Hong Kong 2015

Hong Kong 2015

Team Members:

  • Kirsten Kennedy – Team Leader, Sound Tech
  • Joseph Nutting – Co Leader, Bass
  • Andrew Siu – Drummer
  • Gregory Dignon – Guitar
  • Bethany Tweedy – Keys
  • Lauren Stochl – Vocals
  • Emily Paralez – Vocals
  • Camorra Boldt – Vocals
  • Cornelia Hayes – Vocals

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Final Thoughts from Joey + Kirsten of Team Hong Kong

On Tuesday, Teams Honduras and Hong Kong took the stage for one last time this summer. Following a month-long tour overseas, team members came back with stories of God’s faithfulness and boundless stage energy.


In the words of Joey, co-leader for Team Hong Kong:

Something I will take away from this trip was the urgency that the YFC staff have to share the gospel. They hold everything they own with open hands, ready to give it away at a moment’s notice for the sake of the gospel. When I think of the YFC’s urgency, it reminds me of Psalm 90:12 which says, “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” They have the right perspective on life, and they understand that Christ could return at any moment, so they live each day like it’s their last.

According to Kirsten, main-leader for Team Hong Kong: 
In planning the set for the final concert, my primary goal was ensuring that it pointed to The Gospel, as was our intention when planning sets in HK. But additionally, I wanted each of the team members to share a personal verbal that not only pointed to Christ, but that was also a testament to their transformation. It was my hope that a piece of the legacy of the CTI vision and their overseas experience could be passed on to the full-time team watching.
If you missed it, the teams’ public Q&A session and final concert have been archived on our youtube page: youtube.com/ctimusic
You can also find more snapshots of the final concert evening in each teams’ respective photo galleries.

Team Hong Kong Is Back!

Everyone from Team Hong Kong has arrived back to the twin cities in Minnesota where they’ll get some good rest before travelling back to Willmar in the early morning. 


Update: Team Hong Kong is stateside

Team Hong Kong has reported back to the office to let us know that they’ve arrived safe and sound in Newark, NJ, awaiting their final flight home!

Update in Photos from Team Hong Kong

In yesterday’s update, Kirsten mentioned opportunities the team has had to partner with other ministry groups, tutor and spend time with students, explore new venue opportunities, and experience highlights of Hong Kong (including a main theme park + a beautiful view of the harbor from Victoria Peak).


Enjoy a window into their last week via the following photos!

























Update from Kirsten + Final Shoutouts! from Team Hong Kong

HKYFC15Wow, only two days left in Hong Kong! I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already! This past week allowed our team to explore some very new ministry opportunities. First off, we were joined by SOAP (Salvation of All People) a ministry group comprised of a few Chinese families from Los Angeles. We joined forces on and off stage and it was a real blessing to be able to serve with them. This entire week we’ve been able to tutor about twenty students ranging from ages 9 to 14. We’ve been working with them for several hours everyday where we’ve gotten the chance to play games, sing songs and help them become more conversational in English.


On Tuesday, we took them to Noah’s Ark, Hong Kong’s third largest theme park! It’s really been exciting to see how the team has joyfully taken on this challenge and share God’s love in new ways. Also, David, the YFC director, arranged a new venue for us this week at a nearby park. At this more transient setting, we were able to use our music to bring in a crowd of at least 200 people. We then served them lots of food and gave them gifts after they watched the entirety of our program.HKYFC10


Today was our last day with the children, and our Sunday plans will consist of a couple more Filipino Churches. As a team, I really believe that The Lord has daily blessed us with the strength and endurance we need to persevere. We’ve begun to converse about what it looks like to return home as we delve deeper into the topic of transition. I’m confident that what The Lord has done in us over the past few weeks will be put to great use when we get back!



Here are a few sentiments from the rest of the team:


ANDREW: I cannot believe that our time here in Hong Kong is almost up! It feels strange in the sense that I’m both ready to come home, but also wanting to stay here another month. The people we’ve met and the experiences God had provided are all beyond what any of us could have expected. It has been an honour to serve alongside the YFC here in bringing the Gospel to all types of people everywhere. Their passion and heart for the citizens of Hong Kong to know Christ is inspiring. I look forward to being in contact with you all shortly to share in these adventures!


EMILY: Hey everyone! I can’t believe I’ve been gone for over a month now. I’m so excited to share all the experiences I’ve had out here with you all. I feel that I’ve grown spiritually in many ways and I thank God for His hand in all that we do here in Hong Kong! See you all soon!HKYFC19


GREG: Hey all, it’s been such a great time here serving the people at YFC. I hope to bring back plenty of experience to help do lots of things back home!


CAMORRA: I can’t believe my time here is almost done! It’s been a crazy, wonderful experience and I will be sad to leave. I know the lessons I’ve learned will be valuable things to take home. See you soon!


CORRIE: It’s the weirdest feeling when my time here has felt two minutes but yet two years at the same time. In every situation I see God’s work and wonderful blessings. My eyes have been greatly opened to my desperate need for the constant forgiveness and love for Jesus Christ, which I, in turn should show to everyone around me.HKYFC21


LAUREN: Words cannot describe how life changing this trip has been! I have learned so much about God’s faithfulness and provision through the people we’ve encountered and many different experiences. I’m so excited to tell everyone awesome stories and to see my friends and family again really soon! Love you!


BETHANY: God is present with the YFC staff and the way they minister to others. He’s been revealing Himself to me through His Word. I realize that even before I existed God had a story of His own and it’s my joy to be a part of that story as I try to live my life for Him.


JOEY: I’m so thankful for the opportunities we’ve had to minister in all kinds of places. I’ve learned new lessons being back here working with the YFC, and I’m inspired by their passion to serve and give.HKYFC22


PRAISE REPORTS: Good has given us so many opportunities to share His love with others. And the team has been able to make the most of all these opportunities to serve.


Since we’ve been here in Hong Kong, we’ve done over EIGHTY performances. Even in the midst of such a busy schedule, we’ve been blessed with downtime. Last Friday, we hiked up Victoria Peak, the highest point in all of Hong Kong. It took us nearly 1.5 hours to get up the hills and stairs, but we made it!



PRAYER REQUESTS: That we joyfully take what we’ve learned here back to the US. Also pray for safe travels!