Guatemala 2018

Guatemala 2018


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Team Members:

Keilah Quimby

Will Dawdy

Ben Stewart

Braden Harris

Kat Araujo

Carson Wise

Emily Rader

Nikki Leighton

Kai Inguito

Sydney Lanning

Carli Hatch

Alice Min

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Now Departing: Team Guatemala!

Team Guatemala is in the air! They’re heading to Guatemala City via Miami.


Their original flight was scheduled to depart in time to make their connection in Miami, but was severely delayed this morning. Thankfully, the airline was able to book them on a flight that (surprise!!) left over an hour earlier than planned! The team quickly got checked in and in the security line; unfortunately there was no time for a group photo. Nevertheless, we’re glad they made it!


Stay tuned for updates on their journey!


Overseas Prep Days

Team Guat has been training hard the past couple weeks! All the music learning and training is done, and now they’re getting ready to serve in Guatemala. Their performance at their send-off concert showed how much they’ve grown both musically and spiritually within the past couple weeks. Today was spent packing gear to fly overseas. Here are some pictures from both those days!


Flight-Packing Day!

The team will be flying out Tuesday (6/19). Please pray for them as they fly overseas tomorrow! Stay tuned to see their ministry work in Guatemala!


An Interview: All Words Are Made-Up Words

We recently interviewed 2 members of Team Guat- Braden and Alice and checked in with them to see how training has been going for them. Braden is from Missouri and plays the bass for Team Guat, and Alice is a vocalist from Toronto, Canada.

Q: Why did you decide to join CTI? 

Braden: I found CTI at ICOM 2017. As  soon as I met them, I realized this was something I would love and really like to be a part of.

Alice: Because I get to experience a combination of worship and gospel sharing.

Q: What have you learned the most from training?

B: I’ve learned the most about cultural awareness.

A: I learned that “all words are made-up words” (courtesy of one of our staff members, Jenn). I also learned Christian words in Spanish.

Q: What’s your opinion of Willmar, MN?

B: It’s a surprisingly eventful place. There’s a lake and a mall here…

A: So far, I’ve seen 4 deer, 1 giant turtle, pelicans, fireflies, and Minnesotans. I haven’t had Starbucks since I’ve been here…

What has been your favorite meal at training?

B: The day we had pasta because it’s my favorite food.

A: Chili and taco day because there was FREE guac.

Q: What are you looking forward to in Guatemala?

B: Doing ministry. I’m going in with as little expectations as possible.

A: I’m excited to be surprised and to see God’s goodness in new ways that I’ve never experienced before.

Q: What’s your favorite song on your rep?

B: Grande y Fuerte because… the bass. (Here’s the a link to it)

A: Montaña and Somos Libres because Kai (he has an awesome voice) and Somos Libres because it has a really good acapella line.

Q: What has surprised you the most about training?

B: I was surprised by the dedication of the CTI staff in helping us achieve our ministry.

A: How many cool activities that were planned for us!

Q: If you could play any other instrument on the team, what would it be?

B: I would want to sing.

A: Drums!

What has been your favorite part of training?

B: Getting to know my team by playing music together with them. I don’t get the opportunity to play with a band that I just met very often.

A: Learning about the difference between a testimony and gospel sharing and having my puns be accepted. I also drove a jet ski!


Team Guat will be going overseas soon! They will be having their send-off concert tomorrow (6/15) at 6:30 pm! Come join us at Roseland Reformed Church in Blomkest, MN or you can watch it online at

Testimony Sharing Seminar

This week, Team Guat had a series of seminars discussing the gospel and learning how to share their testimonies overseas. The first day was spent understanding their own need for the gospel. The second day, they learned how to share their testimonies and discussed how they can each use their own stories to share the gospel. Each team member was paired with a mentor after each seminar to help develop their testimonies. On the last day, Team Guat shared their testimonies in front of the training community staff. Here are some pictures of everyone who shared that night!


We didn’t have time for everyone to share their testimonies, but we’re looking forward to hearing the rest of the team members’ testimonies this week!

Meet Team Guatemala!

Hey everyone!

Today we asked Team Guat to introduce themselves and to answer, “If you were given $10 right now, what would you do with it?”

Watch the team perform LIVE for the first time on Monday, June 11 at 6:30pm CST!