What is your home to you?

Last night I got to finally do what everyone else on my team got to do – go back to my hometown. And I think it was a more interesting experience for me specifically. Unlike everyone else, I didn’t go back to my hometown during our Christmas break. Unlike everyone else, I didn’t go back to my hometown during our Easter break either.

I liked to joke around with my teammates that I didn’t really have a home. Sure, my house is in Toronto, but I actually don’t have keys to my house because our family only has one set of house keys. We have a garage door opener at the front as well, but the sensor doesn’t work. If my mom didn’t fly back from Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago to get ready for our team to come by and stay for the night, I wouldn’t have been able to get into my own home. So if you want to try to break into my house, you’ll have to find a creative way ;).

Some people like going home after a long time away. They get to finally connect with their friends and family and just take a break from all the action. Home is the place where they truly feel like themselves and that’s where they truly belong. Home is where people go to get the rest that they need to continue on with their lives.

What is your home to you? Is it a place where you go for rest? Is it a place where you go to relax? Is it a place where you get to finally be yourself?

Is your home a physical place? Perhaps it might be an environment – like being around your closest friends and family.

I identify with a bit of everything above. It’s great being amongst my friends and family as well as being able to unwind and relax. But I wonder why I had been so excited about going home. There’s obviously nothing wrong with that, but it just made me think – am I only excited about going home for the aforementioned reasons? Am I able to look for those same things in Christ, who resides in me and lives in me wherever I am and in every aspect of my life? And if I am, am I constantly chasing after Him for the things that He promises me? A promise to give me rest, to give me an identity, to give me worth, to give me comfort, and to give me peace?

What is your home to you?