Will Dawdy



CTI 14:21
Drums, Aux Percussion


Birthday: March 23

Hometown: Belding, MI

Favorite Bible Passage: James 1:2-4

Influential Music: Worship music, Indie

Favorite Movie: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Favorite Book: The Way Of Kings

Hobbies: Soccer, volleyball, frisbee, playing cello and guitar, and reading.


Some say that Will looks like Nick Jonas. What do you think?

Will’s Blog Posts

Winter Tour Video Update

Hey, everyone!

Check out this video to see some of the places we have been this tour! So far, the states we’ve gone to have been Minnesota, North Dakota, and Washington. We’ve also been to Boissevain, Manitoba and Vancouver!

God has been good!



Winter Tour!

Hey, everyone!

We started our Winter tour on Wednesday and had our first concert in Marshall, Minnesota. Before that, we had a two week long Christmas break where we each got to go to our separate homes and spend time reconnecting with families and friends. I know that for me, it was a good time to refresh myself and rest.

During this tour, we will be on the road for about ten weeks. We’ll be travelling up to Canada and then make our way west, playing music and sharing the gospel in California, Washington, Arizona, and many other states. It’s an amazing thing to be able to use the musical gifts that God has given each of the people on my team and share the gospel, and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

Looking forward to seeing some of you on the road!

Fall Tour Recap!

Hey, everyone!

Fall tour ended about a week ago, and we’ve all been at the office this week for our annual calling drive. We head home for break on the 15th, and then begin Winter tour in January! I made a short video that shows some of the places we’ve been this past tour, so I hope you enjoy!


Beautiful Fragrance

Hey, everyone!

Team 14:21 is currently on the road for our Fall Tour! So far, we’ve played at schools and churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Indiana, and are heading towards the East Coast. Hong Kong is still fresh in our minds, but we are gradually re-learning how to share the gospel message here in the US as opposed to overseas.

I’ve been feeling my purpose in this ministry intensify the past few weeks, from my experience in Hong Kong to my experience in these first few days of tour, and I praise God for that. I’ve been reading 2 Corinthians, specifically chapter 2 verse 14, which says:

Yet I am so thankful to God, who always marches us to victory under the banner of Jesus Christ; and through us He spreads the beautiful fragrance of His knowledge to every corner of the earth.

Wow. What an amazing concept, that we as the body of Christ can be a people who exude this beautiful fragrance of the knowledge of God’s love. Ministry is a call to change lives and in turn have your life changed, to be the hands and feet of the creator of the universe and bring love, hope, and joy amidst brokenness, despair, and sadness.

God’s mission changes the human heart and has the unique ability to take broken things and turn them into beauty, and that’s the mission I want to be a part of.

Astounding Grace

Hey, everyone!

We’re back from Hong Kong! We got to our host homes at around 2a yesterday, and have been slowly adjusting to the time zone.

Playing for seniors at a YFC event

In my life, I am prone to forget or doubt that the things God has done for me really happened, or even if they did happen, I doubt that it was God and think that maybe it was all just coincidence. This is true of the first half of my Hong Kong experience. During the first few days, I was astounded by the love, faith, and servanthood of the partners we were serving, and by their genuine love for evangelism. I began to doubt my own heart and felt that I wasn’t godly enough to be serving these people, and I felt frustrated that I was having these doubts. I wish that I could trust God at all times, and trust that he always has my best interest in mind, but that is not something I am able to do.

A few days into the tour I had asked God if he would give me some salt and vinegar chips, as I had seen them in boxes at the YFC building and I was really craving something that tasted like home. It sounds like a silly request, and maybe a little selfish, but I believe that God is not just a loving father but a doting father as well, one who loves to give his children good gifts. The day after I had prayed this, I began seeing all these ways that people were giving me snacks, whether it was a volunteer handing me a bag of nuts or sweets, or a teammate handing me something they had grabbed from the boxes. But I never received salt and vinegar chips.

I began to get discouraged and wondered why I was being blessed with all of these gifts if they were not the things I had asked God for. But then one morning during a program, as I was thinking about these things, I felt God’s presence and heard him say to me,”even if you don’t feel sufficiently provided for, or you aren’t provided for in the way you would like, I am still here with you, and you will have everything you need.”

A St. Augustine church ruin in Macau

See, it wasn’t the chips that I needed. It was the affirmation that God was with me and that he cared about me. We don’t always get what we want, but we always get what we need. I never ended up receiving the chips I wanted, but I got something far greater. With this feeling of confirmation from God, I was more motivated to give my all to the ministry and be confident that God was with me, and that he was working through me. It is my desire that each day I become more and more the man of God that I was created to be, and that doubts and fears and feeling like God is not with me would not serve as a hindrance to the mission I’ve been assigned but rather serve to spur me on towards pursuing God with my whole heart and trusting in his provision. I am astounded by God’s grace.