Elijah Steckler


CTI 14:22



Birthday: May 4

Hometown: Modesto, California

Favorite Bible Passage: Proverbs 2:12

Musical Influences: Proverbs 2:12

Favorite Movie: Gran Torino

Favorite Book: The Two Towers

Hobbies: Drumming, working out, working with his hands, and spending time with people


Elijah has two differently sized feet; however, this did not prevent him from running a 4:33 mile once. It may have contributed to the sitation that caused him to bite a hole in his tongue while eating a pizza bagel, though.


Elijah’s Blog Posts


Hello from 14:22! Right now we are about midway through our 13 week long winter tour and its been an amazing blessing to play and stay at the places we’ve been to on this tour. One place that has really stuck out was Hurlburt Airfield in Florida and Pensacola, Florida.

Hurlburt really stuck out to me because it was really cool getting to play at a chapel air force base. Getting to see how badly everyone wanted to just pour out onto you and bless you was super awesome.  After the two main services we played for we got the chance to play for the youth group as well. And that was just awesome seeing the energy that these young folks had and how amped up they were for the gospel.

The next venue we played at was a rescue mission in Pensacola. We did our basic set up and when we were all done setting up got the chance to have dinner with some of the guys who were there. The gentleman I ate with talked to me about how he doesn’t like to talk to people but he was thankful to talk to me. That really it me hard because he was thankful to talk to someone who seemed to care. So once again it was going to a venue that gets the stereotype of it needing the most encouragement and we are the ones who leave encouraged. 

Day Off In Iowa

Hello there! It’s week two of this thirteen week tour and ah man. It’s been a trip already. At the start of it we had the chance to go to Iowa for a second time on the tour. While we were there the second time we got to have a day off with Kae’s family. When we were with them we had the chance to go tobogganing at the campground that Kae used to work at.

The whole experience tobogganing with Kae’s family was really fun. The way the thing worked was that there was a a large slide you’d go down with usually three other people on a sled with a mattress on it. At the end of the slide there’s a frozen lake and to me it was really fun trying to see how far you could slide. There were a couple times that we hit this little bump of snow on the lake and it would cause the sled and the people on it to either wipe out or land hard on their rear ends. Even with the mattress it hurt.

After that we went back and watched a movie, had some soup and had some good ol homemade apple cider which was the absolute bomb. So it was a really nice time just getting to chill (literally. It was cold) for a day off with some folks that we were a little bit familiar with and get to know Kae’s family some more.



Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! Taiwan was an absolute blast and now we’re back at it again with touring in the states. So far this tour has been great. We’ve met a lot of fun people and made a bunch of great memories. We kicked off this tour by going to Horicon,  Wisconsin at Marsh View Ministries. The day we got there was the day that they were having their fun Halloween trick or treat party. Basically how it went was kids would come in and they would play games and hang out with us and we would give them candy. As we were there doing that, the pastor there told me and the guys in our group that if we wanted to we could jam and give them some background music.


Then the next day we played for the church and after that we spent time with the church’s youth group. Later on the pastor of church took us to pumpkin patch which was near the house we were staying at. While we were there we got to hang out, ride these bike sort of things, go on a train ride and we got to eat some caramel apples.


To top off an already awesome weekend, Halloween came around the next and the pastor did something that was truly super cool. The pastor made all of us on the team a full blown Thanksgiving dinner. It was really encouraging to have our hosts do that for us. After dinner we finished off the night with some pumpkin carving with the family.






The whole weekend was super awesome and I am very pumped for what else this tour has in store for us all.