Renew a Right Spirt Within Me

Why, hello! Fancy meeting you here! I suppose you would like to know a little bit about what we have been doing. I suppose I could oblige you. We were recently in Mississippi. Boy was it a hectic time, but God was faithful through it all.

We arrived to Cary Christian Center Monday night. We went to bed soon after, knowing that the following day would be busy. The original plan was that we would play at a middle school, and then afterwards have a very short time to pack up all our equipment and move it over to the local high school. This already was going to be a busy morning, but it turned out to be even crazier then we imagined.

We got to the middle school already a little behind schedule and we were definitely feeling the time crunch as we set up. We finished setting up expecting the kids to be waiting for us, but they weren’t. They came in a couple minutes later. We still had to end at the same time, though, so we could tear down and get to the high school. This resulted in some on the fly set changes that kept everybody on their toes. As we wrapped up and started tearing down, we got the word that the high school had canceled and that we were going to instead play at the thrift store that we were supposed to play at the following day. This meant we had to use a set planned for a high school for a thrift store, which took some re-shaping. As we were driving over, we initially decided on a full set up. When we got there, we then decided to do an acoustic set up, which was yet another monkey wrench. We then did our set inside. As we wrapped it up, we were then told that they had intended to have us do it outside so as to draw people in. So, we did it again outside after we ate lunch. After that, we were finally done for the day.

There were so many plan changes, I could have easily lost my patience and the day would have spiraled into a terrible day. There was a simple thing that I did at the beginning of the day that totally changed the day: I prayed. It was a simple prayer:

Dear God, Thank you for this new day, and thank you for all the amazing things you are going to do today. I pray that you will take my spirit and renew it. Help me to truly be a new creation in You. Amen.

It’s based loosely off of Psalms 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” By starting my morning off in submission to God, I was given a peace that I know was not of myself. I was able to keep a positive attitude through all the craziness, and I’m sure God was able to use me in far superior ways than before. I hope y’all are able to take this lesson and apply it to your lives so you too can live in sweet submission to the God who is above all things.