The Cloth Returns! HK Update and Shoutouts

大家好!Hi everyone!

Team Hong Kong is busy busy busy! We have played about 25 sets (or ten concert set ups) since we’ve been in Hong Kong. Most of our days have been spent doing two things. Let me tell you a bit about it!

Firstly, in the morning and afternoons we spend several hours supporting Youth For Christ HK in the community center. These audiences are primarily senior citizens of Hong Kong. These sets have ranged from 10min to two hours! We see a lot of the same people every day, which is such an amazing opportunity to build long term relationships with the seniors here. It is such a honor to be able to sing, pray for, dance with, and physically show God’s love with these people everyday. God is moving here.

View of Hong Kong Island from Star Ferry. We took the ferry there one night.

Each evening we have been doing street concerts. We have primarily played at Star Ferry. This is a busy port where people can travel to and from Hong Kong Island with the ferry. Perhaps one of the coolest things about these street concerts is the opportunities we have received to have one on one conversations with people in between sets. Let me tell you, my teammates have told me some incredible stories about their conversations with people here. There have even been times when people came back the next day JUST to hear us and to talk more. I just think, “Who comes to a place pretty far from home just to listen to and reconnect with a street performer?” There MUST be something more happening. God is moving here.

Although we miss home and are tired, we are so encouraged that God has us here for a purpose. I am reminded of John 16:33 where Jesus says,

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

Community center concert

Please continue to pray with us for the following things:

-Pray that, as we continue to actively share our faith, that we could come to understand every good thing that we have in Christ.

-Pray for the people that we have come in contact with. Pray that God would continue to water the seeds that we have planted and that they would come to know Him.

-Pray for continued strength, energy, and health for us.

Thank you for your prayers! See you all soon!

Us with some HK volunteers at Star Ferry!


Zoe: Hey guys! I’m having so much fun here in Hong Kong! The food here is great and the people are amazing! I miss all you guys at home and am excited to see you all again! Shout out to Courtney: 71. Shoutout to Jacob, happy 17th birthday!

Molly: Hey everyone! I made it and now I can use chopsticks! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! Mom and Dad I love you so much and hope you have seen lots of pictures lol! Happy late birthday Em love you too!

Hannah C: Hey everybody! Love you all and thinking about you. We’re playing Spot the Pineapple daily (you know that’s right). Wish you all were here to see all the cool stuff and eat the delicious food (you should definitely be jealous). No Tina sighting yet, but I’m still hopeful (Zoe says it’s only Day 5, so there’s still hope). 😂

Justin: Hi Dad! And Mom. And Payton. And Kaia. I guess I’m doing better than Josiah already. It’s been a blast so far. The landscape has been beautiful and the YFC volunteers have been really nice. I miss you guys, and hope you’re doing well.

Trey: Whatup fam, how you doing. Shoutout to my mom for giving birth to me, (you the best!). Shoutout to frank, the pumps are saving my life. I have seen so much fake hype it’s rediculous. I saw one lady wearing a “Colvin Klein” shirt. I also saw a pair of nmd crocs, they were pretty awesome. Caden I miss you homie, I hope you come to my final concert. Ryan I miss you, thanks for the prayers. Chloe, lance, and Frannie I miss you all equally. Mom, dad I miss you too. Tell, mulder I love him. To all my church homies I miss you guys so much, keep it real in Rockford. Thank you for the prayers, God is doing great work in Hong Kong! Later homies

Nicole: Hello loved ones! I can’t believe it’s only day 5, it honestly feels like we have been here for a month. I hope the we miss Nicole chat hasn’t been too sad. I’m sure ya’ll are sending pics of me and reminiscing and awaiting my return right? Fam: I’ve been praying for the house and hope things are going smoothly. Missing our random calls through the week. Hope the 48hr shifts have been going well Jake, hang in there! Tiff: HAPPY BDAY. ILY #notforced. Aunties and Cousins: I love and miss all you nuggets and HAPPY EARLY BDAY ALEX!! Andrew: Hey FRO. Ryan: Come work at Disney here so I can see you yeah? Kevin: Love of my life, I miss you dearly. I am praying for you each day and hope PA stuff is going smoothly. Thanks for being the most supportive and loving blessing of a human. Up the triangle. Every step #BB323HSx3. Until next time! Prayers please for peace, joy, and endurance.

Team Leader Hannah aka TLH aka Hongmom: Hi guys! Hong Kong is going well! Being a sound tech for the first time is a challenge in itself, but being a sound tech for the first time in HK presents itself with a lot of obstacles and challenges, but I’m trying to embrace all of it. 1421 – I miss you all so so much *cries* A lot of things here remind me of all of you – Love you!!

We got stuck in a real rain storm at Star Ferry!

Kobe: greetings to my parental units! im still alive. dad, I’m using the acne medicine just as you insisted. HK feels like I’m just hanging out in Chinatown or at church except that im the most asian person in my group LOL. also it’s been quite enjoyable watching everyone be confused and intrigued by all the different Chinese foods. after going 3 miserable boba-less weeks since leaving for training, I’ve finally got me some bobez (shoutout to mah boi John Jae Lee who’s visited us basically everyday so far and bought our whole team boba). jordan, some YFC volunteers still remember you even tho it’s been 9 years and they keep showing me pictures of you from fb. it’s quite funny. to all my supporters, thanks so much for your prayers and encouragements! overall, it’s already been an incredible time of growing in humility, servanthood, and selflessness. God is good!

Charlie: Hello fam, friends, supporters, and random fans! It’s all Gucci here in Hong Kong, or I guess Cuggi (everything is sweatshop fake lol) – shoutout to my Lam Gi Trey. The experience has been both fun and real. Hong Kong is really amazing, unique, and beautiful. I’m always reminded how many different ways there are to spread the gospel-especially here in Hong Kong. So far this mission trip has been quite humbling and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve these people and share the message of Christ. Can’t wait to hook you guys up with all the moments happening as I am the plug. See y’all soon! #notdeadyet #JKit’schill

Brad: Greetings family it’s day 5 in HK. I’ve met so many nice people in these past few days including Mary and Mr.ho. I am taking a lot of pictures for you to see. I can’t wait to get back to the US and to my job. Love you all please continue to pray for me and my team.

Matt: Hi everyone! Everything is going great in Hong Kong. I’m still learning a ton and being convicted, yet inspired everyday. Hi Mom and Dad! I’m alive and not sick. 14:21 – I agree with Hannah. Being here makes me miss you more. So many memories. Also shout out to HK Summer 17. We are still cutting the cloth you brought up every now and then. Thank you for your service.