Using a CTI Team


CTI mobilizes Full-time teams to encourage the Church, challenge Christians to loving action, and share the hope of Christ with those who may not know Him.

We encourage the church by using music, personal testimony and drama to illustrate the Gospel and facilitate a response through worship.

We challenge Christians to loving action in response to Christ’s commission to “make disciples of all nations” by advocating for participation in the work that your ministry is already doing.  We also offer young musicians the opportunity to respond by participating in one of CTI’s missions programs.

We share the hope of Christ with those who may not know Him by partnering with the local church in outreach events and serving in venues such as detention centers and rescue missions.

Our teams play in a variety of venues.  Below is a list of just a few:

  • Sunday Worship Gatherings
  • Evening Church Gatherings
  • High School or College Chapels
  • Correctional Facilities / Detention Centers
  • Youth Ranches
  • Military Bases
  • College Fellowships
  • Coffeehouses
  • Rescue Missions

If you have any questions about our teams or our ministry, feel free to contact the Booking Department.