Jose Silva


CTI 14:22  2016-2017


Birthday: August 1

Hometown: Gallup, New Mexico

Favorite Bible Passage: Romans 5:15

Musical Influences: Post-Rock, Djent, Ambient, Rock, Blues

Favorite Movie: Real Steel

Favorite Book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Hobbies: Playing Music (believe it or not), and Longboarding


Though Jose is playing guitar for the band, he also plays bass, drums, and ukulele. He’d love to learn more instruments on top of that. He’s the oldest of eight kids.


Jose’s Blog Posts

A Visit to the Old Stompin’ Grounds

Spring tour. Boy has it been a wild 3 weeks. One of our stops this tour was in good old G-Town (Gallup, NM), my home town. We got to play at my home church, and got a day off there. It was really refreshing to go home, and I got to share a little bit of my culture with my team. I don’t have much more to say, but you can thank my wonderful mother for most of the pictures.

First off, the concert.

Afterward, we had dinner with the youth group.

We had Navajo Tacos, which is a traditional meal from the Navajo Reservation, which surrounds Gallup. They are super yummy!

We hung out and socialized with members of the youth group and the church during dinner.

The next day, we had a day off, so some of us took a hike to the top of Pyramid Rock to experience God’s creativity.

Renew a Right Spirt Within Me

Why, hello! Fancy meeting you here! I suppose you would like to know a little bit about what we have been doing. I suppose I could oblige you. We were recently in Mississippi. Boy was it a hectic time, but God was faithful through it all.

We arrived to Cary Christian Center Monday night. We went to bed soon after, knowing that the following day would be busy. The original plan was that we would play at a middle school, and then afterwards have a very short time to pack up all our equipment and move it over to the local high school. This already was going to be a busy morning, but it turned out to be even crazier then we imagined.

We got to the middle school already a little behind schedule and we were definitely feeling the time crunch as we set up. We finished setting up expecting the kids to be waiting for us, but they weren’t. They came in a couple minutes later. We still had to end at the same time, though, so we could tear down and get to the high school. This resulted in some on the fly set changes that kept everybody on their toes. As we wrapped up and started tearing down, we got the word that the high school had canceled and that we were going to instead play at the thrift store that we were supposed to play at the following day. This meant we had to use a set planned for a high school for a thrift store, which took some re-shaping. As we were driving over, we initially decided on a full set up. When we got there, we then decided to do an acoustic set up, which was yet another monkey wrench. We then did our set inside. As we wrapped it up, we were then told that they had intended to have us do it outside so as to draw people in. So, we did it again outside after we ate lunch. After that, we were finally done for the day.

There were so many plan changes, I could have easily lost my patience and the day would have spiraled into a terrible day. There was a simple thing that I did at the beginning of the day that totally changed the day: I prayed. It was a simple prayer:

Dear God, Thank you for this new day, and thank you for all the amazing things you are going to do today. I pray that you will take my spirit and renew it. Help me to truly be a new creation in You. Amen.

It’s based loosely off of Psalms 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” By starting my morning off in submission to God, I was given a peace that I know was not of myself. I was able to keep a positive attitude through all the craziness, and I’m sure God was able to use me in far superior ways than before. I hope y’all are able to take this lesson and apply it to your lives so you too can live in sweet submission to the God who is above all things. 

Homeless for a night?

Hey y’all, we did a thing! Maybe a couple of things, actually. I don’t have any pictures, so I’ll just keep it a short update so it doesn’t get too boring. We played at the Rockford Rescue Mission, and it was quite the experience. The show itself was great, with an audience ranging from non responsive to incredibly responsive. We then sat down and had dinner with the people there, and they blew us away with there kindness. They happily let us go to the front of the line to get food. After that, we stayed in the Mission with the Recovery program. The best part of the night, in my opinion, though, was snack time. A few hours after dinner, we were invited down to snack time for some PB&J sandwiches. A few of us guys went down there, and while we sat and talked, The people there shared how impactful we really were. They shared how each of theme really appreciated and were excited for what we did. Not only that, but they shared how they saw people who weren’t normally involved in chapels up and singing and clapping along with us. It was really cool to see God work in our audiences lives.

As much as the people of Rockford Rescue Mission need that grace, so do I.

I also realized something about my time there. A lot of the people there shared stories of their lives, and encouraged us to stay away from the paths they chose to walk down. Though we have all chosen to walk down different paths of different severities, there is one thing we all have in common. We ALL need the grace of Jesus just the same. As much as the people of Rockford Rescue Mission need that grace, so do I. It reminds me of Romans 3:23 “for ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” This is sometimes hard to remember and live in the light of, so this is my challenge, both to y’all and to myself: Live each moment in the light of the grace that has been given to you.

A New Perspective

Hey yinz! I’d like to share a little bit from our time in New Tripoli, PA. God had a thing or two for me to learn there.

We were going to New Life Evangelical Lutheran church. I was not super excited for a couple of reasons; first, I had heard tale that Lutheran churches were more liturgical. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I am not a huge fan of it personally. Second, we had to be involved in a “sleep-over” (a fancy way to say lock-in without saying lock-in). This means we had to stay up late, and then get up bright and early (and let me tell you, I am NOT a big fan of mornings).  All these elements added up and left me not at all excited to play in the morning. However, God works in and through us when we least expect it.

After we got set up that evening, we joined the youth in games in the dark. We started with Sardines, and then played Zombie Tag. I then got to introduce a slightly modified version of Murder In the Dark (alternate names include Murder Murder, Body Body, etc.) This turned out to be a great way to get comfortable with the youth group.


The following morning, we got up bright and early and did our set. During the firs service, It was hard to keep a joyful attitude because it was early in the morning and the people weren’t as expressive of the joy they felt as we were used to. However, after the service, we were able to talk to them a After that, they had a time of learning where we hosted a Q&A time. The pastor came up and talked to us afterward and thanked us because he knew that some people needed to hear the answers we gave. Then we did the second service, which was much more responsive and were very glad we came. To top it all off, the pastor shared a very challenging and interesting message about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31. He talked about how the rich man thought he was rich because God had blessed him, but it ended up being Lazarus, the beggar at his door, that went to Heaven. The big point the pastor was talking about was that God has a tendency of choosing the losers over the winners. It was a very different way of looking at the parable and I really appreciated it.


I hope as y’all continue on in your life that you are encouraged from my lesson to keep a positive outlook on life. Also, remember that God works through tough situations to teach you the most. As we start wrapping up our tour, I hope y’all will pray with us that God will continue to work through us. Blessings!

We Went to Prison!

Hey-oh! 14:22 checking in. Wednesday and Thursday we performed at the Church of the Damascus Road, which has two locations. The Church of the Damascus Road is not like most churches. Services are held inside of prisons and are run by the prisoners. They have a pastor that comes in from the outside, but the board consists purely of prisoners. Pastor Paul Stone is the pastor, and he is passionate in his ministry.

The prisoners were a very enthusiastic crowd, and were very appreciative of what we brought when we finished. Not only were we an encouragement to them, but they were an encouragement to us. I met one prisoner named Jacob who shared a little bit of his story with me. We prayed for each other, and it really challenged me to take my faith seriously. We also saw a band composed of prisoners called GUMBO (God’s Universal Music By Others). They were an incredible band, and was as much an enjoyment to us as we were to them.

Through it all, I was reminded of the passage Romans 8:38-39.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Even though these men were in prison and in theory as far away from God as you could run, They still found and shared God’s love. May we all remember that as we continue through our lives.
North Central Correctional Facility