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Shoutouts! from Team Honduras

Hi everyone!

Our time in Honduras continues to be amazing! It's been a blessing to serve with the JPC  and minister to tons of people.

We spent the past 5 days or so in Tegucigalpa, Honduras' capital. It has been incredible to see the passion for God and the thirst for the Gospel here. Before Tegucigalpa, we spent a few days in La Ceiba and even got to be interviewed on a live television show! God has handed us some great opportunities and I am happy to say our team has stewarded them well.

This past week has had its challenges, but God is faithful through all things. I'm constantly encouraged by the team's outlook and intentionality in ministry. I believe our next (and unfortunately last) week here will be another great one!

Here are the rest of the team's updates:

Hello my friends! I am doing a shout out again. Hey bro, I'm going to miss this place. Hey mah and pah and sis, I'm going to miss this place. Hey gateway people, I'm going to miss this place. Hey friends, I'm going to miss this place. Hey Paul, Singapore. ~Ryan "el sapo chino" Li

¡Hola todos!
Hi from  Honduras. We are having a good time traveling the country playing in schools, churches, and other ministries. I have been able to see a few familiar places and enjoy some new places too. It is amazing for me to stop and think of what God has been doing in my life since I was here last and also what he has been doing here with the JPC. I am blessed to be back.  I am thinking of you all at home and in Minnesota, I miss you, but I will see you in a week or so:) -Lena
Hey everyone!
Sadly, we're down to about a week. Leaving Tegus today was rough, but I am excited for what's next! We're currently on our way to the YFC camp in Copan. We'll spend the rest of our time there, doing concerts around the area. I am so thankful for the staff down here, they have become like family to our team. Jo and Erica, I miss you guys! See you in a bit. -Becca "Rompe Corazones" Bowers

Hey Daddy, Mommy, Claire and Lyd!!!
Today we left Tegucigalpa and we're taking the "magic school bus" to Copan, which is where the Youth for Christ camp is. (It's also where we will be spending the rest of our trip!) Miss you guys so so much! Love, Christina (La China from China)

Hola mi familia y amigos,
Yesterday, we were reminded that one week remains on our Honduran journey; I nearly broke into tears (that's weird :). Not a day goes by without laughing hysterically, jamming musically, or speaking deeply. I am grateful for the Youth for Christ staff, open hearts to the gospel, my wonderful team, beautiful scenery, and God's hand on it all. Blessings, Julie Boehr
Hey family!
One week left here in Honduras! Its sad when I think about it, I've made such good friends here. The Youth for Christ staff is incredible, and I greatly admire their passion to bring the hope of Jesus to their country. Also, the beautiful scenery of Honduras is like nothing I've seen before. It makes it a little hard to miss ol' flat Minnesota, but I know that's where my family is, so I'm excited to get back home to you. Just a little longer Tiffy! :) Love, Evan

Hello family and friends!
This amazing journey is coming to an end. Only 7 days left until I'm back in the Minnesota. I've gotten to see and experience so many things here. It's amazing to see people respond to the gospel. I haven't gotten sick this whole trip! I'm so thankful everyday that God wants to use me. Thank you mom and dad for the thoughtful letters, it was really encouraging. Love you! Shoutout to Sam The Man! You better not have destroyed the car yet! :) See you all soon! Luis Acosta 

Hey, J & B. :) I find myself talking about you more and more lately! I miss you terribly and love you both so much. I have so much to tell you. Ahh. Right now we're driving out of the mountains of Tegucigalpa. It is my heaven. B, there are dogs everywhere, all shapes, sizes, and colors. You'd love it. :) J, the landscape and art in the architecture makes me wish you could come and share my enthusiasm. Give love to my bebes and DFTBA. ;) See you soon!!!  Soph, Psalm 77. Thought of you. Cling to the joy of the gospel. :) Lots of love... Talk soon!  Mum, I tried to call but we've had bad connection here. Just know I'm alive and kicking. :) Also, I have a little treasure for you! Can't wait to see you, Jem, and the family (and my bed, let's be honest). Give J or B a ring and make sure they see this! Love, Emily

Update from Kirsten from Team Hong Kong

Greetings from week 2 in Hong Kong!
This week was pretty eventful! On Sunday we visited 5 Filipino churches and delivered hundreds of cans of milk powder. The team really enjoyed being able to serve so many people in such a short amount of time! We also had several performances throughout the week with large, transient audiences, in addition to daily morning meetings performing for the elderly at the YFC building. 
In the week to come, we will be tutoring about 25 Chinese students every day from about 10am to 4pm. This is a new opportunity for all of us and we are looking forward to being able to serve the YFC and the community in a different way. We will also go to "Noah's Ark" (a theme park), but what we will do there has yet to be announced. 
PRAISE: We have had phenomenal off-stage ministry opportunities.  The team has been really blessed and encouraged by feedback and conversations from the people here. Our daily team times of devotional and debriefing have also been instrumental for keeping us grounded and centered on Christ and our ministry here in Hong Kong. 
PRAYER REQUESTS: Perseverance throughout the next week, that we would "squeeze the sponge" making the most of every opportunity here. 
~Kirsten and team Hong Kong

Update from Kirsten + Shoutouts! from Team Hong Kong


Hey everyone!

So thus far we've had just under 20 concerts since we've been here. We have had one school performance, several gospel banquets at restaurants, several Filipino churches, street concerts, and some performances with the elderly at the YFC. Offstage, we've had the opportunity to serve staff here by helping deliver gifts across the city (like milk powder), along with other odd jobs around the office. David [YFC Hong Kong National Director] has repeatedly expressed his appreciation for our team's willingness to serve "at a moment's notice". 
In the coming week, we'll have five Filipino church services on Sunday and several street performances as well.
The team has been adapting well to the expected last-minute logistical changes that have been happening, so we, along with the YFC staff, appreciate their ''flexibility.'' It's so different being here during the summer when school isn't in session, but there are many other opportunities to share the Gospel and David has really been using us well. 
Prayer requests: 
- That God would open up the hearts of the people we get to minister to, on and off stage. 
- Continued understanding of our need for Jesus, and that our attitudes and behaviors will reflect that.
-The half-way point is approaching, which means the "honeymoon" phase will begin to wear off, pray that we still persevere, remain servants-first, and find joy in the midst of it all. 
Praise reports:
- God has really provided all of our needs here and we are SOOO proud of how the team is growing and becoming more and more servant-hearted. 
Bethany: I am learning to fully rely on God because of the fast-paced schedule and tentative requirements. Before this trip, I had never had to think about what the Gospel is. Now I understand it better because I have to explain it in simple terms that can be translated. Miss you family! Can't wait to see you soon and catch up!'
Lauren: 'Hello family, squad, and everyone else who I love and miss back home! I hope everyone is well and excited to hear some stories! Hong Kong has been incredible, and God is doing great things! Please keep us in your prayers. <3'
Andrew: Hey everybody, I love Hong Kong as it's feeling like a home away from home. Dad, mom, and Stuart, I wish you could be here to experience this with me! Everyday brings a new experience and I really look forward to sharing all our stories with each of you in a couple of weeks.'
Camorra: Happy 6th month Scham. Happy Birthday Dad! Congrats on getting married in a few days, Nathan and Michaela! To my immediate family and grandmas, hope it is well back at home. This is so much different than Honduras. Love you all!
Corrie: To my mom, dad, brother, friends and Miss Teen of America family...I miss and love you all so much. I'm loving it here. Each and every day I'm learning more and more of what it means to be a servant and how dependent on the Lord I must be, especially when I am moving hundreds upon hundreds of cans of milk powder through the MTR and into a van!  Love all of you! :)
Greg: Hey all, I'm having a great time here. I've been shredding a lot of guitar (and a lot of picks, quite literally). Can't wait to share stories with everyone. Love you guys.
Emily: Hey mama, Luke, and friends. I'm feeling blessed to be here. I'm seeing God's presence not only through what we are doing, but also in the people here. It's powerful! I love and miss you all.  
Joey: I'm blown away each day by how God provides for our every need. I'm gaining a greater sense of urgency in sharing the hope of Jesus Christ, along with an increasing need for that very message. Love ya mom, dad, and D-Nuttz. See ya soon.
Kirsten: It feels so good to be back in HK again! While I've had many nostalgic moments, this experience has been quite new for me too. I'm really beginning to understand what humility really looks like and what it means to serve others while in a position of leadership. I'm incredibly thankful for the ways God has been revealing himself to me and the rest of the team! Love you all!  

Update from Andrew + Shoutouts! from Team Honduras


Wow! It has already been a week since we landed in Honduras!

So far, we have played in a variety of venues including schools, churches, a mall, a fundraiser, and even a live radio show on a secular network! Actually, that radio acoustic set was the first thing we did in Honduras and it really came together well. Apparently it is one of the most popular stations in San Pedro Sula. 

If one thing is clear, it is that we can only rely on God this trip. I'm still amazed we made our first flight out of Minneapolis. It was only by God's grace that the JPC has been able to get airtime on the radio and that we could play an acoustic set day 1.

Looking forward, our team will stay in San Pedro Sula until next Monday and then head out to La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa later that week.
Anyway, here are some team member updates:

Hey, Mom and Dad and crew! I'm doing well. I've only been sick once, and the day still worked out. My leaders and hosts are taking such good care of me. Say hi to Bethel for me and send my love and gratitude. God is working. This experience has been beautiful and incredible. Can't wait to tell you about it.

Hey everyone! Honduras is so beautiful. In the short time that we've been here, we've already had 12 concerts and we have had so many gospel sharing opportunities. God's work through the JPC and our team has been so evident! Kim, I miss you!

A huge thank you to everyone has supported me both financially and in prayer; I am witnessing daily the hand of God at work. To family at the reunion: know you are experiencing a glimpse of heaven and I miss you! PS: I am falling in love with everything about Honduras; it'll be a wonder if I return! ;) love you all!
Hey Madre, Padre, Claire & Lyd!
Miss you guys so so much! But I can't wait to share with you guys all ways that God has been at work all around me and my team! Also I would like to thank everyone who supported me on this trip! It has been an amazing experience so far, and I can't wait to see everyone when I get back! Love you guys! :)

Hi everyone, I am having a nice time once again in Honduras. I enjoy seeing the people and my friends again, but I miss you all at home. Thinking and praying for all of you who are transitioning out of full time and into another year or a new everyday life. I continue to praise God for the opportunity I have been given to share Christ's love in Honduras a second time. 

Hey guys! I'm having a blast here in Honduras! The country is so beautiful! I especially love all the mountains around the city! To my family and to Tiffany, I miss you all very much and I can't wait to tell you all about my trip and how God is working here. Love you all! 
Hello friends and family! I feel like I've been in Honduras forever, and its only our sixth day here!  I've already been challenged so much by God in these few days. I've gotten the chance to to share the Gospel with a whole school and win some people for Christ! I'm looking forward to telling you guys all the awesome stories!
- Luis

Hello my friends. Collin, if you are reading this, I so wish I had your jeep right now because driving here with the top down would be INSANE. My family, I love Honduras, even the weather and the sweat because it is worth all of it, every ounce of energy used and memories made is worth it. To gateway and school people, miss you all, but I am learning so many new things here and am using so many things you gateway people have taught me. Plan to apply things I've learned.
-Ryan "Rompe Corazones" Li

Hi everyone! God is doing amazing things in Honduras. It's wonderful being back. I am so humbled by the graciousness of the JPC and our venues. To my family and friends: I can't wait to see you when I get back and tell you all I have learned! To 14:21: miss you guys and wish you could be here too!



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    Ashley Linderer (vocals)

    Matt Tam (vocals)

    Kristen Tam (keyboard)

    David Chan (guitar)

    Boomer Conchu (guitar)

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    Team Hong Kong is led by
    Jenn Smock
    (guitar) and
    Tim LaBerge
    and features:


    Grace Liao (vocals)

    Jen Bailey (vocals)

    Abby McElhenny (vocals)

    Sam Heibel (vocals)

    Daniel Tillotson (vocals)

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    Team Honduras is led by
    Micaela Tucker
    (sound tech) and
    Wyatt Girton
    (bass), and features:


    Becca Cupp (vocals)

    Bethany Wichman (vocals)

    Kelsey Farrell (vocals)

    Frances Coontz (vocals)

    Lawrence Park (vocals)

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    Nolan Nordlund
    (sound tech) and
    Kara Fortney, and features:


    David Martinez (vocals)

    Emily Leung (vocals)

    Janelle VanderWier (vocals)

    Megan Breyer (vocals)

    Amanda Lee (vocals)

    Simon Ng (guitar)

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  • Taiwan 2012

    YWAM Taiwan

    Partner: YWAM Taiwan

    While in country, they will be working with YWAM Taiwan. Reaching youth with the gospel can take many years in Taiwanese culture. YWAM builds long-term relationships with students here through a coffee shop ministry known as “The Rock.” CTI teams connect kids with YWAM through evening coffeehouse concerts and conversational evangelism with students who are eager to practice their English on Americans. During the days, teams minister in hospitals, schools, and through open-air concerts on the bustling streets and wharfs of Taipei.

    Team Taiwan is led by James Peil (guitar) and Brooke O'Donnell and features:

    • Aaron Wong - Bass
    • Brandon Apol - Guitar
    • Grace Wan - Vocals
    • Catherine Wong - Vocals
    • Jill Palmquist - Tech
    • Matt Dooley - Drums
    • Shulammite Chow - Vocals
    • Kat Freeman - Vocals
    • Nathan Lindgren - Vocals
    • Rachel Tong - Keys
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  • Singapore 2012


    Partner: Local Ministries

    Local ministries use CTI teams to connect with the young people of their country through music that is exciting and recognizable to Singaporean youth. They have been established as a band "that sings meaningful songs,” and carefully crafts programs using specific themes that are relevant to their students. This approach has created a large fan base that attracts many young people to CTI concerts in Singapore. As a result, our partners have significant opportunities for evangelism and discipleship.

    Team Singapore is led by Christina Tamai and Abe Dahlby (guitar) and features:

    • Jonny Menges - Drums
    • Logan Klein - Bass
    • Max Cheung - Keys
    • Nina Downer - Vocals
    • Jenna Rylaarsdam - Vocals
    • Katie Nafziger - Vocals
    • Luke Dorman - Vocals
    • Amos Lee - Guitar
    • Scott Mende - Tech
    • Sophia Calhoun - Vocals
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  • Hong Kong 2012

    YFC Hong Kong

    Partner: YFC Hong Kong

    In addition to a packed appearance schedule in the malls, streets, parks and churches of Hong Kong, our teams also minister in the public schools here, giving YFC opportunities to present the gospel that wouldn’t be possible without our team’s presence. CTI also plays a crucial role in YFC’s unique outreach to the elderly; a people group that is tragically neglected by this busy society. YFC provides basic needs and opportunities for significance by involving them in our team’s events. The gospel isn’t just heard here – it is experienced.

    Team Taiwan is led by Kelly Ervin (vocals) and Calvin DeVries (tech) and features:

    • Amanda Lothe - Vocals
    • Josh Stecker - Drums
    • David Leong - Guitar
    • Ross Flynn - Bass
    • Zachary Belton - Keys
    • Eva Viss - Guitar
    • Nolan Welliver - Vocals
    • Kendra Thompson - Vocals
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  • Guatemala 2012

    YFC Guatemala

    Partner: YFC Guatemala

    YFC Guatemala seeks to reach 10,000 young people with the gospel every year through the G-21 initiative; a network of churches and ministries that disciple youth who respond to gospel. CTI plays a central role in this initiative by bringing exposure to YFC through a nationwide appearance schedule in schools, churches and public places. The National Day of Prayer is an annual event coordinated by YFC here, and it serves as a rallying point for their ministry. CTI plays a role in this event each year, building on a partnership with YFC in Guatemala dating back to 1996.

    Team Taiwan is led by Chris Wong (lead guitar) and Hannah Olson and features:

    • Marta Vandertop - Vocals
    • Michelle Chiu - Vocals
    • Everitt Smith - Tech
    • Elijah Schiarelli - Guitar
    • Derek Wagter - Vocals
    • Megan Shirk - Vocals
    • Marissa Wilhite - Keys
    • Samuel Iun - Bass
    • Matthew Chan - Guitar
    • Audrey Chao - Drums
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    YFC Honduras

    Partner: YFC Honduras

    YFC Honduras provides training to public school teachers through an arrangement with the national government. This gives them unprecedented access to the public schools where they are able to share the gospel with students and teachers alike. CTI teams perform in schools all over the country, connecting students with YFC and the local church. In the remote town of La Entrada, our team supports youth outreach activities at a camp and retreat center run by YFC.

    Team Taiwan is led by Gretchen Otness and Erik Wilkins (tech) and features:

    • Ryan Choy - Drums
    • Stephanie Fong - Vocals
    • Patty Lin - Vocals
    • Reina Almendarez - Vocals
    • Adam Wong - Guitar
    • Caleb Yee - Vocals
    • Christine Wu - Vocals
    • Jimi Oke - Bass
    • Christopher Cleland - Guitar

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  • Zimbabwe 2013




    Team Zimbabwe is led by
    Jeff Hau  
    (bass) and
    Melody Nash (sound tech) and features:


    Patrick Tseng (vocals)

    Jessica Ng (vocals)

    Keilah Quimby (vocals)

    Josh Kavanagh (keyboard)

    Sam Eaton (vocals & guitar)

    Patrick Haughey (guitar)

    Aaron Price (drums)


    CTI is very excited about the opportunity to return to YFC Zimbabwe as it has been over a decade since the ministry has partnered with this organization.  YFC Zimbabwe is, in many ways, going through a lot of changes and with that trying out new methods of ministry.  They see CTI as an organization that can join them in this endeavor.  For this team, they will seek to join YFC Zimbabwe in their goal of ministering to those who have fewer social advantages than other people groups while focusing on helping YFC Zimbabwe build long term relationships with the people they minister to.  All this, while centering their message on the hope and freedom that is only found in Christ.
    Article Count:
  • Japan 2013




    Team Japan is led by
    Christina Tamai  
    (sound tech) and
    Issac Haaland (bass) and features:


    Tristan Poon (vocals)

    Teresa Yuan (vocals)

    Sophia Larson (vocals)

    Alyssa Tomalino (vocals)

    Paulo Escuro (keyboard)

    Justin Cook (guitar)

    Katelyn Beckman (guitar)

    Lindsay Mark (drums)


    One of the goals of YFC Japan is to "build bridges between secular people and Christians."  They place a high value on relationship and a subjective sharing of one's faith, and thus seek opportunities that allow them to build personal relationships with the people they minister to.  Some of the bigger struggles in Japan include loneliness, depression, and purposelessness, and because of this, the team will be equipped to proclaim a message of hope, belonging, and self-worth.  Making cultural connections is key to their ministry and the team will seek to do just that, speaking directly to the needs of the audience and presenting the truth of the Gospel as it applies to Japanese culture.
    Article Count:
  • Taiwan 2013




    Team Taiwan is led by
    Hannah Olson  
    (guitar) and
    Clayton Girton (sound tech) and features:


    Aria Wright (vocals)

    Jennie Shaver (vocals)

    Julie Springerley (vocals)

    Matt O'Leary (vocals)

    Margaret Kirst (keyboard)

    Benjamin Chong (guitar)

    Sam Lin(bass)

    Justin Oliver (drums)


    YWAM Taiwan has a passion for relational ministry.  In addition, they see every team that comes through as one that brings a specific set of strengths that can enhance their ministry and serve them.  Also, though this team will not be in Taiwan for the long term, YWAM Taiwan sees everything as an investment for the long term vision.  Any connections this team makes during their time will be pursued.  The team will play in a variety of venues. One particular venue the team will spend some time at is "The Rock"--YWAM's own coffeeshop ministry that focuses on building long term relationships with those they minister to.  All in all, this team will be a part of a long term vision, one that seeks to build relationships, share the Gospel, and help people mature in their faith.
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  • Honduras 2013



    Team Honduras is led by 

    Brooke O'Donnell (bass) and
    Evan Stout (drums) and features:


    Skyeler Tenopir (vocals)

    Claire Goodrich (vocals)

    Rachelle Tai (vocals)

    Camorra Boldt (vocals)

    Angie Chan (vocals)

    Steven Phu (guitar and vocals)

    Roger Wang (guitar)

    Matt Kelley (keyboard)

    Abraham Lam (sound tech)



    Mauricio, the director of YFC Honduras, uses every opportunity available to preach the Gospel.  CTI teams grant him a unique and different way to do that.  In many ways, CTI allows him to meet more people and create further conversations with people down the road.  Relationships are highly valued in Honduran culture and though the team won't be able to personally follow up long term with the people they minister to, YFC pursues those new connections, at times with youth they may not have been able to connect with otherwise.  The people of Honduras highly value the ideas of strength, freedom, and unity.  The YFC staff in particular value the message that there is freedom in Christ and through their own personal stories, minister to others by proclaiming the liberation Christ offers from sin, shame, worry, addiction, and self-destructive behavior.
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  • Guatemala 2013



    Team Guatemala is led by Eric Wilkins (drums) and Emily Zehall (bass) and features:


    Josh Hampton (vocals)

    Charis Wang (vocals)

    Olivia Lindberg (vocals)

    Rachel Tait (vocals)

    Tess Roling (vocals)

    Jonathan Cheng (keyboard)

    Sarah Wiesner (guitar)

    Victor Zou (sound tech)




    CTI teams play a big role in the ministry of YFC Guatemala each year.  They provide a sort of push that allows the YFC to interact with youth that they normally wouldn't be able to.  Teams themselves don't often get as much of that interaction time, but their works pave the way for YFC to continue forging relationships.  In Guatemalan culture, relationships take a very high priority, and as such are essential for the sharing of the Gospel.  YFC Guatemala also seeks to focus on drawing Christians deeper into what they believe so that they can go beyond simply knowing the "facts" of the Gospel.  All in all, the team will partner alongside and support the ministry of the YFC, seeking to be that push which strengthens the work the YFC has been doing and will continue to do long after the team's time in country is complete.

    Article Count:
  • Singapore 2013



    Team Singapore is led by 

    Micaela Tucker (vocals) and Chris Newman (guitar and vocals) and features:


    Jenna Dillon (vocals)

    Hannah Kepner (vocals)

    Faith Wirajsilp (vocals)

    Edwin Lee (guitar)

    Nicole Yuen (keyboard)

    Josiah Vik (bass)

    Travis Kapcia (drums)

    Joe Paull (sound tech)



    YFC Singapore has a very clear vision of how they will use a CTI team.  Often times, they even develop the music repertoire themselves, going as far as crafting set-lists for the various places the teams are set up to appear.  CTI teams are used to heighten interest in a large finale event or to create opportunities for personal relationships to form between the YFC staff and CTI's audiences.  YFC Singapore will use the team to draw crowds and set up future opportunities where the Gospel can be boldy presented.  Personal relationships are very important in Singaporean culture as building long term relationships often precedes sharing the Gospel, so teams may not see the fruit of their work.  However, YFC Singapore will continue to pursue the relationships the team helps to build long after the team's time in country is complete.
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  • Love and Light
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  • Hong Kong 2014

    Team Members:


    Patty Lin - Team Leader


    Isaac Haaland - Co Leader


    Grace Phan-Nguyen - Vocals         


    Lisa Choate - Vocals


    Ethan Callies - Sound Tech


    Alexa Palacios - Keys 


    Jayden Van Sant - Guitar


    Matthew Nisley - Vocals


    Aaron Swan - Bass


    Brianna Kennedy - Vocals


    Danial Shen - Drums




    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 

    HongKong1HongKong2  Summer14groupTHUMB



    Team Hong Kong Photo Gallery



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  • Taiwan 2014

     Team Members:


    Kelvin Woo - Team Leader/Sound Tech          


    Hannah Olson - Co Leader/Bass


    Wesley Lin - Vocals


    James Lau - Keys


    Hannah Haugen - Vocals


    Kaitlin Sheppard - Vocals


    Steven Morel - Guitar


    Victoria Lamb - Drums


    Edmund Ma - Vocals


    Ethan Erickson - Guitar






    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download)




     Team Taiwan Photo Gallery

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  • Singapore 2014

    Team Members:


    Paul "PQ" Quiram - Team Leader / Sound Tech 


    Michelle Chiu - Co Leader / Vocals


    Hosea Mak - Keys


    Kellie Hedberg - Keys


    Wendy Vides - Vocals


    Anthony Cozza - Guitar


    Kimberly Zeinstra - Guitar


    John Darrah - Bass


    Esther Leung - Drums


    Dennis Shem - Guitar


    Marcus Hilding - Vocals





    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download)


    singaporepromo1    singaporepromo2   Summer14groupTHUMB



    Team Singapore Photo Gallery


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  • Guatemala 2014

    Colombia 2015 

    More details to come whenever Kelvin fills this in!

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  • CTI 14:21
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  • CTI 14:22
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  • Colombia 2015


     Team Members:


    Kasey Manning - Team Leader, Bass


    Wesley Lin - Co Leader, Sound Tech


    Daniel Somerville - Drums


    Riley Merino - Guitar


    Janell Brower - Guitar


    Brendan Lane - Keys


    Nathan Wong - Vocals


    Hannah Haugen - Vocals


    Caitlyn Sheehy - Vocals


    Shailynn Miller - Vocals


    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 


    Team Colombia Photo Gallery



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  • Taiwan 2015



     Team Members:


    Holly Hassman - Team Leader, Bass


    Evan Stout - Co Leader, Drummer


    Guadalupe Silva, Jr. - Guitar


    Kimberly Zeinstra - Guitar


    Chris Thompson - Guitar


    James Lau - Keys


    Edmund Ma - Vocals, Sound Tech


    Kiana Pieters - Vocals


    Daniella Darling - Vocals


    Lindsey Walker - Vocals


    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 


    Team Taiwan Photo Gallery



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  • Honduras 2015


     Team Members:


    Andrew Shermeyer - Team Leader, Guitar


    Lena Kvigne - Co Leader, Sound Tech


    Evan Gerbracht - Drummer


    Ryan Li - Bassist


    Emily Urban - Guitar


    Christine Lee - Keyboardist


    Luis Acosta - Vocals


    Becca Bowers - Vocals


    Julie Boehr - Vocals




    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 


    Team Honduras Photo Gallery



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  • Hong Kong 2015


     Team Members:


    Kirsten Kennedy - Team Leader, Sound Tech


    Joseph Nutting - Co Leader, Bass


    Andrew Siu - Drummer


    Gregory Dignon - Guitar


    Bethany Tweedy - Keys


    Lauren Stochl - Vocals


    Emily Paralez - Vocals


    Camorra Boldt - Vocals


    Cornelia Hayes - Vocals




    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 


    Team Hong Kong Photo Gallery



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