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CTI will return to ICOM

CTI is excited to announce our partnership with The International Conference on Mission in 2015.  Next year's conference will be held in Richmond, VA, October 29th - November 1st, 2015.  For more information on the conference or to register, head over to www.theicom.org.    


International Conference on Missions

CTI Music Ministries has the privilege of being part of The International Conference on Missions this week.  Paul and I will be staffing Booth #1203 with the members of CTI 14:21.  


We are currently enjoying a few minutes of quiet in a coffee shop in downtown Columbus, OH before the conference begins.  Paul and I have been reflecting on how awesome it is that thousands of people from all over the world will be gathering to celebrate the great work that the Body of Christ has been called to.  Many of these people will be searching for specific opportunities to use their gifts to expand the Kingdom of God.  We are honored to be among over 400 other Christ-exalting organizations representing such opportunities here at ICOM.  


If you are in the Columbus area, there is still time to register.  If you are attending, we invite you to a CTI sponsored workshop on Saturday morning at 9am.  Paul Vasilko will be talking about using music as a tool to advance the Gospel.  CTI will also be holding auditions for the duration of the conference.  Visit out booth for more information.




IMG 0816



The team are back!



CTI 14:21 and CTI 14:22 are back from Honduras and Hong Kong, respectively.  They will spend the day debriefing their time overseas before re-tooling for their domestic tours.  Stay tuned to their blogs in the coming days for overseas tour recaps.  


Praise God for the work that He has accomplished through the Fulltime Teams and Youth for Christ over the past 3 weeks.  Join is in praying for the YFC staff members in Honduras and Hong Kong as they continue the crucial work of follow-up and discipleship.

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