Our Passion


Our Ministry Philosophy

Supporting global missions and ministry through the impact of music

In a climate of increasing distractions, ministry organizations worldwide are facing a significant challenge: grabbing the attention of the young people they seek to minister to.  It’s unquestionably difficult here in the U.S., and as Western influence continues to spread exponentially through modern mediums of communication, it’s becoming more difficult by the day in countries around the globe.

Yet music remains a universally engaging method of communication, because it is always an expression of culture.  And because it is always an expression of culture, it will always remain relevant to culture – especially youth culture.

Music, therefore, serves as an effective way to engage people – especially young people.

CTI is positioned, equipped, and impassioned to help ministry organizations around the world reach young people with the gospel by providing the unique resource of a music team.

Developing Christian leadership and character in young musicians

Young Christian musicians have a desire to use their talents to honor and serve the One who entrusted them with their gifts.  They understand that their independent life-station allows them to live radically in service to God, and so they want to do something impacting with these gifts now, because they know that the “constraints of life” will one day conspire against their mobility.

This expanding portion of the global missions workforce is going largely untapped because very few organizations connect musical gifts with a relevant opportunity to serve.  CTI seeks to reverse this trend by training and developing young Christian musicians and mobilizing them into opportunities where they can use their passion to impact their generation.

But being mobilized in this capacity has an impact that reaches beyond the gospel presentations and ministry opportunities our team members participate in.

Jesus’ command to those who would follow him was to “make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19, NIV.)  In the Message translation, it reads this way: “Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life.”

Becoming a disciple is a process.  It takes time.  And while our musicians play a part in the process of training those they meet – far and near – in this way of life, they too are trained as they work out what it means to live their lives in service to their Lord.