Colombia 2017

Colombia 2017

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Team Colombia has Arrived in Bogota

We’ve received word from Elisa that Team Colombia has arrived safely in Bogota with all of their equipment!

For the next 23 days, Team Colombia will be working in partnership with Youth For Christ Colombia (Juventud Para Cristo Colombia) and appearing in concert in various locations throughout Bogota and surrounding areas. We will share updates from the team as we receive them, so stay tuned!

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Team Colombia is Ready for Takeoff

Team Colombia has checked in and cleared airport security. They are waiting for takeoff. Join us as we continue to pray for their journey to Colombia, and stay tuned for updates on their arrival in country!

“This is the last time…until you’re in country.”

Those words are heavy for Summer Team Members as they have played their final concert stateside before their month long tour in their respective countries. It’s an incredibly exciting time but also slightly bittersweet. They set-up, played and spoke intentionally on Saturday evening and now on Monday morning, they pack in the same manner. As some have said in the past, TODAY, is like a CTI Holiday. “Flight Packing Day!” Everyone knows that it’s a packed day of pallet wrap, colorful itineraries, packing to that 50lb limit and commissioning team members off into the work that God has called them to. 



Here are a few highlights from Send Off Concert (which was AWESOME!). This would be the final time they would be touching their instruments and playing together before they step foot on Honduran/Colombia soil. That sunk in pretty quickly for team members. You could tell that they wanted to make the most of every note, every word and every jump off the ground.

If you have ever been a part of CTI, you know that everything is meticulously scribed, accounted for, wrapped and made safe. All of these insane and somewhat strenuous efforts make Departure Day work just about as smooth as butter. As we continue to prepare to send these teams off, please pray alongside of us for things like check-in, travels, peace and continued unity amongst team members, smooth arrival to YFC partners and trust for the work that God is going to do through these teams!

Did you feel that? *drip, drip drip

As we send teams all over the world, we try and prepare them for as many scenarios as we possibly can. This means all kinds of audiences, all kinds of venues and all kinds of weather. There are other lessons to be learned in the midst of these concerts as well. It’s so valuable as a ministry that places a high value on stewardship of not only influence but resources, we learn how to protect gear and how to play with smaller set ups and it emphasizes the important role that EVERYONE plays on the team. It’s all so important!

Week One is all about Understanding Our Need for the Gospel and learning ALL the music. That’s rounded off with the Practice Concert and music memorized. As Week Two proceeds it’s all about taking the things that we have learned and implementing them into the CULTURE. As many alumni know there are Culture Simulations we send our teams through, though sometimes they are frustrating, they are SO valuable

We won’t fly into a culture with a full understanding of everything and everyone we will encounter but we do go equipped, knowing that we will have everything we need to know when we need to know it.

Teams learn how to trust their overseas partners, their overseas team leaders as they guide us and ultimately, the Lord as He creates opportunities for them to be faithful in their sharing.

An Interview with the Leaders of CTI Colombia

Last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with the Leaders of CTI Colombia, Elisa and Cameron. We talked a bit about their first few days training with and getting to know their teams, and about where their team is in their training at this point.

Cameron and Elisa are very excited to lead their team overseas. Elisa told us that the team members want to be challenged, and that they want to grow in their faith. They have hearts for ministry, and are willing to let God stretch them, and use them to further his kingdom. Elisa also told us that the team has been focusing on having a servant attitude. She said that the team members are really taking that seriously, and thinking of themselves as servants first, and musicians second.

The leaders have been really pleased with how willing their team members are to share the Gospel through their testimonies. Last week, both teams had the opportunity to share in front of each other, and many have been bold to share their stories. Cameron told us that it has been great to see the team’s willingness to share with each other over time. He said that as they’ve gotten more comfortable with each other, they’ve been willing to share more in team devotionals.

CTI Colombia has grown a lot musically during the first training week, and have developed a lot of stage energy over time. Their joy in playing these songs is evident, and you can tell they are having fun whenever onstage together. One of their favorites to play is a song called Se Trata De Ti (or, It’s All About You), which boldly proclaims that every part of our lives exists to bring God praise!

Prayer Requests

To close out our interview, we asked the leaders for prayer requests. They asked us to pray for continued energy and excitement for training, even after multiple days of almost non-stop work. Similarly, that the team members would stay engaged, and remain passionate about the mission that they have been called to. Lastly, they asked that we would pray for a continued attitude of servanthood in each of the team members.

Cameron and Elisa are very excited to continue training with and discipling their team. Training is still far from over, so keep looking back for updates on CTI Colombia! Keep praying along with us for the team!