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Psalms 118:24

Arizona has been treating us well! Yesterday we performed at the Joyfull Cafe! And I tell you it was definitely the right name for the venue. The people were so wonderful and so full of joy. When were first arrived our contacts met Keilah at the front door; this was very inviting to us.. and then we got to set up and perform outside! It was awesome! I absolutely love open air shows they are so freeing. It really makes you reflect on how great and marvelous God is in all his wonder. I also love doing acoustic sets as they allow us to do some really fun things with our rep.
After one of our sets we got to meet one of our brothers in Christ, Ray. He was crying because he had a rough day but all I heard was his spirit calling for a deliverer. There are so many people in life who are yearning for something greater. So many people who don't have the will or the power to conquer sin on their on. So many are crying for help. Christ is there, waiting. If we are silent how will those lost souls ever know? God used David and one of the employees to speak into Rays life and we also gave him a gift as a team! We are called to share this was a great reminder for us. I personally am so excited because I know God is going to use Ray in the future for some awesome kingdom building.
Thank Arizona for all the great weather, awesome people and superb food, especially In-N-Out, and our host, the Grifith family, for the awesome venison treats for us first timers (Matthew and I). 

Blessings Abound

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: pictures speak volumes more than words sometimes. 

We've given you lots of words over the last few weeks, and I do dearly pray that something we have learned along the way has encouraged, challenged, or convicted you. While I do, indeed, hope that is the case, I'd also like to share with you some more actual pictures of life on the road, and the abundant blessings (in words) that are so graciously poured out on us again and again by God. So, without further ado:


IMG 9878

Host creatures can be such fun! This guy wanted to constantly be near any human, and while he took a second to warm up to you.. once he did, you were golden. Some of the team absolutely LOVES animals (especially dogs), and it brings joy to my heart to see that joy in my teammates because of host pets. :]

IMG 9906
We played at Fulton State Hospital, and it was an incredible experience. 
(If you didn't happen to see, I blogged about it a few weeks back!)
What I didn't mention was the fact that one of the wards made us a beautiful card/poster to thank us for continuing to come play for them and share the love of Christ. It was humbling to be able to see how much the gospel can mean, and definitely bolstered us to continue doing just that! 

IMG 9895

We had the opportunity (as you may have read) to sneak up to a retreat center on one of our days off, in Colorado. It was exactly what my soul needed that day, and I am so thankful that God provides exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. Did I mention that the mountains felt like home?


IMG 9897

After dinner one night, we were watching videos by Elevation Worship (you may have seen plugs for them over the last couple weeks in our blogs), and decided to emulate. The team and hosts gathered around the piano to lift up voices and music to God. We don't often get the chance to do this together, and to be able to commune with God with each other, and other brothers and sisters in Christ, was truly refreshing. 


IMG 9900
Please enjoy my ridiculous face as I sledded down a not-very-steep hill with a surprise jump at the end. Maybe I'll post the video later. Maybe. 

IMG 9907
As not evidenced by the previous picture (I wasn't actually scared, promise), we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during our day off (at that same retreat center mentioned earlier)! We got to spend time alone, with God, and with each other, and we had a blast speeding down the mountain and trudging back up to do it all over again when we went sledding. 

IMG 9915
Seeing alum on the road is the best! We've seen SO MANY over the past weeks, and every encounter has been life-giving and fun. :] We got to stay at Riley's (#ctisummer15, Colombia) house for a night, and were able to catch up and reminisce on stories about summer and the things God wrought then, and has been continuing to do. Thanks Jesus!
IMG 9945
We drove through my state!! Not having seen Utah for nearly a month, it was nice to be back for a couple hours as we drove through the southern corner and Moab. (Ogden, we're coming SO SOON. InterVarsity at Weber State, Feb 118 pm. Check yo calendars.) I am thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to bring two worlds that I dearly love together, and to see what God does through that!

IMG 9957
We stopped at the Silva's house (Jose, #ctisummer15, Taiwan) for a few nights, and we had a blast! We essentially doubled the amount of people in the house, and were so blessed that they opened up their home to us. Once CTI family, always CTI family. (Elisa playing a Star Wars game with three of the five boys in the family.)

IMG 9966
We are currently in Arizona, and we met the founder of CTI, Dave Lien, and his wife Gloria! It was absolutely wonderful to spend time with them and their congregation, and to be able to hear stories about the beginning days of CTI, how far it has come, and the provision of God through it all. 

IMG 9975
I said once CTI family, always CTI family, right? Well, these beautiful people definitely fit the bill. Fortunately for me, I've known them since I was 14 years old (I grew up with their daughter, who has the same birthday as me; hence, they became like a second set of parents to me), and they decided to support me when I decided to go on this crazy adventure for the first time last year, and have continued to do so since. They moved from Utah to Phoenix (where we are now!), so I had the opportunity to meet up and catch up with them and hear all about life and simply spend some quality time with people who love me, and, by extension, love the team. 
Road life brings you all sorts of surprises like this (alum, supporters, hosts, friends), and I am exceedingly thankful that God chooses to place the people that we need in our lives who will challenge us in our walks, support and encourage us along the way, and pray for us through it all. We are so blessed. 
So, if you are one of those people for anyone on the team, whether near or far, THANK YOU. You are a blessing to us, and hopefully you can see how God is using you, if only in the life of one individual. It makes a difference. 
img 9946
I could literally go on and on and on about the awesome things God has done thus far, but it's a long road ahead (PS: this is Utah!), so I'll give my teammates the chance to continue to let you in on what God has been teaching them as you continue to check in on the blog!
Again, THANK YOU to those of you who do keep up with us, who support us, who love us, who bless us, who pray for us, and who allow God to work through you in our lives. We weren't created to walk alone, and we are thankful for each and every person (and creature and place) we have encountered on the road that has aided in making this year what it has been so far! We pray that you do the same for others as well. 
The kingdom is at hand, the body of Christ is alive, and we have been called to spread the love of God near and far. We are only one small part of that, as are you, but it doesn't lessen the urgency of the need to make the name of Christ known! What we encounter on the road is only possible with God, and he uses each and every one of us to do his work. When we are open to being the vessels God created us to be, we have the chance to see his provision and blessing at every turn. 


Those Voices

We all have a voice.  Whether we use it or not is a different story.  Our voices, or lack thereof, have influence over other people.



We can use our voice to encourage, challenge, or damage someone.  Not only does each individual have their own voice, God and Satan have their own voices as well.


"But the waves are calling out my name and they laugh at me,

Reminding me of all the times I’ve tried before and failed.

The waves, they keep on telling me, time and time again,

“Boy, you’ll never win, you’ll never win….”


There are so many times in my life, including while being on tour, that I have listened to voices that are not of God: fear, anger, sadness, so on and so forth.  I need to remind myself that the only voice that truly will give perspective is the Voice of Truth, God’s voice.


"But the voice of truth tells me a different story,

The voice of truth, says “Do not be afraid.”

And the voice of truth, says “This is for my glory.”


When I remind myself of such truth and act out on it, life may not be easier, but life is much more fuller when I do so.


"Out of all the voices calling out to me,

I will choose to listen and believe the Voice of Truth."



Taking some time while on a hike during our day off in New Mexico to enjoy what God spoke into creation.


“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.   Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God, who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began, and which now has been manifested through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.”  2nd Timothy 1:7-10





The lyrics in the blog are from Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns.  You can go to here and listen to it.

Unstoppable God

Driving through Colorado, Utah and New Mexico was so awe inspiring. I sat in the van and watched as the mountains passed by. The mountains that towered over us were all unique in shape, size and color, and they were all beautiful. While driving through, I listened to a sermon: God is the Creator of the universe. He made all of these things, including these gorgeous mountains, with just the words He spoke. Creation was meant to reveal just a small portion of His majesty and His power. Yet instead of praising and glorifying Him, man chose to turn away from God. We doubt Him. We trust our own judgement more than we trust His. We think other things will satisfy us and make us happier. When I think about it, it's actually silly that we wouldn't put our lives in the hands of the Creator of the universe, the Savior of the world.

Do we believe that God is a God who can do the impossible?

Do we believe that God is all powerful, all knowing and in complete control?

Do we live our lives like we believe these things?

These are questions I asked myself, and questions that each of us should think about.


God is powerful. God is unstoppable. His character is not limited by our own thoughts. His ways are higher than our ways. His plan for all eternity we will never be able to comprehend. But the fact He has allowed us to be a part of that plan is mind-blowing! This should give us much hope and joy. It should motivate us to live extraordinary lives for His glory. Today, let us ask God to give us the faith to believe that He can do the impossible. 


Dear God,

We confess that we often do not view You as a God that can do the impossible. Let us not forget, even for a moment just how powerful You really are. When we look around us, open our eyes to see the amazing things You are doing around us, in us and through us. Remind us that You not only have the power to save us from sin, but the power to help us overcome sin and be transformed into Your likeness. Through You and only with You, will we be able to do things that the world deems impossible. All these things are for Your glory. 



"For nothing will be impossible with God."

Luke 1:37 

Unstoppable God, let Your glory go on and on

Impossible things, in Your Name they shall be done 

(Unstoppable God - Elevation Worship)

  12592557 1663871250528508 6575656156805888430 n
We stopped in Utah to admire the mountains! (Thanks for the picture, David!)



Roxy and I hiking in Gallup, New Mexico at Pyramid Rock!


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    Matt Tam (vocals)

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  • Taiwan 2012

    YWAM Taiwan

    Partner: YWAM Taiwan

    While in country, they will be working with YWAM Taiwan. Reaching youth with the gospel can take many years in Taiwanese culture. YWAM builds long-term relationships with students here through a coffee shop ministry known as “The Rock.” CTI teams connect kids with YWAM through evening coffeehouse concerts and conversational evangelism with students who are eager to practice their English on Americans. During the days, teams minister in hospitals, schools, and through open-air concerts on the bustling streets and wharfs of Taipei.

    Team Taiwan is led by James Peil (guitar) and Brooke O'Donnell and features:

    • Aaron Wong - Bass
    • Brandon Apol - Guitar
    • Grace Wan - Vocals
    • Catherine Wong - Vocals
    • Jill Palmquist - Tech
    • Matt Dooley - Drums
    • Shulammite Chow - Vocals
    • Kat Freeman - Vocals
    • Nathan Lindgren - Vocals
    • Rachel Tong - Keys
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  • Singapore 2012


    Partner: Local Ministries

    Local ministries use CTI teams to connect with the young people of their country through music that is exciting and recognizable to Singaporean youth. They have been established as a band "that sings meaningful songs,” and carefully crafts programs using specific themes that are relevant to their students. This approach has created a large fan base that attracts many young people to CTI concerts in Singapore. As a result, our partners have significant opportunities for evangelism and discipleship.

    Team Singapore is led by Christina Tamai and Abe Dahlby (guitar) and features:

    • Jonny Menges - Drums
    • Logan Klein - Bass
    • Max Cheung - Keys
    • Nina Downer - Vocals
    • Jenna Rylaarsdam - Vocals
    • Katie Nafziger - Vocals
    • Luke Dorman - Vocals
    • Amos Lee - Guitar
    • Scott Mende - Tech
    • Sophia Calhoun - Vocals
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  • Hong Kong 2012

    YFC Hong Kong

    Partner: YFC Hong Kong

    In addition to a packed appearance schedule in the malls, streets, parks and churches of Hong Kong, our teams also minister in the public schools here, giving YFC opportunities to present the gospel that wouldn’t be possible without our team’s presence. CTI also plays a crucial role in YFC’s unique outreach to the elderly; a people group that is tragically neglected by this busy society. YFC provides basic needs and opportunities for significance by involving them in our team’s events. The gospel isn’t just heard here – it is experienced.

    Team Taiwan is led by Kelly Ervin (vocals) and Calvin DeVries (tech) and features:

    • Amanda Lothe - Vocals
    • Josh Stecker - Drums
    • David Leong - Guitar
    • Ross Flynn - Bass
    • Zachary Belton - Keys
    • Eva Viss - Guitar
    • Nolan Welliver - Vocals
    • Kendra Thompson - Vocals
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  • Guatemala 2012

    YFC Guatemala

    Partner: YFC Guatemala

    YFC Guatemala seeks to reach 10,000 young people with the gospel every year through the G-21 initiative; a network of churches and ministries that disciple youth who respond to gospel. CTI plays a central role in this initiative by bringing exposure to YFC through a nationwide appearance schedule in schools, churches and public places. The National Day of Prayer is an annual event coordinated by YFC here, and it serves as a rallying point for their ministry. CTI plays a role in this event each year, building on a partnership with YFC in Guatemala dating back to 1996.

    Team Taiwan is led by Chris Wong (lead guitar) and Hannah Olson and features:

    • Marta Vandertop - Vocals
    • Michelle Chiu - Vocals
    • Everitt Smith - Tech
    • Elijah Schiarelli - Guitar
    • Derek Wagter - Vocals
    • Megan Shirk - Vocals
    • Marissa Wilhite - Keys
    • Samuel Iun - Bass
    • Matthew Chan - Guitar
    • Audrey Chao - Drums
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    YFC Honduras

    Partner: YFC Honduras

    YFC Honduras provides training to public school teachers through an arrangement with the national government. This gives them unprecedented access to the public schools where they are able to share the gospel with students and teachers alike. CTI teams perform in schools all over the country, connecting students with YFC and the local church. In the remote town of La Entrada, our team supports youth outreach activities at a camp and retreat center run by YFC.

    Team Taiwan is led by Gretchen Otness and Erik Wilkins (tech) and features:

    • Ryan Choy - Drums
    • Stephanie Fong - Vocals
    • Patty Lin - Vocals
    • Reina Almendarez - Vocals
    • Adam Wong - Guitar
    • Caleb Yee - Vocals
    • Christine Wu - Vocals
    • Jimi Oke - Bass
    • Christopher Cleland - Guitar

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  • Zimbabwe 2013




    Team Zimbabwe is led by
    Jeff Hau  
    (bass) and
    Melody Nash (sound tech) and features:


    Patrick Tseng (vocals)

    Jessica Ng (vocals)

    Keilah Quimby (vocals)

    Josh Kavanagh (keyboard)

    Sam Eaton (vocals & guitar)

    Patrick Haughey (guitar)

    Aaron Price (drums)


    CTI is very excited about the opportunity to return to YFC Zimbabwe as it has been over a decade since the ministry has partnered with this organization.  YFC Zimbabwe is, in many ways, going through a lot of changes and with that trying out new methods of ministry.  They see CTI as an organization that can join them in this endeavor.  For this team, they will seek to join YFC Zimbabwe in their goal of ministering to those who have fewer social advantages than other people groups while focusing on helping YFC Zimbabwe build long term relationships with the people they minister to.  All this, while centering their message on the hope and freedom that is only found in Christ.
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  • Japan 2013




    Team Japan is led by
    Christina Tamai  
    (sound tech) and
    Issac Haaland (bass) and features:


    Tristan Poon (vocals)

    Teresa Yuan (vocals)

    Sophia Larson (vocals)

    Alyssa Tomalino (vocals)

    Paulo Escuro (keyboard)

    Justin Cook (guitar)

    Katelyn Beckman (guitar)

    Lindsay Mark (drums)


    One of the goals of YFC Japan is to "build bridges between secular people and Christians."  They place a high value on relationship and a subjective sharing of one's faith, and thus seek opportunities that allow them to build personal relationships with the people they minister to.  Some of the bigger struggles in Japan include loneliness, depression, and purposelessness, and because of this, the team will be equipped to proclaim a message of hope, belonging, and self-worth.  Making cultural connections is key to their ministry and the team will seek to do just that, speaking directly to the needs of the audience and presenting the truth of the Gospel as it applies to Japanese culture.
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  • Taiwan 2013




    Team Taiwan is led by
    Hannah Olson  
    (guitar) and
    Clayton Girton (sound tech) and features:


    Aria Wright (vocals)

    Jennie Shaver (vocals)

    Julie Springerley (vocals)

    Matt O'Leary (vocals)

    Margaret Kirst (keyboard)

    Benjamin Chong (guitar)

    Sam Lin(bass)

    Justin Oliver (drums)


    YWAM Taiwan has a passion for relational ministry.  In addition, they see every team that comes through as one that brings a specific set of strengths that can enhance their ministry and serve them.  Also, though this team will not be in Taiwan for the long term, YWAM Taiwan sees everything as an investment for the long term vision.  Any connections this team makes during their time will be pursued.  The team will play in a variety of venues. One particular venue the team will spend some time at is "The Rock"--YWAM's own coffeeshop ministry that focuses on building long term relationships with those they minister to.  All in all, this team will be a part of a long term vision, one that seeks to build relationships, share the Gospel, and help people mature in their faith.
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  • Honduras 2013



    Team Honduras is led by 

    Brooke O'Donnell (bass) and
    Evan Stout (drums) and features:


    Skyeler Tenopir (vocals)

    Claire Goodrich (vocals)

    Rachelle Tai (vocals)

    Camorra Boldt (vocals)

    Angie Chan (vocals)

    Steven Phu (guitar and vocals)

    Roger Wang (guitar)

    Matt Kelley (keyboard)

    Abraham Lam (sound tech)



    Mauricio, the director of YFC Honduras, uses every opportunity available to preach the Gospel.  CTI teams grant him a unique and different way to do that.  In many ways, CTI allows him to meet more people and create further conversations with people down the road.  Relationships are highly valued in Honduran culture and though the team won't be able to personally follow up long term with the people they minister to, YFC pursues those new connections, at times with youth they may not have been able to connect with otherwise.  The people of Honduras highly value the ideas of strength, freedom, and unity.  The YFC staff in particular value the message that there is freedom in Christ and through their own personal stories, minister to others by proclaiming the liberation Christ offers from sin, shame, worry, addiction, and self-destructive behavior.
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  • Guatemala 2013



    Team Guatemala is led by Eric Wilkins (drums) and Emily Zehall (bass) and features:


    Josh Hampton (vocals)

    Charis Wang (vocals)

    Olivia Lindberg (vocals)

    Rachel Tait (vocals)

    Tess Roling (vocals)

    Jonathan Cheng (keyboard)

    Sarah Wiesner (guitar)

    Victor Zou (sound tech)




    CTI teams play a big role in the ministry of YFC Guatemala each year.  They provide a sort of push that allows the YFC to interact with youth that they normally wouldn't be able to.  Teams themselves don't often get as much of that interaction time, but their works pave the way for YFC to continue forging relationships.  In Guatemalan culture, relationships take a very high priority, and as such are essential for the sharing of the Gospel.  YFC Guatemala also seeks to focus on drawing Christians deeper into what they believe so that they can go beyond simply knowing the "facts" of the Gospel.  All in all, the team will partner alongside and support the ministry of the YFC, seeking to be that push which strengthens the work the YFC has been doing and will continue to do long after the team's time in country is complete.

    Article Count:
  • Singapore 2013



    Team Singapore is led by 

    Micaela Tucker (vocals) and Chris Newman (guitar and vocals) and features:


    Jenna Dillon (vocals)

    Hannah Kepner (vocals)

    Faith Wirajsilp (vocals)

    Edwin Lee (guitar)

    Nicole Yuen (keyboard)

    Josiah Vik (bass)

    Travis Kapcia (drums)

    Joe Paull (sound tech)



    YFC Singapore has a very clear vision of how they will use a CTI team.  Often times, they even develop the music repertoire themselves, going as far as crafting set-lists for the various places the teams are set up to appear.  CTI teams are used to heighten interest in a large finale event or to create opportunities for personal relationships to form between the YFC staff and CTI's audiences.  YFC Singapore will use the team to draw crowds and set up future opportunities where the Gospel can be boldy presented.  Personal relationships are very important in Singaporean culture as building long term relationships often precedes sharing the Gospel, so teams may not see the fruit of their work.  However, YFC Singapore will continue to pursue the relationships the team helps to build long after the team's time in country is complete.
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  • CTI News Blog

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  • Love and Light
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  • Hong Kong 2014

    Team Members:


    Patty Lin - Team Leader


    Isaac Haaland - Co Leader


    Grace Phan-Nguyen - Vocals         


    Lisa Choate - Vocals


    Ethan Callies - Sound Tech


    Alexa Palacios - Keys 


    Jayden Van Sant - Guitar


    Matthew Nisley - Vocals


    Aaron Swan - Bass


    Brianna Kennedy - Vocals


    Danial Shen - Drums




    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 

    HongKong1HongKong2  Summer14groupTHUMB



    Team Hong Kong Photo Gallery



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  • Taiwan 2014

     Team Members:


    Kelvin Woo - Team Leader/Sound Tech          


    Hannah Olson - Co Leader/Bass


    Wesley Lin - Vocals


    James Lau - Keys


    Hannah Haugen - Vocals


    Kaitlin Sheppard - Vocals


    Steven Morel - Guitar


    Victoria Lamb - Drums


    Edmund Ma - Vocals


    Ethan Erickson - Guitar






    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download)




     Team Taiwan Photo Gallery

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  • Singapore 2014

    Team Members:


    Paul "PQ" Quiram - Team Leader / Sound Tech 


    Michelle Chiu - Co Leader / Vocals


    Hosea Mak - Keys


    Kellie Hedberg - Keys


    Wendy Vides - Vocals


    Anthony Cozza - Guitar


    Kimberly Zeinstra - Guitar


    John Darrah - Bass


    Esther Leung - Drums


    Dennis Shem - Guitar


    Marcus Hilding - Vocals





    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download)


    singaporepromo1    singaporepromo2   Summer14groupTHUMB



    Team Singapore Photo Gallery


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  • Guatemala 2014

    Colombia 2015 

    More details to come whenever Kelvin fills this in!

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  • CTI 14:21
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  • CTI 14:22
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  • Colombia 2015


     Team Members:


    Kasey Manning - Team Leader, Bass


    Wesley Lin - Co Leader, Sound Tech


    Daniel Somerville - Drums


    Riley Merino - Guitar


    Janell Brower - Guitar


    Brendan Lane - Keys


    Nathan Wong - Vocals


    Hannah Haugen - Vocals


    Caitlyn Sheehy - Vocals


    Shailynn Miller - Vocals


    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 


    Team Colombia Photo Gallery



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  • Taiwan 2015



     Team Members:


    Holly Hassman - Team Leader, Bass


    Evan Stout - Co Leader, Drummer


    Guadalupe Silva, Jr. - Guitar


    Kimberly Zeinstra - Guitar


    Chris Thompson - Guitar


    James Lau - Keys


    Edmund Ma - Vocals, Sound Tech


    Kiana Pieters - Vocals


    Daniella Darling - Vocals


    Lindsey Walker - Vocals


    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 


    Team Taiwan Photo Gallery



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  • Honduras 2015


     Team Members:


    Andrew Shermeyer - Team Leader, Guitar


    Lena Kvigne - Co Leader, Sound Tech


    Evan Gerbracht - Drummer


    Ryan Li - Bassist


    Emily Urban - Guitar


    Christine Lee - Keyboardist


    Luis Acosta - Vocals


    Becca Bowers - Vocals


    Julie Boehr - Vocals




    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 


    Team Honduras Photo Gallery



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  • Hong Kong 2015


     Team Members:


    Kirsten Kennedy - Team Leader, Sound Tech


    Joseph Nutting - Co Leader, Bass


    Andrew Siu - Drummer


    Gregory Dignon - Guitar


    Bethany Tweedy - Keys


    Lauren Stochl - Vocals


    Emily Paralez - Vocals


    Camorra Boldt - Vocals


    Cornelia Hayes - Vocals




    Promo Photos (click thumbnail to download) 


    Team Hong Kong Photo Gallery



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  • CTI 14:21 2015-2016 Blog

    CTI1421 promo small 


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