Guatemala 2018

Guatemala 2018


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Team Members:

Keilah Quimby

Will Dawdy

Ben Stewart

Braden Harris

Kat Araujo

Carson Wise

Emily Rader

Nikki Leighton

Kai Inguito

Sydney Lanning

Carli Hatch

Alice Min

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Team Guatemala Debriefing and Final Concert

Team Guatemala has faithfully served our partners overseas for the last three and a half weeks and now they are back! As their time with CTI comes to a close, the team goes through a series of debriefing activities. Each team member got the chance to individually reflect with paper and pen, together share and reminisce the many concerts and adventures they went through together, as well as share with the larger community in their livestream Q&A

To end their time, Team Guat held their final concert, which you can check out here!  While the team brings home all the skills and truths that they have acquired and sharpened, they ended their time here by passing the torch to the next two summer teams that will be bringing the Gospel message to Hong Kong and Honduras. Please continue to pray for all three teams as they will be going through many transitions in the near future.


Team Guat is Delayed, but almost home!

Team Guatemala is in Dallas! They made it through customs and immigration with no issues. However, their flight to Minneapolis has been delayed due to weather. They are expected to arrive in Minneapolis around 11pm.


We will update you again when they land!


Greetings! Saludos! Jun Rutzil Awech!

Jun Rutzil Awech (tz’utujil)!

Saludos (spanish)!

Greetings (english)!

Despite some continued minor sickness (I assume some may argue that it hasn’t felt minor, but it’s been nothing out of the ordinary, rest assured!) within the team, we are currently prospering here in the beautiful mountain village of Santiago Atitlán, about three hours west of Guatemala City. We have the opportunity to partner with some local missionaries here and we have already played three really fun concerts for schools in the area. The plan is to continue to present the gospel at one to two schools a day for the remainder of our time here, as well as a community-wide event this coming Saturday. Please be praying for those who will be in attendance at each venue! 

Prior to coming to Atitlán, we had a more relaxed week in Guatemala City. One of the coolest things we did was help piece together a house for a family of kids who were orphaned. We had the privilege of meeting the family and praying for them, and it was a really humbling experience for all of us. After that, we played concerts at churches and schools throughout Guatemala City, and we even got to be the first Christian group to ever minister to a group of students at one school. God has been faithful to us, and each day we have all been made aware in different ways of how much He loves us! 


Playing at “Instituto Basico por Cooperativa Santiago Atitlán” in view of the San Pedro volcano!



And now some shoutouts/things we’ve learned this week! 

Alice: Hi everyone! Dear mom, if you’ve been praying for my health, it’s been working because I’m one of the three people who haven’t gotten super sick these past two weeks! 

I have many mosquito bites but everything else has been amazing here – God has shown me that he provides endless energy and peace when I cannot with my own effort. 


Ben: These volcanoes are pretty sweet. Seeing this facet of God’s creation has been super cool. The kids have been just so much fun to play music with and the amount of support we’ve been getting from the church here has been overwhelming. God is so good and I look forward to what He still wants to do with us these last days. 

I’m excited to see all my friends and family, I’ve missed everyone. 

M&D: it was really good to talk to you. thank you for the encouragement and prayer.

Juliana: It was so good to see your face. I love you!

Isaac: miss you you nerd. thanks for praying.

Charlie the Pit bull: Good girl. Woof woof. 


Braden: Shoutout to Quentin Lee for being an absolute savage. 


Carli: Hey family and friends! I hope you are reading this so I didn’t waste time writing this. But Guatemala is amazing! I love doing all the concerts and people. Thank God that my health has been very good, and for continued energy. I can’t wait to see you all again soon and God Bless. And to my parents, Happy 10th(?) Anniversary!


PC: Uriel David Garcia

Carson: Heeeeyyyyyy everybody! Second week was honestly a bit rough. Our team got hit pretty bad with a stomach virus and I’ve been feeling it pretty bad. I have learned a lot through the sickness though and have really seen God’s strength in a different light. The people of Guatemala have taken very good care of me and my team. They got us firecrackers to celebrate the 4th of July! Hope all is well back home. I’m missing my family and the mountains back home, but the volcanos here will do for now 😉 


Emily: Hello friends & family! Thank you for your continued prayer! Right now the team is staying at a beautiful hotel in Atitlán surrounded by 3 beautiful & large volcanoes! I’m so excited for this last week here in Guatemala & I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get home! 


Kai: A week to go til we head back to the States and til my birthday, which is so crazy. Speaking of birthdays, we celebrated July 4 in the middle of the rainforest by eating cake, drinking authentic Guatemalan coffee, shooting a firework, and singing The Star Spangled Banner. Our hosts definitely brought ‘murica to us! How was ‘murica day for ya’ll?


The “walk” 😝


Kat: ¡Atk’ola friends and family! we are currently in the beautiful mountainous city of Atitlán and today we even got to hike a mountain (or as David likes to it, “a walk”). It’s amazing getting to see and experience God’s beautiful creation and even more so getting to see God move in my life and in the lives of the people of Guatemala! Estou com saudades de todos!

ps: David was sweet enough to give us a little fourth of July celebration! top 3 fourth of July’s in my book!


Nikki: Hi family! It has been a busy week full of concerts and great food. The kids here are wonderful and have so much energy, and they’ve been so receptive to our message! We were also blessed this week with a beautiful cabin by the lake to stay in while we minister in Santiago and the surrounding areas. I never expected to be staying in such a beautiful place with wonderful hospitality, but God always surprises us along the way. Love you guys and see you in a little over a week!


Sydney: HI FRIENDS AND FAMILY, we are on a LAKE right now and I’m feeling so at home. Our little hotel is RIGHT on the edge of a lake with volcanoes on each side and a beautiful little village across the way. We’ve had a great week, especially last night’s celebration of the 4th of July where David spoiled us with pan dulce and firecrackers!! The kids in the Mayan area are so responsive and sweet and it is not hard to see God’s presence among them. He has blessed us so much this week and our time here has flown by so fast. Love and miss you guys!!

ps: mom or dad, if you’re reading, poke rachel’s nose for me, thanks 😘


Singing Gracia Sublime Es with some local youths!


Will: Hi all! We’ve been playing music at schools and churches this week, sharing the gospel with little kids all the way to adults. The tour is coming to a close, we have less than a week left. I want to give a shout out to my best friend from home who will be getting married on June 6th, and also want to say hi to my family. I love you all!


Keilah: I left the midwest/place I now call home and found myself in a place incredibly reminiscent of my hometown. Being back in the midst of mountains (also volcanoes, but Utah doesn’t have those..) has been refreshing and so, so beautiful. I am sad that our time is coming to a close in just a week, but I am thankful to be here and thankful for the work we have been privileged to do these past weeks. 

Soli Deo Gloria! 

ps sorry I missed your bday NBQ, hope it was great! 143! 

Ethan, I get to squeeze you SO soon! 🖤


PC: Uriel David Garcia 

Family, Supporters, Friends, and loved ones: THANK YOU for your continued prayers and intercession. We are so thankful for you all, and so excited to share about the incredible things God has been doing both in AND through us during our time in Guatemala! Our time is quickly coming to a close, but is not complete yet, and we look forward to seeing what God has in store for us in the coming days! 

Guatemala Ministry Update: Schools and Kids Clubs

Hey all!


We have had the opportunity to partner with David Garcia and an organization here in Guatemala called IMN (Independent Missionary Network), which exists in order to help missionaries develop relationships that make Christ known, demonstrate the Love of God, and bring the Gospel to all people groups.

Working with David directly has been incredible, and he has given us the chance to serve in places where the gospel is truly needed. In our first week we played at three different schools all run by AMG Guatemala, which is an organization that exists to enable students in poorer sections of Guatemala city to actually be able to attend school and learn about God, especially if they’re behind in education (generally because of their family’s need for them to work to contribute to family finances), among their other awesome mission values. These schools were all in places called “red zones”, which in this case means that they are some of the poorest places you can find here in Guatemala City.


Photo: AMG Guatemala Facebook Page


The kids were often shy at first, but once we played music and shared the love of God with them, and then got off the stage and talked with them, they lit up! We (and David) have been praying that the love of Christ would be completely evident through our interactions, and that these kids would see God’s love shining through us, and come to know that love deeply.

The other place we have had the opportunity to serve at is a place called Mision El Faro, which reaches out to the Mayan Quiché villages surrounding the mission and the Garifuna community in nearby Livingston through over 20 different ministries that are housed on its base. Included in this are the Clean Water project, eye surgery, a dental clinic, computer lab, and youth/kids clubs, among many others.


Photo: Mision El Faro Facebook Page


We played for the youth and kids clubs this past Saturday and Sunday, and it was SO fun. These were kids from the surrounding villages who come every Saturday or Sunday to participate in games and a lesson about God (and a snack, of course!). After engaging in some fierce competition through games, we were given the stage to get them excited about Jesus, and we all had a blast! As one of the teachers shared with us afterwards, “I have never seen them this excited about anything before!”

It was incredibly humbling for our team to be playing in probably the hottest temps we have experienced here yet, and, through strength not our own, making the love of God so inexplicably known.

As you’re reading this, we will also have had the opportunity to serve with our hands in a different capacity and help build a house in a village about an hour away from Guatemala City proper. Potentially more on that later!


Team Guatemala working on the construction site!


All that to say: God is at work here in Guatemala, and he has graciously chosen us to be his tools during our time here. We are growing as a team in unity and in Christ, and truly experiencing what it means to lay down our lives and live as servants of the Living God.

Muchos gracias por sus rezos, Dios te Bendiga!
(Many thanks for your prayers, God bless you!)



-Keilah and Team Guatemala

Sufficiency and Sunburns

Hey all!
We have been here for exactly a week from the time of writing this, and it has truly impacted each team member in significant ways. We have been blessed to play at a couple schools and a ministry base called El Faro (“the lighthouse”, and home base to over 20 different ministries serving the local villages) so far, and are all looking forward to the coming weeks in which we will continue to be able to serve both the people here and the Kingdom of God. We have seen beauty in creation and in people and in food and in compassion and in kindness and in serving this past week and are full of joy that we get to be a part of it.
Check out these shout-outs from team members and photos of El Faro and the Caribbean!
Alice: God has created such a beautiful world – I’m excited for the Kingdom to come and to share how good God is when I come back! Muchas gracias for your prayers!


Ben: It’s been so cool seeing what God’s doing here already, and how we get to see just a taste of what is happening in the lives of the people in Guatemala. God’s provision has been amazing, and I’ve been incredibly humbled by what I’ve experienced in the best possible way. Also, it’s low key been super fun to the point where I feel kinda guilty. Huge shout out to all my supporters for helping me do this. it has been absolutely life changing and it’s only been a week. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for the drums, I get a lot of compliments (cuz they real pretty) and they sound great and thanks to Jaye for pushing me out the door. Love everyone so much and am stoked to see what God does for the rest of our time here.
TLDR I usually hit things for Jesus in a church, but this week I did it on the beach. Was a good time. 10/10.


Braden: Thanks to all my friends and family for their prayers and help with getting me here. I’ve absolutely loved being able to play music for the people of Guatemala and share the gospel with them, all is going well and I am still excited for the ministry we are doing for the rest of our time here! Grace and peace!
Carli: Thanks to all my friends and family who have been praying for me to get to see the ocean on this trip! I did for the first time this week, and it is astounding!!!


Carson: Hey everyone! I am so happy to check in with all of you. Our first week in Guatemala was AMAZING. The people here are wonderful and I’ve loved playing for the kids. Our contact, David, is great and is very helpful. He has a huge heart for missions and it’s very inspiring. Please continue to pray for our teams relationships with each other and our individual health, physically and emotionally. Family, I love you guys tons and I guess I kinda miss ya. 😘


Emily: Hi all! Thanks for praying for me & thinking of me! I’ve had such a great week in Guatemala so far, and I’m so excited to see what else we get to do! Love you all!


Kai: Hey fam and friends! Although a big change from Delaware, Guatemalan life is going really well. We’ve been playing at schools and camps for children to share His Love and Hope through music. It’s been humbling to be able to connect with the kids, teachers and strangers through the Spanish that I do know, and I’m learning about potential plans in the future regarding medical missions.


Kat: Hey friends + family! From flying over Guatemalan volcanos and celestial views, to sharing the gospel through music and dramas, I have already seen God move, not only in my life, but also in the life of others. I’ve learned how intrigued people are just to hear about God’s love for them and it’s clearly seen through how they light up by simply smiling or giving them a hug! I hope I embrace every opportunity God gives me to share the gospel for the remainder of our trip! PS. don’t be surprised if I’ve gained a few (the food is too good).


Nikki: Hi parents! I miss you! I got burnt, so expect to pick a tomato up from the airport. The food is amazing here and the people are even better; I’m so blessed to be here. Love you!


Sydney: Miss you guys so much!! It’s been a wild ride so far. God’s strength and provision of energy has really been at work in our team this week even though we’ve experienced super hot temperatures and lots of sunburn. Guatemala is such a beautiful place and I’m so excited that we get to work here for another two weeks!


Will: Hi, everyone! We’ve been playing a lot of concerts at schools, as well as for kids at a camp called El Faro. It’s so cool to be able to share the gospel with kids who don’t speak the same language as us, and that a simple smile can make connections. God is good, and i’m excited to see what the rest of the trip has in store for us.


Keilah: Through all of these things you’ve read about above, God has been SO faithful to us. It has been incredible seeing the love of God shine through not only our music, but even more so through our interactions and efforts in communicating in a language not our own. God has always been and will always be faithful to His children, and I’m so glad that our team gets to see that daily.
Utah fam, 143! Willmar/CTI fam, see you in a couple weeks!
Ethan, I miss and love you, lion man. 🖤😘
Please continue to pray both with us and for us: that Team Guatemala 2k18 would seek opportunities to serve our partner and our God with everything that we are, and that the name of Jesus Christ would be shared and glorified through our time here, and that meaningful connections would be made, all while we are planting seeds and joyfully living out what it means to serve our God.
and our team verse for you:
“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭12:9‬ ‭ESV‬‬