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Snapshots from Hong Kong and Honduras

As members of Team Hong Kong and Honduras have returned home, the process of debriefing their experience continues.
Heads up: over 600 photos have been added to the teams' respective photo galleries. But until you have time to peruse them all, enjoy these highlights taken by team members in country!

Sending off Teams Honduras and Hong Kong!


Team Honduras and Team Hong Kong held their send-off concerts last night. Enjoy the included photos, but find more on the teams' respective photostreams. [Honduras’ stream] [Hong Kong’s stream] If you weren't able to attend the concert last night, it's been archived on our youtube page HERE.



Two weeks ago these teams gathered for the first time. After several full days of training, team building, and performing, both teams will head to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning and will be partnering with YFCI in their respective countries.


In terms of musical preparation, team members have had over 30 hours of rehearsal - from initial instruction in sectionals, to full-band training, to learning stage choreography, it was a joy to see the teams’ programming come together last night.


Non-musically, team members have had a lot to absorb as well. In the first evening seminar, we discussed how understanding of our need for Jesus is foundational in our ability to share the good news of Jesus to others. Beyond that, emulating Christ’s humility is key in learning to love those around us. A question that we have to ask ourselves when we’re interacting with a culture unfamiliar to us, but in which we desire to share truth is, “Is what I am doing, saying or thinking building trust or undermining trust?”


In spite of whatever identities and securities summer team members came into training holding on to, we’ve challenged them to embrace being servants first and everything else second. At the end of the day, it’s up to the team members to choose how they will respond - will they seek to serve themselves or will they seek to serve their team, their ministry partners and others they meet.


Both teams will be overseas for nearly a month! Keep them in your prayers and join us when they return for a Q&A and final concert to hear what they've learned and how they've seen God work this summer.


If you can't join us in person, both events will be live-streamed at ctimusic.org/live!

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