Be Tenacious

Howdy from Colorado,

The team and I are in Colorado for the next couple weeks, and on Thursday we finally got to see above freezing temperatures for the first time since coming back from Christmas break. It was a wonderful day!  I’ve never minded the cold, but it was nice to not need to layer up to unload our gear!  We have been growing as a team and seeking to serve as best we can as we begin this tour.  Our audiences so far this tour have been very responsive and it has been a blessing to us to see that.

I want to talk about a word I have been thinking about a lot.  That word is tenacious.  The first time I ever heard that word was during shark week a few years ago.  A TV show was describing the way a certain kind of shark attacks its prey. In this context, my view of the word tenacious became very piercing and aggressive, and it had a violent context to it.  I have a water bottle that I use pretty much every day now that I received on a trip to Hong Kong, and the four values written all over it are healthy, young, tenacious and caring.  This was from a school and these are values that they want their students to achieve.   I was slightly confused by how tenacious fit into that.  So I looked it up.

Tenacious- Pertinacious, persistent, stubborn or obstinate. Also, holding together, tough.

This got rid of my violent context for the word.  It made me think of a time that I went to a dance after a rodeo sometime around 2008.  The dance was about over and I wanted to get another dance in, so I walked over to a girl and asked her to dance.  She said no, so I made my case that the dance was about to end and if she wanted to dance this was the last chance, and that I would be happy to dance with her.  She said no, and you could tell she thought I would walk away.  Next I tried to say how great the song playing was and how great of a song to dance to it was, and she still said no, and she said she didn’t like country music (what!).  She wasn’t getting annoyed yet, but she was surprised I was still standing there so I changed my approach.  I asked her if instead she wanted to go for a walk.  Now she was shocked!  She couldn’t believe I was still standing there, and letting go of my goal for the conversation to accommodate her,and she smiled and said yes!

If you’re still reading after this story, thank you! It does have a point!  While there was nothing spiritual or ministry related about this example, everything in this world, and the interactions we have of those around us reflect the Gospel.  People are often impressed with persistence and determination.  In the above story it got me a date.  In ministry opportunities it has broken down barriers and led to some great relationships where I have been blessed to see transformations.  There are people who do not want to acknowledge that there is a God or even hear about Him.  A lot of times people either are not willing to be humble before an all-powerful God, or they think they that they are too broken to be saved.

Jesus Christ came down and conquered death to give us new life.  A new life with Him!  A life that we were created for.  Not one person deserves this, but every person is offered this gift freely because Jesus paid the price.  In a perfect example of love, Jesus Christ humbled himself to meet our need for Him, and sacrificed everything for us; for His Creation that turned away.  He relentlessly pursues us with His love and never gives up on us.  His love is tenacious!  Even though at times we try to escape, out of pride or from a lack of faith, that He can save us.  He never lets go.  Not now not ever. His love is eternal.  If we seek to love God the way He loved us, we must seek to show this same love to those around us.  Sometimes we will be met with resistance, but be tenacious in the way you love others.  Do not let anything hold you back from following Christ’s example.  If you know someone who doesn’t want to hear the truth of the Gospel right now, don’t stop telling them.  Don’t stop showing them.  Learn to be tenacious.  It is a daily choice to seek to glorify God through our lives, and the greatest way we can show others love is by telling them about the greatest love that the world has ever known- the love of Jesus.