Matt Kelley



CTI 14:21
Team Leader, Sound Tech


Birthday: June 19

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Favorite Bible Passage: Romans 8

Influential Music: Coldplay, Mayday Parade, CCM, and any type of pop

Favorite Movie: Sharknado, Fight Club, Captain Phillips

Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

Hobbies: I love playing music, going to coffee shops, being with friends, and trying new things!


Matt recently graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Biology. He really enjoys playing the piano and experimenting with new sounds with his midi keyboard. Currently, his goal is to pursue a career in audio engineering after his time with CTI, but he is open to whatever God has for him!

Matt’s Blog Posts

The Lion of Judah

Hi Everyone!

We are currently in New York hanging out with some alumni.  We’ve been having a great time!  We also have been blessed with some great opportunities for rest, so God is faithful.

One of our songs that we play this year is called, “Lion and the Lamb” by Bethel.  The first half of the chorus goes like this:

Our God is a lion, the Lion of Judah!

He’s roaring with power and fighting our battles.

Who can stop the Lord Almighty?

This is pretty great!  God is powerful and strong.  There are countless passages throughout scripture where God is cited as fighting for us (ex. Romans 8:31).

However, as I was reading my Bible this morning, I stumbled across a verse in Hosea 5:13-15:

When Israel and Judah saw how sick they were,
    Israel turned to Assyria—
to the great king there—
    but he could neither help nor cure them.
I will be like a lion to Israel,
    like a strong young lion to Judah.
    I will tear them to pieces!
I will carry them off,
    and no one will be left to rescue them.
Then I will return to my place
    until they admit their guilt and turn to me.
For as soon as trouble comes,
    they will earnestly search for me.

Man… that makes you think twice about celebrating that God is like a lion… You see, in this point of the Bible, Israel had rebelled against God a countless number of times.  They deserved to be punished and nothing on earth could protect them from the wrath of God.  The anger of God can be like the attack of a lion.  Nothing can stop it.

After reading this verse, it made me think, “How can we celebrate that God is like a lion?”

I did some research and this metaphor is not alone.  There are countless times throughout scripture that wrath is referred to as a lion.  BUT I did find Hosea 11:9-11

No, I will not unleash my fierce anger.
    I will not completely destroy Israel,
for I am God and not a mere mortal.
    I am the Holy One living among you,
    and I will not come to destroy.
For someday the people will follow me.
    I, the Lord, will roar like a lion.
And when I roar,
    my people will return trembling from the west.
Like a flock of birds, they will come from Egypt.
    Trembling like doves, they will return from Assyria.
And I will bring them home again,”
    says the Lord.

Why do these people come running to the Lion?

Because He became the Lamb for us.

We all deserve the lion-like wrath of God because we have gone against Him and His commandments.  But God, who is rich in mercy and grace, loved YOU so much that He gave up His position as the powerful lion to become a weak sacrificial lamb.  He paid the price that we deserved to pay by receiving the wrath of God on the cross.

But the Lion didn’t stay dead.  He rose again!  And if you have faith and believe in Jesus as your Savior, then you can have access to the one who is now “roaring with power and fighting our battles!”

Who can stop the Lord Almighty?

Picture Time With Matt

Hey everyone!

We are on our final week of Winter Tour.  We’ve been having a great time.  Here are some pictures to show you what we’ve been up to!

We played at the Denver Rescue Mission in Colorado while people ate lunch!

Classy photo at the Colorado Monument.

We wash the van every week.  It looks like Phoebe’s having fun! Haha

A few nights ago, we went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial

We got to go hiking in another park in Castlewood Canyon State Park in Colorado!

This is from our concert this morning in Fulton, Missouri.  We had a great time leading worship and sharing the Gospel with the congregation here!

Brett is bringing back trends from the not so recent past…

While we were in Oklahoma City, we got to drive on Historic Route 66 and go to Pops!  They have over 700 varieties of soda!  We had a blast.  (Can you tell who our biggest soda fanatic is? Haha)

One verse that has come to mind recently is Psalm 63:3 which says,

“Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.”

God’s love is better than anything that this life has to offer.  But we are truly blessed that He allows us to be able to have so much fun and joy while serving Him!

Colorado Monument

Hey guys!

We’ve been having some great experiences in the Southwest recently.  I particularly enjoyed playing at Lord of Life Church in Sun City West, AZ where we got the opportunity to meet the founder of CTI, Dave Lien!  It was awesome to hear about the rich history of this organization and how God has brought it from its small beginnings to now.

Today, we got to go hiking at the Colorado Monument!  It was incredible.  We had a great time.  Here are some pictures and videos from our time there.

The Eleventh Hour

Hey guys!

We’re currently in Bend, OR on our way to California!  We got here safely, but I can’t say we had the easiest time.

Due to certain circumstances we ended up in the middle of nowhere in Idaho with no gas.  Our tank had just a few drops left in it with no gas stations within about an hour’s drive.  It was cold and late.  We seemed pretty hopeless.

I’ve always heard that our God was a God that acted in the “Eleventh Hour” when it seemed to be too late and hopeless.  I knew God is faithful and I was praying that we’d be able to get gas, but the “town” that we stopped in had no gas station.  It seemed like my faith had failed me.

But legit, out of no where this yellow truck comes up to us with “Oregon Department of Transportation” written on it’s side.  The man rolled down his window and said, “Hey!  You guys need some gas?”  (Haha like I’m laughing while writing this because it sounds so ridiculous. But that’s what happened!)  He got out of his truck, whipped out two large gas tanks, and gave us a quarter tank of gas for free! (which for our fifteen passenger van is about $30’s worth)

God followed through in the eleventh hour.  When all hope was gone, God came through.  He is faithful.

Is there something in your life that you might be losing hope about?  Don’t give up praying and trusting God.  He just might be doing something that is immeasurably more than you could ever ask or think.


Canada Photo Update!

Hey everyone!

We are currently in Boissevain, MB, Canada!  We’ve been working with a church up here and we’ve been having a great time.  I’m gonna show you some pictures to tell you a bit more about our experiences!

Here’s me – hard at work at the sound board.  Mixing has definitely been a big growing experience, but I love what I do so much!  It’s a blast!


Here’s our trusty van and trailer in the snow.  Can you see it?  It blends in pretty well…


We got to play at a Sunday morning service at a church in Boissevain!


O Canada!  We got to release our inner Canadian and play some broom ball on an outdoor iceskating rink in town!


We’re all still alive despite the cold.  Haha.  This picture was actually taken outside of a mall in Grand Forks, ND.


So you better watch out! 14:21 is heading to Fargo, ND tomorrow and maybe to a city near you!

See ya soon!