I was playing and how much I was messing up.”     -Kaitlyn

DSC00098 copy


“We were playing a concert on the Star Ferry. One of the band members was sharing their testimony and the hope of the Gospel, and a man from Korea said ‘amen’ from the crowd. I went over and talked to him after the concert, and he said that he had never felt the presence of God up until then. He had always had some level of access to church, but it had never really ‘clicked’ for him. When we shared the Gospel that day, it was very impactful for him.”    -Chris


IMG_0118 copy

“I had to learn very early on that my strength wasn’t enough for Hong Kong. The first week was so rough because I wasn’t allowing God to be my strength. I was so tired. I realized around the third or fourth day that something had to change. I had to say, ‘God, I need your help.’ That was a big thing for me—learning to use God’s strength, not my strength.”    -Brett


“One way that I want my life to look different because of this is that I want to remember that ministry is servanthood. I had to relearn selflessness over and over again. Also, I don’t want to forget about the power and importance of sharing the Gospel in my own context. We’ve seen the power of the Gospel in Hong Kong, and I want to go home remembering what we’ve learned and how effective the Gospel is: both in Hong Kong and at home.”   -Melissa




Public Q&A

Team Hong Kong answered questions from family and friends during their panel session. As an act of ‘Passing the Torch’ to team Singapore, each team member shared one piece of advice.



Cory: One thing I would like for you all to remember is to go and get stored up. Go get filled, because when you come back and you’re on US soil, you’re charged again to go where He leads you. You’re charged to go and to speak good things through Him and to share whatever it is that He is going to fill you with in Singapore.

Mallory: 2 Corinthians 12:9. His grace is sufficient for you in your weakness. I guarantee that there’s gonna be moments where you feel like you can’t go another minute or another second, but He’s going to give you the strength.

Brett: Make sure you get out of your comfort zones. I was told to be bold, so I’m going to tell you guys: be bold with sharing.


Melissa: Serve God first and foremost and trust Him.

Roxy: God will get you through this, no matter how hard it can seem. Trust him with every step, with every breath, and with every moment.


Kiera: I’ll pass on some advice that was given to our team: You are there to be servant and to share the Gospel.  And if you get to play music, that’s a bonus.

Kaitlyn: Forget about your own fears, your own worries, and be bold for the sake of the Gospel.

Katya: God is good and He is sovereign through anything you guys are going to go through. You have to trust that, because ultimately that’s the only thing you’ll be able to fall back on some days.


Chris: Seems like all of the important stuff has already been said, so… take showers in Singapore.

David: When you don’t know what you’re doing or why you’re doing it, just always remember who you belong to and what He’s done for you.



Final Concert

The evening concluded with Team Hong Kong’s presentation of songs in Cantonese and English. Throughout their concert, team members spoke from the heart about the impact that the Gospel had made in their individual lives.







We are grateful for God’s clear provision and faithfulness to this team as they served our partners in Hong Kong!  Thank you to the team’s supporters, host families, friends, and family members for supporting them on their CTI journey, to Willmar AG for hosting their training and final concert, and to David and Roxy for their leadership of the team. We’re greatly encouraged by the evidence of God’s hand in the lives of the team members and trust that His work in them will continue as they return home.


Watch team Hong Kong’s Final Concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP5rbjwps0Q

Watch team Hong Kong’s Public Q&A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWw5eEFQzAk

View team Hong Kong’s photo gallery: http://ctimusic.org/teams/hong-kong-2016/pictures/

HK Return Concert and Debriefing Details



Team Hong Kong has arrived back in the US! They will be sharing about their experience in Hong Kong tomorrow through several public events. They will give a public Question and Answer panel at 4pm Central time and will play their final concert at 7pm Central.

These events will be held at the Assemblies of God church in Willmar, MN. The team will give their Q&A and Final Concert in the Epik Center. If you’d like to stream these events, join us at ctimusic.org/live. We welcome you to join us in person at the Epic Center if you are able.

Update from David & Team HK


Hello all,

Hong Kong continues to be an amazing experience.   We have concerts in many parts of Hong Kong, so although we don’t really spend time sightseeing, we get to see many different areas and meet people from many different walks of life, young and old. Ministering to people on the streets has been a very encouraging and rewarding experience.  You never know who might stop to hear the message we came here to bring.  Gods provision is all around us.  I have witnessed it individually and from a team perspective.  One of our frequent visitors at Star Ferry, told us today that she has decided to once again believe in Jesus.  She is one of many we have seen give their lives to Christ, and Christians we have been able to encourage.  God is using us, strengthening us, and teaching us how to serve Him more fully with our lives.

In our final week, please pray for perseverance, patience, and for continued provision.  Also, pray for the staff of the YFC as they use us as a tool to reach the people of Hong Kong. They seem to work tirelessly and we are blessed to be partnering with them.  We cannot wait to tell you stories from our trip and what we have been able to be a part of.


Happy Independence Day! A few days late…. We made a burger/milk run to celebrate (not my idea I promise, but those are two of my favorite things).  Save any leftover fireworks for us when we get back!



Shout outs:
Katya- Ellert, I miss you!  And Chinese doughnuts are amazing! I can’t wait to see you all and tell you about what Gods been doing!

Chris- Hey Daniel, see you soon, you can do it. Hi Mom, hey paps, hey Boosef, hi Herkules.


Mallory- Hi Mom, dad, Chase, Sarah, Kae, Berg, Ally, and all my other pals. I am excited to show you all my chopstick skills but I am also really looking forward to giving it all in these last concerts! Mom bring me some sweet corn!

Kaitlyn- Hi fam! Five more days in Hong Kong is a bittersweet feeling. I can’t wait to see you all and see starry skies and eat sweet corn. God is good and he is teaching me so much!

Roxy- Jesus is faithful through the sunshine and the rain.

Brett- I have eaten so much with chopsticks, yet people are still telling me how to use them.  Oh, and hey mom and dad.

Melissa- Hello all! We are nearing the end of our adventure and it’s been amazing! We have been giving concerts, serving the public, and sharing the Gospel in local churches as well as in schools. I’ve been impacted greatly by what we’ve experienced as a team and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Kiera- I am constantly suprised by the new things I learned here every day. I can’t wait to share with you when we get back.

Cory-  His presence, His creatures, His glory, praise the Lord, Amen!


Be sure to catch Team Hong Kong’s return on July 15th–we’ll be streaming their Q&A Session at 4pm CST and their Final Concert at 7pm CST. Watch the day unfold at ctimusic.org/live!


Update from Team HK + Shoutouts!

Hey everyone! Today marks one full week in Hong Kong for the team. David Albers shared this update with us earlier today, along with some shoutouts from each team member:

In our first seven days, we have played 16 concerts (I don’t count multiple sets at one place).  7 schools, 3 outdoor concerts, 2 YFC meetings, 2 Filipino Churches, 1 Gospel dinner and the wedding banquet.   We even got to experience a rainstorm teardown (all the equipment is OK).  David and YY took us on an awesome adventure to Star Ferry, Kowloon Park, and through a few malls after probably our busiest day yet.  It was a moment of peace and adventure for the team.

FullSizeRender (6)


Each day is physically demanding, but we continue to press on to reach the people of Hong Kong.  The teams first gospel dinner and Ladies Street performance did not disappoint.  They were amazing events to be a part of, and large crowds are consistently being drawn in.  The YFC is using even more tricks to get people to stop and listen to our message as we play on Ladies Street. They are also impressed with the pronunciations on many of the songs. The team is understanding a ‘serve first’ attitude more and more each day and I am so thrilled to get to be a part of it.


13501605_10153510149996736_7845791377077618074_n (1)


Now for some shoutouts!

Cory- “Hong Kong is great. The people are hungry and thirsty for the Lord.”


Katya- “Hey Dad, happy birthday, I love you!  I’m learning more than I ever thought possible.”

Kaitlyn- “Hey family and friends, HK is pretty great.  Mom and Dad I haven’t gotten lost.  God is definitely at work here!”


Josh- “Happy birthday Mom, Love you! Good news, we can tear everything down in a rainstorm.”

Mallory- “Hi family and friends, I love you! I’m not only learning how to share the gospel, but my own need for it.”


Melissa- “Hello! Miss you all immensely.  Thankful to be serving people in Hong Kong with this team.  Mom, I’m drinking plenty of water.”

Kiera- “Definitely not in Kansas anymore! Enjoying everything Hong Kong has to offer.”

FullSizeRender (5)

Chris- “Hey Daniel, I know you miss me right now, but hang in there.  Hong Kong advice: don’t fall asleep sitting on the floor of a hotel…hey boo and hurk.”

Brett- “Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hi Erik! I bet I worked up a sweat more than you this week.”


Roxy- “Hey friends, teammates, supporters and everyone I don’t know!  This last week has been such an experience and learning not only in leadership but also on the character of Christ.”

Special thanks to YFC  volunteers Benny Ng, Mandy Chan, and Ka Karen for these photos of the team. Continue to pray for team Hong Kong as they enter another full week of concerts and partnership with YFC!