Honduras 2015

Honduras 2015

Team Members:

  • Andrew Shermeyer – Team Leader, Guitar
  • Lena Kvigne – Co Leader, Sound Tech
  • Evan Gerbracht – Drummer
  • Ryan Li – Bassist
  • Emily Urban – Guitar
  • Christine Lee – Keyboardist
  • Luis Acosta – Vocals
  • Becca Bowers – Vocals
  • Julie Boehr – Vocals

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Team Honduras Is Back!

Everyone from Team Honduras has arrived back to the twin cities in Minnesota where they’ll get some good rest before travelling back to Willmar in the early morning. 


Update: Team Honduras is stateside

Team Honduras is on the ground in Houston, TX, nearly home! Stay posted tonight for updates as both teams return to Minnesota this evening.

Reflections from Emily & Team Honduras

HNJPC72As I write, we are currently on the JPC bus leaving San Pedro, our home for the last ten days. These ten days, we all agree, have simultaneously felt like ten months and yet ten minutes. I think we have all grown more than anticipated and seen God work in ways we never expected, both within us and around us.


A phrase that seems to be resurfacing again and again is, “The Lord doth provide.” I’ll be honest, often we’re saying it in regards to simple and somewhat humorous things (such as toilet paper where there usually is none and air conditioning when we’ve been sweating more than we thought humanly possible). But, in all seriousness and in all the gloriousness of our heavenly Father, the Lord truly doth provide.


Just a few days ago, we were exhausted and many of us were feeling sick. We had gotten up early to go to a morning concert at a school. When we arrived, right away we were blessed with a cool breeze and a shaded area to set up stage in. Before we began the concert, we were informed that the students were going to give us a presentation of sorts. We were honored with a traditional dance that felt like such a beautiful welcome, and we were able to sit and rest as we watched. The concert went smoothly. The students clearly enjoyed having us there, but more so, several students accepted Christ, and one in particular talked with Andrew and Luis afterwards. They were able to pray with him and introduce him to the YFC. It was so encouraging. But it didn’t end there. We were anticipating three more concerts that day, but as we were packing up, we received news that the next two cancelled. We all agreed it was truly God’s  mercy. We were able to use the afternoon to debrief the last few days, reconnect, and spend time in the Word. And of course, napping back home. The Lord doth provide rest and opportunities to abide in Him.


Another highlight was playing at a university a few days earlier. The space was air conditioned, but that’s not what mattered. The local Christian group on campus had invited us and we got to worship with them and share the Gospel with the other students who might not have known Christ. Afterwards, the group blessed us with encouragement and prayer. It was truly humbling and memorable. The Lord doth provide spiritual uplifting.


At more than one place, the people graciously gave us nourishment through food and cold bottled water. At one school in particular, I remember saying to one of my teammates as I was packing up, “I really need water.” I turn around and a teacher was standing right there, holding open a bag full of water bottles. “Agua?” The Lord doth provide sustenance.


Speaking of that school, when we arrived, we had just finished three or four concerts (I can’t quite remember exactly). It had been a string of 3-4 concert days and although we were ready, our energy was depleted and the thought of cold showers and a pillow was in all our minds. But we could never have anticipated the energy we would receive from these students. It was a combined elementary/middle school, all crammed in small space, eager to hear the good news. In excited unison, they all greeted us with clapping and screams of joy. They didn’t hesitate to dance and sing along, and every song was received with more cheers and wide smiles. We couldn’t stop smiling, either. And they all were receptive of the Gospel message. Several of them accepted it into their lives. The Lord doth provide a beautiful, bountiful harvest for His glory.


Last night, a teammate and I were discussing our expectations of this trip. We agreed that it is much more intense, that true servitude means a lot more than one might entail. In our case, it means long hours. It means continually sweating, feeling thirsty, and maybe even sick. It means struggling to understand a lot of what’s happening. It means having plans tossed aside and rewritten, and rewritten again (once five to six times – during the set).


But I think we would all agree it is not only worth it, but is such a blessing. The Lord is using us – imperfect, weak, prideful sinners that turned away from God – to share His incredible justice, mercy, and love. And no matter what, the Lord doth provide everything we need to carry that will out. He sees, He knows, and oh, how He loves.


II Corinthians 9:7-8 says, “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.” Every day, we must choose to lay ourselves down at the cross. We must choose to use everything for His glory. And every day, God blesses us by replenishing us with Himself and mercies that are undeserved.




Truly… The Lord doth provide.


Shoutouts! from Team Honduras

Hi everyone!

Our time in Honduras continues to be amazing! It’s been a blessing to serve with the JPC  and minister to tons of people.

We spent the past 5 days or so in Tegucigalpa, Honduras’ capital. It has been incredible to see the passion for God and the thirst for the Gospel here. Before Tegucigalpa, we spent a few days in La Ceiba and even got to be interviewed on a live television show! God has handed us some great opportunities and I am happy to say our team has stewarded them well.

This past week has had its challenges, but God is faithful through all things. I’m constantly encouraged by the team’s outlook and intentionality in ministry. I believe our next (and unfortunately last) week here will be another great one!

Here are the rest of the team’s updates:

Hello my friends! I am doing a shout out again. Hey bro, I’m going to miss this place. Hey mah and pah and sis, I’m going to miss this place. Hey gateway people, I’m going to miss this place. Hey friends, I’m going to miss this place. Hey Paul, Singapore. ~Ryan “el sapo chino” Li

¡Hola todos!
Hi from  Honduras. We are having a good time traveling the country playing in schools, churches, and other ministries. I have been able to see a few familiar places and enjoy some new places too. It is amazing for me to stop and think of what God has been doing in my life since I was here last and also what he has been doing here with the JPC. I am blessed to be back.  I am thinking of you all at home and in Minnesota, I miss you, but I will see you in a week or so:) -Lena
Hey everyone!
Sadly, we’re down to about a week. Leaving Tegus today was rough, but I am excited for what’s next! We’re currently on our way to the YFC camp in Copan. We’ll spend the rest of our time there, doing concerts around the area. I am so thankful for the staff down here, they have become like family to our team. Jo and Erica, I miss you guys! See you in a bit. -Becca “Rompe Corazones” Bowers

Hey Daddy, Mommy, Claire and Lyd!!!
Today we left Tegucigalpa and we’re taking the “magic school bus” to Copan, which is where the Youth for Christ camp is. (It’s also where we will be spending the rest of our trip!) Miss you guys so so much! Love, Christina (La China from China)

Hola mi familia y amigos,
Yesterday, we were reminded that one week remains on our Honduran journey; I nearly broke into tears (that’s weird :). Not a day goes by without laughing hysterically, jamming musically, or speaking deeply. I am grateful for the Youth for Christ staff, open hearts to the gospel, my wonderful team, beautiful scenery, and God’s hand on it all. Blessings, Julie Boehr
Hey family!
One week left here in Honduras! Its sad when I think about it, I’ve made such good friends here. The Youth for Christ staff is incredible, and I greatly admire their passion to bring the hope of Jesus to their country. Also, the beautiful scenery of Honduras is like nothing I’ve seen before. It makes it a little hard to miss ol’ flat Minnesota, but I know that’s where my family is, so I’m excited to get back home to you. Just a little longer Tiffy! 🙂 Love, Evan

Hello family and friends!
This amazing journey is coming to an end. Only 7 days left until I’m back in the Minnesota. I’ve gotten to see and experience so many things here. It’s amazing to see people respond to the gospel. I haven’t gotten sick this whole trip! I’m so thankful everyday that God wants to use me. Thank you mom and dad for the thoughtful letters, it was really encouraging. Love you! Shoutout to Sam The Man! You better not have destroyed the car yet! 🙂 See you all soon! Luis Acosta 

Hey, J & B. 🙂 I find myself talking about you more and more lately! I miss you terribly and love you both so much. I have so much to tell you. Ahh. Right now we’re driving out of the mountains of Tegucigalpa. It is my heaven. B, there are dogs everywhere, all shapes, sizes, and colors. You’d love it. 🙂 J, the landscape and art in the architecture makes me wish you could come and share my enthusiasm. Give love to my bebes and DFTBA. 😉 See you soon!!!  Soph, Psalm 77. Thought of you. Cling to the joy of the gospel. 🙂 Lots of love… Talk soon!  Mum, I tried to call but we’ve had bad connection here. Just know I’m alive and kicking. 🙂 Also, I have a little treasure for you! Can’t wait to see you, Jem, and the family (and my bed, let’s be honest). Give J or B a ring and make sure they see this! Love, Emily

Update from Andrew + Shoutouts! from Team Honduras


Wow! It has already been a week since we landed in Honduras!

So far, we have played in a variety of venues including schools, churches, a mall, a fundraiser, and even a live radio show on a secular network! Actually, that radio acoustic set was the first thing we did in Honduras and it really came together well. Apparently it is one of the most popular stations in San Pedro Sula. 

If one thing is clear, it is that we can only rely on God this trip. I’m still amazed we made our first flight out of Minneapolis. It was only by God’s grace that the JPC has been able to get airtime on the radio and that we could play an acoustic set day 1.

Looking forward, our team will stay in San Pedro Sula until next Monday and then head out to La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa later that week.
Anyway, here are some team member updates:

Hey, Mom and Dad and crew! I’m doing well. I’ve only been sick once, and the day still worked out. My leaders and hosts are taking such good care of me. Say hi to Bethel for me and send my love and gratitude. God is working. This experience has been beautiful and incredible. Can’t wait to tell you about it.

Hey everyone! Honduras is so beautiful. In the short time that we’ve been here, we’ve already had 12 concerts and we have had so many gospel sharing opportunities. God’s work through the JPC and our team has been so evident! Kim, I miss you!

A huge thank you to everyone has supported me both financially and in prayer; I am witnessing daily the hand of God at work. To family at the reunion: know you are experiencing a glimpse of heaven and I miss you! PS: I am falling in love with everything about Honduras; it’ll be a wonder if I return! 😉 love you all!
Hey Madre, Padre, Claire & Lyd!
Miss you guys so so much! But I can’t wait to share with you guys all ways that God has been at work all around me and my team! Also I would like to thank everyone who supported me on this trip! It has been an amazing experience so far, and I can’t wait to see everyone when I get back! Love you guys! 🙂

Hi everyone, I am having a nice time once again in Honduras. I enjoy seeing the people and my friends again, but I miss you all at home. Thinking and praying for all of you who are transitioning out of full time and into another year or a new everyday life. I continue to praise God for the opportunity I have been given to share Christ’s love in Honduras a second time. 

Hey guys! I’m having a blast here in Honduras! The country is so beautiful! I especially love all the mountains around the city! To my family and to Tiffany, I miss you all very much and I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip and how God is working here. Love you all! 
Hello friends and family! I feel like I’ve been in Honduras forever, and its only our sixth day here!  I’ve already been challenged so much by God in these few days. I’ve gotten the chance to to share the Gospel with a whole school and win some people for Christ! I’m looking forward to telling you guys all the awesome stories!
– Luis

Hello my friends. Collin, if you are reading this, I so wish I had your jeep right now because driving here with the top down would be INSANE. My family, I love Honduras, even the weather and the sweat because it is worth all of it, every ounce of energy used and memories made is worth it. To gateway and school people, miss you all, but I am learning so many new things here and am using so many things you gateway people have taught me. Plan to apply things I’ve learned.
-Ryan “Rompe Corazones” Li

Hi everyone! God is doing amazing things in Honduras. It’s wonderful being back. I am so humbled by the graciousness of the JPC and our venues. To my family and friends: I can’t wait to see you when I get back and tell you all I have learned! To 14:21: miss you guys and wish you could be here too!