Phoebe Doong



CTI 14:21
Keys, Guitar, Vocals


Birthday: November 7

Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA

Favorite Bible Passage: Matthew 11:28-30

Influential Music: Bethel, Hillsong, Elevation, John Williams

Favorite Movie: The Bourne Trilogy, Spirited Away, Good Will Hunting

Favorite Book: The Harry Potter series

Hobbies: Board games, listening to film music, watching Netflix, swimming, and napping.


Here’s an interesting fact about Phoebe: she enjoys hearing the sound of a vacuum or a blow dryer in the morning while she sleeps. What she does not enjoy, however, is holding a cup with condensation on the outside.

Phoebe’s Blog Posts

Unwavering Love

We spend a lot of our time in the van, going from one state to the next. So naturally, you get to know your teammates pretty well, fairly quickly. I’ve grown to love my teammates. I see how special each person is, and I see how God has placed each of them uniquely on this team. I see how gifted and talented they are at what they do. I see their passion for this ministry and their love for Christ. And I’m reminded of how grateful I am to be a part of this team. But…the next day someone does something that annoys me, and I’m ready to kick them out of the van.

That’s just how it is.

I’m learning that it is so difficult to extend love to others. Sometimes it may mean asking the other person how they’ve been doing and following up with them. Other times it may mean offering to take the least desirable seat in the van. But, it requires some sort of sacrifice and humility that I don’t always have.

We recently played at Holland Rescue Mission in Michigan where we met our contact- Todd. After our concert, Todd gave a bible study. He mentioned how when we sin against God, we often think that our relationship with God is immediately severed and broken. That we think our relationship with God is wavering depending on whether we sin or not. We forget the love of God. But he said, “Our relationship with God is never separated but our fellowship with him is torn when we sin against him.” You see, it’s foolish to even think that our relationship with God could be dependent on our sinful nature because God’s love is unconditional. Unlike the love that I have, which is very much wavering, God’s love for us is unchanging.

I often fall into the trap of thinking that God’s love works the same as my love. It’s silly, I know. But I think, “My teammates have annoyed me. I don’t love them anymore.” In the same way, when I sin against God, my first reaction is to think that he doesn’t love me anymore. I’m reminded of God’s unconditional love and to strive for that kind of love with those around me, especially when I want to kick one of my teammates out of the van.

An Interview: Canadian Thanksgiving

I recently interviewed Hillary and Kenny and Kenny had some rather… interesting answers. Well, I’ll let you take a read:

Q: What has been the highlight of this tour? 

Hillary: It’s hard to say one, but deep conversations I’ve had with hosts and people I’ve met at venues are a highlight.

Kenny: All-you-can-eat school cafeteria food.

Q: Which city has been your favorite?

H: Philadelphia because I liked seeing the history. There was diversity; I loved exploring all parts of the city.

K: Philadelphia because- bubble tea, cheese steak, Korean fried chicken.

We visited the Independence Hall in PA!

Q: What has been your most memorable venue?

H: Ashville, NC. We played for the youth group, and I had some great conversations afterwards.

K: Oshkosh, WI. This was our first school. I talked to the principal afterwards and he was surprised by the number of people who were interested in joining our ministry and followed through by auditioning.

Q: What is your favorite part about touring?

H: getting to meet people from different cultures and visiting different places I normally wouldn’t be able to visit and getting to see thriving ministries in all these places.

K: Canadian Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

getting some late night grubs at Waffle House

Q: What do you miss from home?

H: family and my sister’s dog

K: Hong Kong style milk tea

Q: If you could play another instrument on the team, what would it be? 

H: vocals

K: Cello or beatboxing

Q: How have you seen God working in this ministry?

H: I’ve had people come up to me saying that they understand the gospel better after they’ve seen us perform.

K: from the feedback we have received from contacts, audience members, and the number of young musicians willing to devote their lives to Christ, potentially through our ministry. It affirms our purpose as a team that there is a reason why we have been booked at those venues.

Q: How have you seen God working in this team?

H: I have seen him provide for us in times where we have no strength left or during very difficult situations.

K: People are more open and vulnerable with each other which allows room for grace, forgiveness, and encouragement.

Full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Nashville

Q: What part about tour life did you not expect or surprised you?

H: having to be in such close quarters with everyone because last year wasn’t as close. There are 9 people on the team this year as opposed to 7 last year.

K: how much I would suck at driving the van and trailer

Q: What do you do during your free time?

H: read, call home, sleep

K: “free time” is relative

Q: Where’s your favorite seat in the van?

H: last row, left corner because I love to sleep against the window there

K: I usually need more than one seat in the van.

Q: What time do you usually go to sleep?

H: between 10:30 and 11:30 pm

K: varies from 8 pm to midnight depending on how many games of Mario Kart I feel like winning

Q: What city/state are you looking forward to?

H: Chicago

K: Southern California

Our team is currently at ICOM (International Conference on Missions) in Peoria, IL. Please pray for us as we recruit and give people the opportunity to serve in this ministry!

One Tour Ends, Another Begins

Hello from Willmar!

It’s almost been a week since we’ve been back from Hong Kong. I think our jet lag is finally starting to subside or we’ve learned to conquer it. Either way,it was initially a struggle going back into training mode with jet lag looming over us, but we fought through it. We added 6 more songs to our repertoire for Fall Tour and finished our last day of rehearsals today!

As training week is coming to an end, I’m tempted to only look forward to what’s ahead and not reflect on what happened in the past. But, there are so many things I learned from partnering with Hong Kong YFC – adaptability, perseverance, humility. Adapt to your surroundings and be flexible when it comes to serving your partner and serving God. Persevere when situations become tough, like when we were going to a school and the people in my van got dropped off in the wrong location and had to run through the streets of Hong Kong with our gear, trying to hail a taxi that would take us, all the while, trying to make it to the concert on time. Humility. Humble yourself in every situation. Being a part of ministry almost always calls for you to die to yourself and your own needs for the sake of the gospel.

These are just few of the things God has taught me over the course of a few weeks and are definitely things I can carry over with me as we continue with our stateside ministry. We are heading out to Bagley, MN on Saturday to start off our 5-week tour.

Thank you for your continual support and prayers! See you on the road!


Hello friends!

We are back in Minnesota for a few days to recruit at colleges and play at chapel and church services before heading to South Dakota. It’s only been about a week and a half into our training tour, yet it feels like we’ve been touring for a while in the best way possible. It’s been a joy getting to know my team, sharing a lot of laughs along the way. However, as I’ve been trying to process how God is working around me, I found myself at a loss of words. I couldn’t see how God was working around me or through me.

A couple weeks ago as we were preparing for training tour, I was filled with excitement and expectations from God. I was expecting to have meaningful interactions  everywhere I went and with everyone I met. I was waiting for God to use me to impact people. I love the ministry that we’re doing and I wanted so much for God to use me to change peoples’ lives. I wanted to see the joy and satisfaction from people after we played our set or shared a testimony. I wanted confirmation from God to know that what I’m doing is according to His plan. I wanted to impact people.

Wow. Was I selfish.

Why did everything have to be about me? Why couldn’t I serve others just for the sake of serving others? Why couldn’t I be satisfied with doing things solely as an act of faithfulness to God and not to gain anything for myself? I started feeling frustrated towards God because my expectations weren’t being met. I soon found myself struggling to find purpose and meaning in what I was doing. I was chasing after this feeling of joy and contentment for myself and others. I realized I was seeking after things that made me or others “feel good.”

If there’s one thing I’m learning, it’s that I can’t do things based off of how I feel. I have to learn to live beyond my feelings and do what is right even when I feel wrong. If I do things based off of how I feel, then I’m allowing my feelings to dictate my life rather than following God’s will for my life.

There’s also this greater freedom and liberation in doing things without needing confirmation. Instead, remaining faithful in God and trusting that everything you do is for His greater purpose, even when it is not blatantly obvious in the moment. I was expecting to have all these impacting experiences but I was chasing after the feeling of joy instead of chasing after God. I can only imagine how much deeper my faith would be if instead of relying on my feelings, I relied on God alone.