Our Staff

chris1Chris Reed is CTI's Executive Director.  He grew up in South Pasadena, CA, but left a more recent home in Raleigh, NC to join CTI's office staff after spending two years as part of our fulltime program.  Chris worked previously in broadcast engineering, live event production, and sound system design/installation.  He enjoys spending time with his wife, drinking coffee, playing and recording music, and watching CTI team members grow in leadership and character.




paul1Paul Vasilko is CTI's Program Director.  He transplanted to the Willmar area from his hometown of Jacksonville, IL.  Paul traveled with CTI as a fulltime team leader from 2005-2007.  He graduated from Illinois College with a B.A. in Political Science (which seems fitting for working in ministry, right?).  He loves to drink coffee, read, spend time with his family, travel and play the drums. His wife, Brooke, is also on staff with CTI in the Business/Finance department.




brooke1Brooke Vasilko is CTI's Office Manager.  She has been a part of CTI since 2004 traveling with many teams around the world as a vocalist. She graduated from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD with a vocal music education degree. She enjoys traveling, music, and spending time with friends/family.







Jenn Reinhardt is CTI's Program Coordinator and a recent transplant from Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Her experience with CTI includes three overseas tours, one year-long stateside tour, two kitchen teams, a Booking Intership and summer training logistics support.  Her experiences outside of CTI include earning a Music Composition degree, teaching in various capacities, pharmaceuticals manufacturing and working as an HR representative for Target.  She enjoys time with her adventure (especially with her husband and newborn son), coffee, whitewater kayaking, proper grammar and general mischief. 




Gretchen Otness is CTI’s Booking Coordinator. Born and raised not far from Willmar in Buffalo, MN she has been involved with CTI since 2010 as a part of two fulltime and summer programs. She graduated from the University of Evansville, Indiana in 2009 with degrees in K-12 Vocal Music Education and Vocal Performance. Gretchen never saw herself in fulltime ministry, but God works in amazing ways. She loves keeping busy,  working out, learning to cook healthy vegan meals, volunteering, playing with anyone else’s dog (until she gets her own!) and feeding her traveling addiction as often as she can.




Kasey Manning is CTI's Recruiting Coordinator.  Kasey participated in our 2014 - 2015 Fulltime Program as a drummer and then brushed up her bass chops before leading our Summer 2015 team to Colombia.  Kasey' has a long history as a camp counselor and loves working with youth.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Phsychology (with minors in Music and Bible) from Northwestern University in St. Paul, MN in 2013.





Doug Kman is a Program Specialist primarily focus on Recruiting at CTI.  He came on staff immediately following a year long tour with CTI. He has been our kitchen team leader as well. Before CTI Doug went to College in Oshkosh WI and studied business, geology and music. He likes coffee, tea, reading, eating and cooking. He moved to Willmar and brought his beautiful fiancée with Him. They are both very excited to live out this call to make disciples!


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