Canada Photo Update!

Hey everyone!

We are currently in Boissevain, MB, Canada!  We’ve been working with a church up here and we’ve been having a great time.  I’m gonna show you some pictures to tell you a bit more about our experiences!

Here’s me – hard at work at the sound board.  Mixing has definitely been a big growing experience, but I love what I do so much!  It’s a blast!


Here’s our trusty van and trailer in the snow.  Can you see it?  It blends in pretty well…


We got to play at a Sunday morning service at a church in Boissevain!


O Canada!  We got to release our inner Canadian and play some broom ball on an outdoor iceskating rink in town!


We’re all still alive despite the cold.  Haha.  This picture was actually taken outside of a mall in Grand Forks, ND.


So you better watch out! 14:21 is heading to Fargo, ND tomorrow and maybe to a city near you!

See ya soon!