Honduras Update – San Pedro ‘Sauna’

**Here’s the latest from Team Honduras! Make sure you tune in for their Return events on August 14th. They will be sharing during a Q&A time at 4PM CDT and will play their final concert at 7PM CDT! Stream these events at ctimusic.org/live or join us in person at EPIK – 3821 Abbott Drive, Willmar, MN.**




We were in Copan for the past 2.5 weeks, stayed at the YFC camp and did our ministry around the area. We have now driven 2 hours, arrived in San Pedro where we’ll be spending our last week of ministry here in Honduras.


We’ve been playing at a number of schools and churches and had a lot of opportunities to connect with the kids and play soccer or “fútbol” with them. We had a cool ministry opportunity playing for a group of soccer players. Some of us joined in on their game before our concert. Afterwards, we played an acoustic set in the middle of the soccer game and shared the gospel with these players. It was a different experience than what we’re used to, but God will use any opportunity to use us to share His love!


Our team is doing great! No one is sick, praise the Lord. Some of us are tired from the heat and the busy schedule, but still pushing forward for the sake of the gospel! We’re excited to continue our ministry here in San Pedro. We have some interesting ministry opportunities to look forward to in this final week!



Here are some shoutouts!


Hello there. It has been so amazing to share the gospel with music every day. I miss everyone at home, but I love my team and don’t want to leave. -Corey


Hey fam and friends!
Still doing fantabulous!
Molly, I miss you 🙁
Hi Team Hong Kong!!!
Dad, it is I, Le Clare and I still would like to buy a motorcycle here.
– Emmy


Hey Hong Kongers! Hey family!
I can’t wait to see you all! But I will miss Honduras so much. We said goodbye to camp today, which was hard. So pumped for this last week of ministry in San Pedro “Sauna”


It’s been nice sharing time with the North Carolina team and hearing their stories of God’s work! Thanks for the halfway encouragements!


Hey Hong Kong!
Y’all are beautiful and can’t wait to reconnect when we’re done!
P.s. Bet our coffee’s better than your’s.



Sarah, Kirsten, Keliah, and Courtney-
Thanks for the nice encouragement notes! They are much appreciated, and so are you!
Hannah C- I hope you’re enjoying HK to the max, and I hope that you’ve been able to get some good inspiration for your story! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Yo- it’s the Banana. We’ve hit our halfway mark and as excited as I am to be finishing our trip and coming home, I’m starting to realize that I might miss Honduras. Thank you for all of the encouraging letters. It really lifted me up.
Update: We have since chased the chickens and found joy. We’re heading to San Pedro Sula now and looking forward to our last week here. We’ve had a lot of amazing opportunities here and are continuing to see God work.
Mom- I hope your having a good time with Lucy and Maggie. I’ll see you so soon.
 – Hannah



I miss y’all so much!!! Can’t wait to talk to you guys when I get back!

Matt & Hannah- I’m praying for you both every day as you lead your team! Can’t wait to see you both soon!!
Team HK- Go drink bobes for me. Right now. Either a regular milk tea or Jasmine green milk tea from Kingyo.
Kenny- get your life together.


Honduras Update! Cacao Plants, Coffee Beans and Concerts

Ministry here in Honduras has been going really well! God is on the move, and we’re so excited we get to be a part of the work that’s happening here through YFC Honduras.


We’ve had some pretty unique ministry opportunities the past few days. We held a concert at city hall here in Copan. Those who worked at the city hall attended our concert after work. We also held a concert before a soccer tournament. We were able to share the gospel to those soccer players and attendees of the game. These are just a couple examples of the awesome ministry opportunities we’ve had!


On our downtime, Mauricio took us to a plantation co-op where they plant passion fruit, avocados, coffee beans, cacao plants, and many other produce. On another day, we also visited the Copan Ruins where we saw what was left of the Mayan Ruins. It was an incredible experience getting to see these historical ruins.


Our team has been enjoying our time here thoroughly. We have been challenged by God in a number of ways through our team devotionals, concerts, and understanding of the culture here.


Here are some shoutouts!


I’ve been continuing to enjoy my time in Honduras. We’ve had both busy days and chill ones, and I’ve especially enjoyed having casual conversations with teammates and getting to know each other better.
Team Hong Kong, you are always in our thoughts and occasionally in our conversations. Keep up the good work! #dewwit – David


The other day, I saw the ruins of a civilization long past. The tragic beauty made me realize the futility of worldly accomplishments that don’t glorify God. Yeet yeet, skirt skirt. -Jake


Hola! We’ve been here at the YFC camp for a while now. We got to hear the testimonies of the staff members here and it was great hearing their full trust in God.
S/o: ya boi James. -Darryl


Hi everyone! I’m definitely missing you all but I’m having a good time. The roosters like to crow at like 5 o’clock in the morning so you can imagine our feelings toward the chickens right now.
Mom- I mis you a lot and tell Lucy I say hi.
Studio- dang I miss you guys, and am super excited to see you guys.
God is showing me so much. Missing you guys, but will see you soon. -Hannah


Dear fam + friends,
Still having a blast here. It is so beautiful here and I’m having so much fun. Dad, listen carefully, I will say this once only…can I buy a motorcycle? Love, Emmy


Let’s be honest, on a scale of one to scale, are you ready or are you rumble? Oh yeah big time crispy. Hi mom. -Corey


Hola familia! It’s been another awesome week full of concerts and other activities! We went to Copan and toured a passion fruit field. Praying for you all back home! Love you, Julia


For this next week, we will be having many concerts at schools and continuing to minister to students. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! Stay tuned for more!

First Few Days in Honduras

Hola from Honduras!

We’ve been here for about 4 days now. Honduras is a beautiful country and the food has been amazing. We’re staying at the JPC (Honduras YFC) camp. We’ve played about 7 concerts so far, one of which was a street concert organized by the city. That concert is probably one of our favorite concerts so far because of the unique opportunity of playing for a city-wide event. The concert also had cool lighting and a fog machine [as you can see in the photos below!].


Aside from playing music, we went zip lining near the camp we’re staying at. It was a beautiful hike to the top of the mountain with a giant cross sitting on the top. We also had the opportunity to attend a traditional Honduras event where we saw traditional Honduran dances and had traditional Honduran food.


It’s been awesome getting to know this culture and ministering to the people here. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!


Here are some shoutouts from the team!


Hola! Honduras has been great! The genuine faith of the Christians and the curiosity of the non-Christians has really been inspiring. Honduran parades are the hypest thing ever. And Erika, Fnet=76N.


I’ve been having a great time so far! The concerts we’ve been playing have been a blast, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting and interacting with the people here.
CTI training staff: Thanks for all the ways you worked so hard to prepare for us being here.
Mom and Dad: My health is fine and I’ve been taking my meds.
– David


Hey fam! Things are going great down here in Honduras! It’s been crazy with the concerts but we had a chance to hike up a small mountain and go zip lining the other day. I have loved speaking Spanish and getting to know the JPC staff. See you in no time!
– Julia


Hey guys. Can’t believe I’ve only been gone 3 weeks, loving my time here. I’m just down here spreading the gospel and chugging coffee. Strings are squealing, and hearts be singing. It is bueno.
– Jake


Mom, Dad, and fam: I’m having a blast and I miss you all!!! Thanks mom and Abby for the notes. They are very encouraging. Dad, GLOP
Love, Emmy


Hi everyone! It is super blast here. I’m so glad to be back in Honduras with CTI. We are tired, pumped, and zesty.


Hi all! I’ve arrived in Honduras and am already learning awesome things. The food is fantastic, and I’m enjoying the culture thoroughly. I’m constantly being reminded of God’s glory and learning how to trust Him. I’m missing you all more each day!


Mom and Dad- I’m doing well in Honduras! I don’t have too many mosquito bites…yet. Thanks for praying for me! I’ll see you soon!
14:21– I miss you all so much! 😢 Kenny, you still find a way to be annoying even when I’m overseas and you can’t contact me. Props.
– Phoebe


We will be having many more concerts to come at schools and churches in this next week. Thanks again for all your prayers. God is so good and faithful. Stay tuned for more updates! Adios!


– Team Honduras


Photos courtesy of Youth For Christ Honduras. To see more photos and videos of the team’s performances on this tour, visit the JPC Honduras Facebook Page!


Sunday Morning service at La Iglesia la Pier
Down time 🙂
School performance!
So many smiling faces — what a great way to spend part of the school day!
Another school event!
Performance at a boarding school in La Entrada de Copan
A series of photos from a community outreach event in La Entrada de Copan


Round 2 Send off Concerts!

The time for us to send out our Round 2 Teams to their respective countries is quickly approaching! Their official Send-off Concerts will be happening this coming Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 (tomorrow!) at 6:30pm (CDT). If you are in the Willmar area, the teams will be live at Rock of Life Church (1708 8th St SW, Willmar, MN 56201); for those that will be joining us on the livestream, you can find the link here: https://ctimusic.org/teams/live-events/

Summer Training Staff

Summer at CTI Music Ministries is the busiest time of the year. Every summer, there is a Summer Training Staff made up of full time staff, members of the Fulltime teams and a few outsourced alumni that hop on board for training! From feeding the masses, to getting gear organized and prepared as well as preparing and nourishing our souls, here is a post to introduce and acknowledge our Training Staff of CTI Summer 2018!

Music Trainers
These guys play a huge role in training the teams for their overseas ministry! From programming and ensuring teams know their respective musical roles, among many other roles. They’re pretty great!
Chris Wong(right, guitar trainer/full band trainer), Kasey Manning(rhythm section trainer), Kenny Ho(full band trainer), Michael Stumpf(rhythm section trainer), Jenn Reinhardt(full band trainer), Brooke Vasilko(vocal trainer).


Worship Team
Every morning, this team centers our hearts and minds on why we’re here at CTI; to serve God, our team and our partners as servants first, musicians second.

Jeremy Wong(soundtech), Kasey Manning(drums), Hillary Burdick(guitar), Kenny Ho(keys, vocals), Michael Stumpf(vocals, guitar), Kirsten Kennedy(vocals), Jenn Reinhardt(bass).


Kitchen Team!!
This wonderful team shops, cooks, bakes, broils, stirs and feeds the masses and encourages the summer community with their love and deliciousness!!

Hillary Burdick(left), Sarah Baird(center), Courtney Traylor (right)


Logistics Team!
Jenn Reinhardt(left), Christina Tamai-Wong, Chris Wong,
Victoria (Charlie) Lai, Jeremy Wong(right)
They do all the things you don’t see! Resourcing overseas teams with gear, packing, making sure cables, speakers and all pieces of their gear are working smoothly! YES!!


Media Team
Phoebe Doong(left), Victoria (Charlie) Lai, Kasey Manning, Christina Tamai-Wong(right)
We’re the team that documents what happens throughout the training day and when the teams are overseas to the rest of the world through social media, Live Streaming concerts and updating friends and family! We hope you’ve enjoyed the updates so far!
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ctimusic for more updates!


Round 2 Gospel Sharings

While CTI is a music ministry, each team demonstrates the truth that they are servants first and musicians second. Music is just a vehicle through which each team shares the Gospel. The most important moments in their concerts will be the verbals and Gospel sharing embedded between each song of their set. Here are some pictures of the teams practicing their sharing, getting vulnerable with one another, and encouraging each other to dive deeper into the Truth that has impacted their lives.

-Media Team

Training Day 4

After their first weekend in Willmar, both Team Hong Kong and Honduras are back with a packed training schedule in preparation for their practice concert on Tuesday July 10th, 2018. Both teams are hard at work learning songs in Cantonese and Spanish, respectively. They split their time practicing individually in sectionals before putting everything together in a full band setting. On top of all the musical training, each team also dedicates time for team-building activities and exercises. Here are some photos of both teams at work!

-Media Team