Summer 2017 Partnership Announcement

Our Summer 2017 teams will be partnering with YFC Honduras, YFC Hong Kong, and YFC Colombia!


YFC Honduras uses CTI teams to minister at camps, workshops and other community events. Our teams help connect audience members to YFC staff and volunteers, forging relationships that last far beyond our team’s presence in Honduras.

YFC Hong Kong uses CTI teams for outreach in schools and public settings such as shopping malls, restaurants and busy streets. Our teams also assist with ministry among the elderly, homeless and other special needs groups.

YFC Colombia uses CTI teams to share the gospel with non-believers at public schools, outdoor concerts and prisons. Our teams also encourage believers in churches and Christian schools, and serve as volunteers at a YFC camp.


We look forward to this coming summer’s ministry and all that God will do in the lives of our team members, partners, volunteers, and audiences in Hong Kong, Colombia, and Honduras!

14:21 Hong Kong Travel Update

Due to the several inches of rain expected in Hong Kong over the next two days, the team’s original flight out of Hong Kong has been cancelled. They have updated their itinerary and will now arrive in Minneapolis on Monday evening (Oct 24). They will be staying with our partners at HK Youth for Christ over the weekend and will have additional opportunities for bookings and ministry during this time.

We have spoken with 14:21’s team leader David and have confirmed that the team is safe and sound. They are grateful for an additional day or two of rest over the weekend before their long flight back to the States!


Here are some shoutouts that we received from the team this morning:

Kim: hey mom, dad and fam don’t worry we’re still alive, just a little wet over here 😉 Barb, Cal and Kae, see you sooooon!

Brad: Hey, friends and family, I love you all, but it looks like it’s not in God’s plan for us to get back to the US just yet. He is in control of all things, and he’ll bring us back when he sees fit! See you soon.

Hillary: Hey Mom, Dad, Heidi and Haley and Zach. Don’t worry about me! I am fine, not in danger, and actually had an incredible few weeks. God has really blessed us! I am looking forward to catching you up on everything. Until them, I love and miss you!

Maddie: Hey y’all! Hong Kong has been beautiful, and God has been so faithful to provide opportunities to share the gospel here–and now it looks like we’ll have even more. Friends,family, and my 14:22, I miss you very much and I’m excited to talk to you when we get home to Minnesota.

Isaiah: It’s been great here in Hong Kong! I’m happy to spend some more time here. Miss every back home. (Happy late birthday sis!)

Brendan: Hey everyone! God has been so, so faithful here in Hong Kong, and He continues to be faithful as we have a few more days here to minister now. Bea, friends, and family, we’re all safe and sound by God’s provision; I miss you all, and I’ll talk to you soon!

David: We are so blessed to have partners here in HK that will continue to host us as we wait out the storms.  God is in control! We know our own limitations, and He makes us strong.



14:22 Has Arrived in Taiwan!

Hello all!

Team 14:22 is safe and sound in Taiwan! They’ve met their contact and already had a good night’s sleep there. They are currently off doing their first day of ministry! Please continue to keep them in your prayers!



14:21 Is Checked In!

Hello everyone!

14:21 has successfully  made it through check-in and is ready to start their journey to Hong Kong! Praise God!


Flight Packing Day

Here are some photos from the teams’ flight packing this morning! Enjoy!