Honduras Update – San Pedro ‘Sauna’

**Here’s the latest from Team Honduras! Make sure you tune in for their Return events on August 14th. They will be sharing during a Q&A time at 4PM CDT and will play their final concert at 7PM CDT! Stream these events at ctimusic.org/live or join us in person at EPIK – 3821 Abbott Drive, Willmar, MN.**




We were in Copan for the past 2.5 weeks, stayed at the YFC camp and did our ministry around the area. We have now driven 2 hours, arrived in San Pedro where we’ll be spending our last week of ministry here in Honduras.


We’ve been playing at a number of schools and churches and had a lot of opportunities to connect with the kids and play soccer or “fútbol” with them. We had a cool ministry opportunity playing for a group of soccer players. Some of us joined in on their game before our concert. Afterwards, we played an acoustic set in the middle of the soccer game and shared the gospel with these players. It was a different experience than what we’re used to, but God will use any opportunity to use us to share His love!


Our team is doing great! No one is sick, praise the Lord. Some of us are tired from the heat and the busy schedule, but still pushing forward for the sake of the gospel! We’re excited to continue our ministry here in San Pedro. We have some interesting ministry opportunities to look forward to in this final week!



Here are some shoutouts!


Hello there. It has been so amazing to share the gospel with music every day. I miss everyone at home, but I love my team and don’t want to leave. -Corey


Hey fam and friends!
Still doing fantabulous!
Molly, I miss you 🙁
Hi Team Hong Kong!!!
Dad, it is I, Le Clare and I still would like to buy a motorcycle here.
– Emmy


Hey Hong Kongers! Hey family!
I can’t wait to see you all! But I will miss Honduras so much. We said goodbye to camp today, which was hard. So pumped for this last week of ministry in San Pedro “Sauna”


It’s been nice sharing time with the North Carolina team and hearing their stories of God’s work! Thanks for the halfway encouragements!


Hey Hong Kong!
Y’all are beautiful and can’t wait to reconnect when we’re done!
P.s. Bet our coffee’s better than your’s.



Sarah, Kirsten, Keliah, and Courtney-
Thanks for the nice encouragement notes! They are much appreciated, and so are you!
Hannah C- I hope you’re enjoying HK to the max, and I hope that you’ve been able to get some good inspiration for your story! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Yo- it’s the Banana. We’ve hit our halfway mark and as excited as I am to be finishing our trip and coming home, I’m starting to realize that I might miss Honduras. Thank you for all of the encouraging letters. It really lifted me up.
Update: We have since chased the chickens and found joy. We’re heading to San Pedro Sula now and looking forward to our last week here. We’ve had a lot of amazing opportunities here and are continuing to see God work.
Mom- I hope your having a good time with Lucy and Maggie. I’ll see you so soon.
 – Hannah



I miss y’all so much!!! Can’t wait to talk to you guys when I get back!

Matt & Hannah- I’m praying for you both every day as you lead your team! Can’t wait to see you both soon!!
Team HK- Go drink bobes for me. Right now. Either a regular milk tea or Jasmine green milk tea from Kingyo.
Kenny- get your life together.