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Listen in! First thoughts from Team Honduras + Hong Kong

Meet Corrie, Becca, Camorra and Ryan!


Last night during the welcome picnic, I snagged these members of Team Honduras and Hong Kong to ask them a few questions:


How did you decide to join CTI? or Why did you decide to return this summer?

What are you looking forward to this summer? or How are you hoping to grow through this experience?


They were gracious enough to share their thoughts in spite of it being my first conversation with some of them!

Looking back: Highlights from Round 1


Later today, members of Team Honduras and Team Hong Kong will arrive to begin their summer of ministry with CTI and Youth for Christ overseas. While the Willmar-CTI community is being reformed, continue praying with us for the teams that are currently overseas! Team Colombia and Team Taiwan still have a little over a week with YFC and YWAM, respectively.


As we're getting excited to hit the ground running again with Round 2, enjoy this look back at Round 1 - from their arrival picnic to send-off concerts!

How to: Stay Posted on Social Media

MT1[Shoutout to Kirsten and Andrew, Round 2 overseas leaders, who helped on Media Team for Round 1!]


From the desk[top] of the Media Director:

I first crossed paths with CTI back at Urbana '09 [CTI will be in St. Louis again this winter for Urbana '15!]. I went on my first summer team in '11 to Singapore. I saw myself grow musically, spiritually and relationally in the CTI community that I found myself back in '12 on the team to Honduras. And to cut a long story short, here I am with #ctisummer15 after being a part of the fulltime program from '13-'15.

To say my time with CTI has changed my life would be an understatement. God has been so faithful. Every team I've been a part of has challenged me in a different way. I'm thankful that God allowed me to learn more about myself and about Him in an environment I love: in community with a dash of music and traveling.

This summer I'm excited to be in charge of media for the community (it's my first time grounded in Willmar when teams are sent overseas!) to share about the experience in a new way.

Connecting with family and friends in preparation of and in debriefing tours with CTI, I know how valuable team members' support systems are and how important it is to keep them in the loop of what I'm up to. Does that mean I'm good at it all the time? Definitely not. [Confession: some tours this past year I would go a month or more without calling my mom...] But I'm happy to take this on for the CTI community this summer!

In stewarding my role in sharing the ways in which God is working in and through the CTI community - through photos, videos and writing - I wanted to also share how you can make the most of our social mediums to stay informed.

Connecting with us on Facebook is an awesome way to be notified of events/concerts and see photos/videos from the community. Unfortunately, simply "Liking" a page doesn't ensure that you'll see when we post - unless you turn on notifications, you'll have to actively navigate to our page.
If you'd like to be notified when we post, where you'd click "Like," also check "Get Notifications."


Instagram's perfect for candid snapshots throughout the day. In searching our summer hashtag (#ctisummer15), it was cool to see postings of the team in country!

Twitter's great for sharing tidbits of conversations. I have to admit I didn't manage this actively Round 1 but our blogs and instagram posts were pushed here. I'll try to include more quotes Round 2.


CTI Blogs: If you're reading all this from the CTI website, maybe I'm preaching to the choir... But did you know you can subscribe to our blogs and get an email notification every day if there were new posts in the last 24 hours? [Click HERE to subscribe to the blog]

There are definitely many streams to follow. You'll have to find the combination that works best for you.

But THANK YOU for being a part of our community!

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