Kaelyn Boyd


CTI 14:22  2016-2017


Birthday: February 14

Hometown: Rockwell City, Iowa

Favorite Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 13

Musical Influences: Hillsong

Favorite Movie: Macfarland USA

Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice

Hobbies: Singing, playing the ukulele and piano, eating new and different foods, traveling, and spending time with people she loves.


Kae loves sweet potatoes more than the average person. She loves hugs, too. When people make her snort while laughing, she instantly puts them on her best friend list.


Kae’s Blog Posts

Overwhelmed in His Great Presence

14:22 Recently embarked on the long journey to New Mexico. During our time in Gallup not only were we excited to meet our amazing guitar player’s(Jose) family and community but also see how God was going to use us!

For me personally the people of Gallup had a long lasting effect on my heart. The team had the great privilege of playing Sunday morning and evening for The Journey Church in the downtown area and listening to two different messages from pastors in the area. Through the two men we were reminded of the importance of our calling as followers of Jesus Christ, but even more that “our calling” is not truly about us, but for Him.

Specifically we read in 2 Timothy 2, discussing how we as Christians are to run the race of life with perseverance as farmers, athletes, and soldiers would do. All these titles work towards a goal and with a victorious attitude. Unfortunately, in this life there is a battle being waged for each of our hearts. The enemy gives his all to pull us down, distract us, and make us think we are not strong enough to endure hardships and trials. And he is right. We can not endure them alone. But that is why in verses 11-13 God reminds us that He is with us through it all.

11 The saying is trustworthy, for:

If we have died with him, we will also live with him;
12 if we endure, we will also reign with him;
if we deny him, he also will deny us;
13 if we are faithless, he remains faithful—

for he cannot deny himself.

Many times in our lives when Christ allows change to come, we allow the devils lies to come. We get scared, frustrated, etc. and so focused on the future, we forget who is in control. So I ask you: when God presents you with something new, are you letting your worries distract you from your foundation? The foundation that gives us hope and a reason to lay our burdens down at His feet.

Every Sunday night a handful of the churches in the area gather. They come together as one body. I was so encouraged to see all these different followers of Jesus from all different backgrounds and even cultures, clapping with us and seeing their smiling faces. Our style of praise was very different than what they were use to but as we continued in worship that night I came to a place where I thought my face would burst because I could not stop smiling back at the huge amount of joy in front of me. They looked past the differences of music and focused on the words that lifted and praised our Jesus.  In that moment I was reminded that through all our worries and struggles, nothing can change His love for us and the power of His Holy presence. This is what life all boils down to, Jesus. Not us. Not our life, but Christ’s life through us. So, whatever you are going through in your life right now…if your stressed, scared, or even feel great where you are I encourage you to take some time and simply worship our King. Let your heart feel heavy and become overwhelmed with the joy He gives and the peaceful presence He holds in His hands. Be grateful, give thanks for all He has done, don’t forget of the battles He has won for us and is still winning, but sing of His mercies to us all. Thank Him, for it is only because of Him, that we CAN do great things and work towards a greater purpose in life: bringing Christ all the glory!!!


A Man’s steps are from the Lord; how then can a man understand His own way?

“You don’t need a plan; you just need to be present.”
― Bob Goff

Blessings Overflow

This past week has been pretty darn tootin’ amazing. Canada has definitely been an experience that I will never forget and not really because of the sights or the food (though those are amazing too ;)) but because of the people.

It is astounding how God puts people in your life right when you need them or uses others’ words for you to hear right when you need to hear them. This past week for me personally has been impactful due to others’ services. And, because I am so grateful to all of them for their hearts, I wanted to shortly share about how they all blessed me!

CTI Alumni Jordan Chiu and Samuel Iun may not have known it but they encouraged me so strongly this week when it comes to doing ministry with all your heart. And to be INTENTIONAL with our prayers, our desires for this tour, and with all the people we meet along the way. Not to mention we were able to go see their In-House Coffee Band at the Funky Munky Café. I love live music and the team doesn’t get to jam to other musicians rockin’ tunes often, so this was a rare and exciting treat! Look at em’ go!!

The two guys also helped host the team and provided so many delicious meals for us. We so enjoyed exploring all types of food with these two; such as Greek, Taiwanese, Canadian (poutine;)), and Chef Sam whipped us up some homemade Mexican food.

We can’t always fully express how grateful we are to ALL the people who host us, feed us, and bless us with their hearts and encouragement. But today can be that day that I say on all our behalf that YES! We ARE so thankful for all of you. Many times our hosts are the most impactful part of our days and memories, and we often talk and reminisce about our fun with each person.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

So encourage each other and build one another up, just as you are already doing.

Thank you Sam and Jordan (and everyone else) for heeding to this call and blessing us richly, may you also be blessed! See y’all very soon (as we will be heading their way once more before we return to the states!)

LIVING RADICALLY: by playing the background

Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with ALL your heart.

Living for Christ is HARD. Don’t let the Christian fluff fool you. Jesus promised us that there will be trials and tribulations in this world. BUT He also promises that He will be right by our side through it all.

John 16:33

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

Recently the teams reached halfway into our year of touring. It is absolutely crazy to think that so much has happened and so much time has passed in such a small amount of space in our lives. But even more, realizing that there’s so much God has taught us and grown us in, during this time.  As we have all said before, not everything within the “tour lifestyle” is always peachy but it surely is a blessing to mature in ways you never thought possible. 14:22 has been quite the busy bees in the past week or so as we have been to GA, NC, VA, WA, and now back to DE in just about a week and a half.

As we have been traveling and playing in Churches, schools, and youth events I have personally been challenged when it comes to LIVING RADICALLY. When I first arrived in MN I was passionately excited for the year to come for one sole purpose: to finally have the opportunity to share my exploding joy for Christ and my talents with the world. I couldn’t wait to show the world my happiness and why I had it. But if you didn’t notice in that goal, there was a lot of ‘I’ and ‘me’ being said. I indeed was on fire for the Lord and definitely wanted to share my love with others, but my motives were ALL wrong.

Part of presenting Christ’s love to the world means letting him take the lead. A little while back I was perplexed with a host, discussing the topic of God leading you to speak to others. My first response was that we aren’t suppose to keep the good news to ourselves but run to everyone with enthusiasm ready share the great message every time. But my host disagreed. He explained to me that yes, every soul needs to hear this news; but in His timing. God knows what He’s doing. He knows when possibly a heart might be more open to His love and when they are hardened. The point he was trying to make was the idea of : DISCERNMENT ( prov. 14:15) We are to give careful thought to our actions, even more so when dealing with the most powerful message in our lives. And STEPPING BACK (prov. 19:21).

My point in all of this is that we shouldn’t want others to see OUR joy but rather see the joy of the Lord THROUGH us. Jesus is center stage, we are just playing the background.

As tour has gone on I found myself losing this “zeal”.  I was losing my passion for ministry and becoming lazy in my efforts to desire to share WHEN God was pushing me to go and share. Furthermore, it has been such a blessing from Jesus to recently be hosted with some amazing CTI Alumni. As I adore asking questions and receiving advice I obviously asked what most impacted them in their years with the ministry, and what I was responded with really hit home for me. They told me that during there year they had read a book called “RADICAL” ( I would suggest this great read). I was greatly convicted after our conversation and reminded by Christ that living for Him is a privilege and whether we are making it a “career” ( like CTI) or seeing it out in our daily lives at home, we should NEVER become complacent in the gospel message. I want to live with fervor for Christ and give all my energy to the background, allowing Him to lead me in every step I take.  I want to LIVE RADICALLY for Jesus.

I hope you have this desire as well and will grow with me in actively pursuing the task we have at hand. Get the smoke machines, pull out the cool disco lights, pump up the vol. on the mic, cuz Jesus is ready to take over and when He does, we are going to see a show like never before.


I am restored

Restore my soul, revive my heart
Renew my life in every part
Reveal to me what sin remains
Then lead me to the cross again
To live the life Your hand has made
So find me there, Lord, and help me stay
In true surrender with You, my Savior
Relight the fire that burned so strong
Reminding me what You have done
My one request is to be changed
So lead me to the cross again

– Vertical Church Band

Today in the amazing 70 degree weather I was able to take a peaceful walk in the sunshine. During our time in Texas it has been such an abundant blessing to feel the warmth of sunshine again! As I was walking I listened to this song and was reminded by the Lord of some things…

Lately for myself and part of the team we have struggled with constant JOY. It is not uncommon to have trials, tribulations, and simply times that are harder to be excited for in this life. Traveling around for an entire year of our lives is definitely not an easy task at hand. BUT we all know that with Christ we CAN do this! None the less it doesn’t take away the fact that ministry can be tiring and hard to constantly be jumping for joy at all the time. As I was meditating on these words and God’s presence, He reminded me: “Daughter, I can and will restore you with MY heart, soul, and mind. All you must do is ask for my help.” We can not do this life alone. We are never alone. So take the help that He offers.

I was also reminded that sometimes in our lives we go through seasons where we must be restored by Him every day, every hour, maybe every moment. Whether that means reading an encouraging bible verse and praying it all day  through out each day. Being in constant prayer and working to keep in His spirit and love…. It has been difficult for myself personally to stay positive in every moment of every day on tour but I am challenging myself and you, to make the verses above your never ending prayer. May the God of ALL peace and understanding guide our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus as we live our lives in service to Him. Surrendering our thoughts, desires, worries, ambitions, and every single breath to Abba our Father.







He is enough for me

As many of you know 14:22 is back at it again, rollin’ in the van and singin’ all the jams 😉

I’ll be honest and say that the sound of our 13 week winter tour, with its length and many venues sounded a bit intimidating to me. And Lately I’ve been letting fear rule the way I live. I have let the lies of the devil sink in, thinking that I can’t do this and I won’t be able to make it THAT long on tour!

But its not about what I can do or how much I can handle. Its about what HE can do and how much HE can help us. HE IS ENOUGH FOR ME.

In these times when we feel alone and scared its so important to remember that he is fighting our battles right along side us, every step of the way. He is our strength, our rock, our shield. He is enough to keep us going, to keep trying, to keep failing, and to keep loving no matter the circumstances.

I was reminded of a passage in Philippians 4:19

And MY God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Sometimes when we think of needs, we think of physical things we can touch. But we often forget that He provides EVERY need; may that be a scripture that speaks to us or answers prayer, or a hug from someone. He knows what we need and He will work for us and through us. Though the road is long before us and we may not all feel prepared I am confident that He will be enough to keep me going. It may not always be peaches and cream; there will definitely be hard days, but knowing my Jesus is there with me gives me all the comfort in the world to keep on keeping on.

Blessings to all – Kae