Day Off In Iowa

Hello there! It’s week two of this thirteen week tour and ah man. It’s been a trip already. At the start of it we had the chance to go to Iowa for a second time on the tour. While we were there the second time we got to have a day off with Kae’s family. When we were with them we had the chance to go tobogganing at the campground that Kae used to work at.

The whole experience tobogganing with Kae’s family was really fun. The way the thing worked was that there was a a large slide you’d go down with usually three other people on a sled with a mattress on it. At the end of the slide there’s a frozen lake and to me it was really fun trying to see how far you could slide. There were a couple times that we hit this little bump of snow on the lake and it would cause the sled and the people on it to either wipe out or land hard on their rear ends. Even with the mattress it hurt.

After that we went back and watched a movie, had some soup and had some good ol homemade apple cider which was the absolute bomb. So it was a really nice time just getting to chill (literally. It was cold) for a day off with some folks that we were a little bit familiar with and get to know Kae’s family some more.