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2013 Release
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Love Has Come [walkinlight]

2012 Release
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Stepping Forward Cover

Stepping Forward
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Speak Without Sound

Speak Without Sound
2008 Release - $7 CD

When I'm Empty

When I'm Empty
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Foreign Lands or Neighbors

Foreign Lands or Neighbors
2004 Release - SOLD OUT

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Love Has Come [walkinlight]

It's difficult to encapsulate God's love. God has long desired for us to be a people for His own possession and glory, yet we all fall, each one of us, to the ways of pride, lust anger, jealously, greed and resentment - a fallen creation turned from Him. But God, being rich in mercy and power, continues to shine His light towards us, that we might again know Him as He intend us to.


He sent this light in the man Jesus, His Son, who fulfilled His righteous standards, then bore the price for our iniquities, our wrongs, and rose victoriously from the grave to conquer sin and death forever. It was God's plan to redeem - buy back - a people for himself who would reflect who He was. "Whoever loves his brother abides in the light and in him there is no cause for stumbling" (I John 2:10).

God first loved us, showing us what love looks like, and in sending Christ invites us to be reconciled and to walk with Him - doing the things He did and loving the way He loved. It costs everything, yet in losing our lives we find them in Him (Luke 17:33). As we do this, God not only shines His light to the world through what He has done, but through what He is doing now in the way His people love. God shines His light through us.

It is this we sought to capture. His word and love poured out to a variety of audiences with a host of applications, so we might have some small picture of His light to share with those who need it. So now we turn it over to you. Whether you have know the lord for years or are listening to this music without that knowledge, we pray the Lord may grant you grace to see, through these little snapshots, the Light He has always been shining and calls us into; that whether it be your first glimpse - a hope piercing the darkness - or another step into the brightening dawn, the Lord would grant you the strength to comprehend just how great is His love for you, and the grace to walk in it.


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