Honduras Update! Cacao Plants, Coffee Beans and Concerts

Ministry here in Honduras has been going really well! God is on the move, and we’re so excited we get to be a part of the work that’s happening here through YFC Honduras.


We’ve had some pretty unique ministry opportunities the past few days. We held a concert at city hall here in Copan. Those who worked at the city hall attended our concert after work. We also held a concert before a soccer tournament. We were able to share the gospel to those soccer players and attendees of the game. These are just a couple examples of the awesome ministry opportunities we’ve had!


On our downtime, Mauricio took us to a plantation co-op where they plant passion fruit, avocados, coffee beans, cacao plants, and many other produce. On another day, we also visited the Copan Ruins where we saw what was left of the Mayan Ruins. It was an incredible experience getting to see these historical ruins.


Our team has been enjoying our time here thoroughly. We have been challenged by God in a number of ways through our team devotionals, concerts, and understanding of the culture here.


Here are some shoutouts!


I’ve been continuing to enjoy my time in Honduras. We’ve had both busy days and chill ones, and I’ve especially enjoyed having casual conversations with teammates and getting to know each other better.
Team Hong Kong, you are always in our thoughts and occasionally in our conversations. Keep up the good work! #dewwit – David


The other day, I saw the ruins of a civilization long past. The tragic beauty made me realize the futility of worldly accomplishments that don’t glorify God. Yeet yeet, skirt skirt. -Jake


Hola! We’ve been here at the YFC camp for a while now. We got to hear the testimonies of the staff members here and it was great hearing their full trust in God.
S/o: ya boi James. -Darryl


Hi everyone! I’m definitely missing you all but I’m having a good time. The roosters like to crow at like 5 o’clock in the morning so you can imagine our feelings toward the chickens right now.
Mom- I mis you a lot and tell Lucy I say hi.
Studio- dang I miss you guys, and am super excited to see you guys.
God is showing me so much. Missing you guys, but will see you soon. -Hannah


Dear fam + friends,
Still having a blast here. It is so beautiful here and I’m having so much fun. Dad, listen carefully, I will say this once only…can I buy a motorcycle? Love, Emmy


Let’s be honest, on a scale of one to scale, are you ready or are you rumble? Oh yeah big time crispy. Hi mom. -Corey


Hola familia! It’s been another awesome week full of concerts and other activities! We went to Copan and toured a passion fruit field. Praying for you all back home! Love you, Julia


For this next week, we will be having many concerts at schools and continuing to minister to students. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! Stay tuned for more!