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Speaker Replacement Project Update

We've received over $6,300 towards our speaker replacement project so far, which is enough to complete the first phase of the project!

With these funds, we've purchased 2 subwoofers and 4 main speakers.  Each of our fulltime teams will begin using 2 of the new mains and 1 subwoofer starting with their upcoming Spring tour.  Audiences can look forward to a much gentler / less "harsh" sound, broader frequency spectrum, and lower visual impact from the new systems.  Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible!  

We're working on the second phase of the project now, which we hope will allow us to purchase two more subwoofers to complete each team's system in time for the Fall touring season.  The total cost of the second phase will be about $2,800, and we've got about $2,500 to go.

testing the new speakers in our garage

Speaker Replacement Project

You are invited to help with a specific funding need for CTI:
Our stateside main speakers are tired.  They've each seen about 150,000 trailer miles and their share of some 3,000 performances.  They've helped us through 8 summers as training systems and have endured 9 years of fulltime team rehearsals.  Not bad for their second life (they were donated to us in 2006 having previously been used for an unknown amount of time.)  But it is time for us to retire them and treat our U.S. audiences to the smoother sound (and gentler aesthetic impact) of newer technology.
We are planning to replace our 4 Mackie 1530z speakers (which don't look nearly as nice as the picture below at this point) with QSC K12 mains and KW181 subwoofers:
The total cost for this upgrade will be about $9,000. 
An anonymous donor has put up $4,000 in matching funds towards this project, which means we only need to raise about half of the cost.  But we still need $4,000 in contributions to claim the $4,000 in matching funds!
If you'd like to contribute to this project, you can do so online, or by sending a check to our office with the note "Speaker Project."  And consider passing this along to a friend who might share an interest in this kind of a project.
Thanks for considering this - we hope you get to hear these speakers in person at a CTI event sometime soon!


Announcing 2015 Destinations



CTI is pleased to announce the finalization of our international tours for 2015: In addition to supporting long-standing partnerships in Honduras, Hong Kong and Taiwan, we'll be breaking ground on a new summer partnership with Colombia YFC.

Taiwan and Colombia will be "Round 1" destinations, with teams overseas from June 16 through July 8.
Hong Kong and Honduras are "Round 2" destinations, with teams overseas from July 16 through August 9.
CTI's last presence in Colombia was 18 years ago when a 1997 Fulltime team worked with Youth for Christ there.  Next year's fulltime program will begin on August 7, and will include partnerships with Youth for Christ in Hong Kong and Youth With a Mission in Taiwan.
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