Homeless for a night?

Hey y’all, we did a thing! Maybe a couple of things, actually. I don’t have any pictures, so I’ll just keep it a short update so it doesn’t get too boring. We played at the Rockford Rescue Mission, and it was quite the experience. The show itself was great, with an audience ranging from non responsive to incredibly responsive. We then sat down and had dinner with the people there, and they blew us away with there kindness. They happily let us go to the front of the line to get food. After that, we stayed in the Mission with the Recovery program. The best part of the night, in my opinion, though, was snack time. A few hours after dinner, we were invited down to snack time for some PB&J sandwiches. A few of us guys went down there, and while we sat and talked, The people there shared how impactful we really were. They shared how each of theme really appreciated and were excited for what we did. Not only that, but they shared how they saw people who weren’t normally involved in chapels up and singing and clapping along with us. It was really cool to see God work in our audiences lives.

As much as the people of Rockford Rescue Mission need that grace, so do I.

I also realized something about my time there. A lot of the people there shared stories of their lives, and encouraged us to stay away from the paths they chose to walk down. Though we have all chosen to walk down different paths of different severities, there is one thing we all have in common. We ALL need the grace of Jesus just the same. As much as the people of Rockford Rescue Mission need that grace, so do I. It reminds me of Romans 3:23 “for ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” This is sometimes hard to remember and live in the light of, so this is my challenge, both to y’all and to myself: Live each moment in the light of the grace that has been given to you.