First Few Days in Honduras

Hola from Honduras!

We’ve been here for about 4 days now. Honduras is a beautiful country and the food has been amazing. We’re staying at the JPC (Honduras YFC) camp. We’ve played about 7 concerts so far, one of which was a street concert organized by the city. That concert is probably one of our favorite concerts so far because of the unique opportunity of playing for a city-wide event. The concert also had cool lighting and a fog machine [as you can see in the photos below!].


Aside from playing music, we went zip lining near the camp we’re staying at. It was a beautiful hike to the top of the mountain with a giant cross sitting on the top. We also had the opportunity to attend a traditional Honduras event where we saw traditional Honduran dances and had traditional Honduran food.


It’s been awesome getting to know this culture and ministering to the people here. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!


Here are some shoutouts from the team!


Hola! Honduras has been great! The genuine faith of the Christians and the curiosity of the non-Christians has really been inspiring. Honduran parades are the hypest thing ever. And Erika, Fnet=76N.


I’ve been having a great time so far! The concerts we’ve been playing have been a blast, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting and interacting with the people here.
CTI training staff: Thanks for all the ways you worked so hard to prepare for us being here.
Mom and Dad: My health is fine and I’ve been taking my meds.
– David


Hey fam! Things are going great down here in Honduras! It’s been crazy with the concerts but we had a chance to hike up a small mountain and go zip lining the other day. I have loved speaking Spanish and getting to know the JPC staff. See you in no time!
– Julia


Hey guys. Can’t believe I’ve only been gone 3 weeks, loving my time here. I’m just down here spreading the gospel and chugging coffee. Strings are squealing, and hearts be singing. It is bueno.
– Jake


Mom, Dad, and fam: I’m having a blast and I miss you all!!! Thanks mom and Abby for the notes. They are very encouraging. Dad, GLOP
Love, Emmy


Hi everyone! It is super blast here. I’m so glad to be back in Honduras with CTI. We are tired, pumped, and zesty.


Hi all! I’ve arrived in Honduras and am already learning awesome things. The food is fantastic, and I’m enjoying the culture thoroughly. I’m constantly being reminded of God’s glory and learning how to trust Him. I’m missing you all more each day!


Mom and Dad- I’m doing well in Honduras! I don’t have too many mosquito bites…yet. Thanks for praying for me! I’ll see you soon!
14:21– I miss you all so much! 😢 Kenny, you still find a way to be annoying even when I’m overseas and you can’t contact me. Props.
– Phoebe


We will be having many more concerts to come at schools and churches in this next week. Thanks again for all your prayers. God is so good and faithful. Stay tuned for more updates! Adios!


– Team Honduras


Photos courtesy of Youth For Christ Honduras. To see more photos and videos of the team’s performances on this tour, visit the JPC Honduras Facebook Page!


Sunday Morning service at La Iglesia la Pier
Down time 🙂
School performance!
So many smiling faces — what a great way to spend part of the school day!
Another school event!
Performance at a boarding school in La Entrada de Copan
A series of photos from a community outreach event in La Entrada de Copan