Looking Back on Hong Kong

Hong Kong was an experience that I will never forget. So much growth happened as I was there in ways I would not have expected. One of the many ways I grew was in my understanding of what ministry meant in my own personal life, especially on the road. This was not always an easy way to grow, but it was very valuable.

One of the first things I learned about ministry when I came to Hong Kong was that it involved giving all I had until I had nothing left to give, and then allowing God to sustain me the rest of the way. This, as you can imagine, was not an easy lesson to learn. With the hectic schedule we had, I often was lacking in sleep and emotional energy. There were days when I wondered if God was even using me with how little energy I had. However, as God continued helping me through each day, I soon realized that the urgency of the message that I was proclaiming was enough of a reason to give everything I had, even my personal comfort and my energy, to proclaim it.

When we were performing at various venues (particularly street concerts), David Choo (the YFC director) would often remind us that we needed to be willing to “sing, preach, pray, or die at a moment’s notice”. This sense of urgency really convicted me, and caused me to ponder my own life. As I looked back over my 24 years of life, I started pondering how much of this time I had wasted on doing things for myself. I look back and realize that much of the time that I could have used for being a good witness to others was being used to make a name for myself and trying to impress other people. During my time in Hong Kong, it occurred to me that even if sharing the gospel does not always involve passing out gospel tracts to as many people as possible and playing concerts 3 times a day (which is what we did in Hong Kong) it does involve sacrificing time, energy, and everything I have to serve God and other people who need to hear His message.

As I look back on my three weeks in Hong Kong and then look ahead at the three weeks of tour we have ahead of us, I want to remember what ministry really is. Even though our methods of serving others and serving God may be different in the United States, it should still involve this same basic premise: the willingness to give everything we have for the sake of serving God. This is what true ministry looks like.